Keeping Our Libraries Relevant

Planning Strategies to Make Your School Book Fair a Great Success


This session is meant to teach and guide school librarians to strategically plan their book fairs in order to make the most of the event. The purpose is to engage students in reading, to get new books for the library, to obtain resources different than books - for example, tablets and software, - make the library more noticeable around the institution, and fun training in library user education and fun techniques of specialist search (books and internet).


Renovations and Transformations: Refreshing and Improving Library Spaces in SSC Institutions


Join Lisa and Debbie in a workshop about renovating and transforming your library to meet 21st century needs. Hear about and see photos of their stories of renewal and improvement and get focused on what you can do for your institution. Lisa just opened a brand new library on the premises of American Jewish University and Debbie’s high school just moved into a brand new facility. Learn what went well for them and what advice they have to avoid problems before they happen. The second half of the session will be focused on generating and narrowing ideas that each librarian would like to see implemented in his/her institution.