Book ‘Optioned’ for Museum Exhibition: Crossing Boundaries of Venue, Lenders, Content and Theme


This session explores the first-of-its-kind exhibition on the topic “of Jews and Chocolate”, at the Bernard Museum of Temple Emanu-El, New York City, and how it crosses the museum/library divisions. While many museum exhibitions generate catalogs, this one builds on the research from an existing book, On the Chocolate Trail. It brings food into a museum setting rather than to demonstrations or expos. Refugee Jews, initially Sephardim and later Ashkenazim, not only helped spread chocolate making skills through the world, they also found sustenance and commercial opportunity in their chocolate businesses. This session will explore how books, objects, and archival materials come together to tell these stories. What are the challenges faced when putting together an exhibition based on previous research and how might this work in other library spaces?

The History and Contents of the Alexander Kohut Collection of Judaica at Yale University


This paper will discuss the history of how the collection came to Yale and some of the rare and important books it contains.