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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Author
What Queen Esther Knew: Business Strategies from a Biblical Sage Glaser, Connie, Smalley, Barbara Rodale 2003 S/O 03 19
What the Night Sings Stamper, Vesper Knopf Books for Young Readers 2018 M/J 2018 17 Silver, Linda R.
What the Rabbis Said: The Public Discourse of Nineteenth-Century American Rabbis Cohen, Naomi W. NYU Press 2008 F/M 09 8
What We Did for Love: Resistance, Heartbreak, Betrayal Farrant, Natasha Enslow S/O14 41 Dublin, Anne
What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank: Stories Englander, Nathan Alfred A. Knopf 2012 S/O12 54
What World is Left Polak, Monique Orca 2008 F/M 09 43
What You Will See Inside a Synagogue Hoffman, Lawrence A., Wolfson, Ron, Aron, Bill Skylight Paths 2004 F/M 05 34
What Zessie Saw on Delancey Street Rael, Elsa Okon, Priceman, Marjorie Simon & Schuster 1996 F/M 97 14
What's Beyond the Bible Text: Thought Provoking Comments on the Bible that Stimulate and Stretch the Imagination Wagner, Stanley M. and Israel Drazin Mekor Press 2013 S/O14 25 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
What? Again Those Jews! Lantner, Henry L. Gefen 1997 M/J 97 18
Whatever Is Contained Must Be Released: My Jewish Orthodox Girlhood, My Life as a Feminist Artist Aylon, Helene The Rueben/Rifkin Jewish Women Writers Series The Feminist Press at the City University of New York 2012 M/J13 17
Whats in the Bible?: A Concise Look at the 39 Books of the Hebrew Bible Freudmann, Lillian C. Aronson 1996 N/D 96 5
Whats So Bad About Guilt?: Learning to Live With It Since We Cant Live Without It Wechsler, Harlan J. Simon & Schuster 1990 N/D 90 11
When a Grandparent Dies: A Kids Own Remembering Workbook for Dealing with Shiva and Beyond Liss-Levinson, Nechama Jewish Lights Publishing 1995 N/D 95 15
When a Jew Dies: The Ethnography of a Bereaved Son Heilman, Samuel C. University of California Press 2001 N/D 01 7
When Deborah Met Jael: Lesbian Biblical Hermeneutics Guest, Deryn SCM Press 2005 F/M 06 33
When God Judged and Men Died Sherman, Arnold Bantam 1973 Ap 74 26
When Grandpa Came to Stay Caseley, Judith Greenwillow Books 1986 S/O 86 10
When I Daven Zoldan, Yael, Allen, Shira Feldheim 2012 N/D12 7
When I First Held You: A Lullaby from Israel Snir, Eleyor, Shubow, Mary Jane Kar-Ben 2009 N/D 09 16-17
When I Left My Village Schur, Maxine Rose, Pinkney, Brian Dial 1996 M/J 97 13
When I Lived in Modern Times Grant, Linda Dutton 2000 S/O 01 23-24
When I Was a Soldier Zenatti, Valerie Bloomsbury 2005 S/O 05 20
When It Comes to Living: Selected Stories Vendorf, Zalman Fithian Press 2004 M/J 05 31
When It Was Our War: A Soldiers Wife on the Home Front Suberman, Stella Algonquin Books 2003 S/O 03 27
When Its Purim Zolkower, Edie Stoltz, Bjornson, Barb Kar-Ben 2009 F/M 09 51
When It’s Over Ridley, Barbara She Writes Press 2017 M/J 2018 39 Wallerstein, Jane
When Jackie and Hank Met Fishman, Cathy Goldberg, Elliot, Mark Marshall Cavendish 2012 M/J 12 13
When Jessie Came Across the Sea Hest, Amy, Lynch, P. J. Cnadlewick Press 1997 F/M 98 15
When Joseph Met Molly: A Reader on Yiddish Film Paskin, Sylvia Five Leaves Publications 1999 S/O 99 13
When Kafka Says We: Uncommon Communities in German-Jewihs Literature Liska, Vivian Indiana University Press 2009 S/O 10 35
When Light Pierced the Darkness: Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland Tec, Nechama Oxford University Press 1986 N/D 86 5
When Living Hurts Gordon, Sol UAHC 1985 F/M 86 6
When Memory Comes Friedlander, Saul Ma 80 6
When Memory Comes: A Film about Saul Friedländer Diamand, Jack Icarus Films 2012 N/D 2015 45 Pinchuck, Chava
When Memory Speaks: The Holocaust in Art Toll, Nelly Praeger 1998 S/O 98 29
When Mindy Saved Hanukkah Kimmel, Eric A., McClintock, Barbara Scholastic 1998 F/M 99 18
When Mourning Comes: A Book of Comfort for the Grieving Silverman, William B., Cinammon, Kenneth M. Aronson 1990 F/M 90 17
When My Mother No Longer Knew My Name: A Sons "Course" in "Rational" Caregiving Goldstein, Stephen L. Grid Press 2012 M/J13 24
When People Die Bernstein, Joanne E. Dutton 1977 W77 31
When Pirates Came to Brooklyn Shalant, Phyllis Dutton 2002 N/D 03 27
When Pirates Came to Brooklyn Shalant, Phyllis Dutton 2002 S/O 03 53
When Scotland Was Jewish: DNA Evidence, Archaeology, Analysis of Migrations, and Public and Family Records Show Twelfth Century Semitic Roots Hirschman, Elizabeth Caldwell, Yates, Donald N. McFarland 2007 M/J 08 35
When Silence Speaks Erickson, Victoria Fortress Press 1993 M/J 94 8
When Solomon Was King MacGill-Callahan, Sheila, Johnson, Stephen T. Dial 1995 F/M 96 17
When the Beginning Began Lester, Julius, Lisker, Emily Harcourt 1999 S/O 99 17
When the Birds Stopped Singing: Life in Ramallah Under Siege Shehadeh, Raja Steerforth 2003 N/D 03 18
When the Chickens Went on Strike Silverman, Erica, Trueman, Matthew Dutton 2003 S/O 03 49
When the Chickens Went on Strike: A Rosh Hashanah Tale Silverman, Erica, Trueman, Matthew Dutton 2003 N/D 03 30
When the Grey Beetles Took Over Baghdad Yahia, Mona Braziler 2007 N/D 07 27
When the Hurricane Came Liss-Levinson, Nechama CreateSpace 2012 N/D12 4
When the Soldiers Were Gone Propp, Vera W. Putnam 1999 F/M 00 11
When the Soldiers Were Gone Propp, Vera W. Putnam 1999 F/M 99 20
When the War is Over Attema, Martha Orca 2003 M/J 03 28-29
When the World Was Quiet Nutkis, Phyllis, Argoff, Patti Hachai 2004 M/J 04 29
When We Left Yerushalayim: Stories of the Churban Beis HaMikdah Krohn, Genendel, Katz, Tova Feldheim 2009 F/M 10 18
When We Were Bad Mendelson, Charlotte Houghton Mifflin 2007 N/D 07 26
When Words Fail: A Religious Response to Undeserved Hurt Stern, Shalom Aronson 1999 S/O 00
When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street Rael, Elsa Simon & Schuster 1997 N/D 97 18
Whence and Whither - How Dear Are Your Counsels, The Cragg, Kenneth Sussex Academic Press 2005 F/M 06 31
Where Are My Shoes? Burstyn, Rochel Judaica Press 2014 S/O 2015 35 Lurie, Aimee
Where Did All These Leaves Come From?: A Story About Hashem Diamond, Shani, Teleshevsky, Sarah Baila, Niasoff, Nissa Mish and Mush, book 4 Feldheim 2002 N/D 02 29
Where Do People Go When They Die? Portnoy, Mindy Avra, Haas, Shelly O. Kar-Ben 2004 M/J 04 40
Where Does Food Come From? A Bracha Discovery Book Rosenfeld, Dina H., Lyampe, Rina Hachai 2002 S/O 03 56
Where Does God Live? Gellman, Marc, Hartman, Thomas Triumph Books 1991 N/D 91 15
Where Does God Live? Gellman, Marc, Hartman, Thomas Triumph Books 1991 M/J 92 22
Where Does God Live? Gold, August, Perlman, Matthew J. Skylight Paths 2001 F/M 02 39
Where God Dwells: A Childs History of the Synagogue Fine, Steven, Fine, Leah Bierman Torah Aura Productions 1999 S/O 00 35-36
Where Is Babys Dreidel? Katz, Karen Little Simon 2007 N/D 07 17
Where is Grandpa Dennis? Fried, Janice URJ Press 2009 N/D 09 16
Where is the Afikomen? Groner, Judy, Kahn, Katherine Janus Kar-Ben 1985 N/D 85 5
Where Is? Bergman, Tamar, Modan, Ruti Houghton Mifflin 2002 F/M 03 43
Where Judaism Differed Silver, Abba Hillel Aronson 1987 N/D 87 5
Where Mountains Roar Hazleton, Lesley Holt 1980 W 81 19
Where Shabbat Lives Fabiyi, Jan Goldin, Rama, Sue Very First Board Books Kar-Ben 2008 S/O 08 54
Where the Mountains Roar Hazleton, Lesley Holt 1980 W80 19
Where the Shouting Began Sher, Steven, Brombacher, Shoshannah Montemayor Press 2009 S/O 09 19-20
Where They Lie Young, Mei University Press of America 1991 S/O 92 20
Where We Once Gathered: Lost Synagogues of Europe Stongwater, Andrea Eifrig 2012 M/J 12 14
Where We Stand: Jewish Consciousness on Campus Smith, Allan L., ed. UAHC Press 1997 N/D 99 19
Where Words Fail: A Religious Response to Undeserved Hurt Stern, Shalom Aronson 1999 N/D 00 13-14
Where's the Potty on this Ark? Olizky, Kerry, Tompkins, Abigail Kar Ben 2018 M/J 2019 3-4 Tilman, Ellen
Wherever They May Be! Klarsfeld, Beate The Vanguard Press 1976 Sp76 22
Wherever We Go! Altein, Chani Hachai 2014 M/J 15 14 Citrin, Rena
Wherever You Go Leegant, Joan Norton 2010 S/O 10 26
Which Lilith?: Feminist Writers Re-create the Worlds First Woman Dame, Enid, Lilly Rivlin, Wenkart, Henry Aronson 1998 F/M 99 7
While Standing on One Foot Jaffe, Nina, Segal, John Holt 1993 N/D 93 13
Whims of Fortune: The Memoirs of Guy de Rothschild Rothschild, Guy de Random House 1985 S/O 85 5
Whirlpool Stimler, Ayala Menucha Publishers 2015 S/O 2015 32 Malen, Michal Hoschander
Whirlwind, The Matas, Carol Orca 2007 M/J 07 10
Whisperers from the Ghettos Kacer, Kathy, McKay, Sharon E. Puffin Canada 2009 N/D 09 8
Whispering Mezuzah, The Hubner, Carol Korb Ma 80 7
Whispers from the Camps Kacer, Kathy, McKay, Sharon E. Puffin Canada 2009 F/M 10 14
Whispers from the Ghettos Kacer, Kathy, McKay, Sharon E. Puffin Canada 2009 N/D 09 8
Whistleblower of Dimona: Israel, Vanunu and the Bomb, The Cohen, Yoel Holmes & Meier Publishers 2003 S/O 03 18-19
Whistling Teakettle and Other Stories about Hannah, The Skolsky, Mindy Warshaw Harper 1977 W77 30
White Crow, The Forman, James Farrar 1976 Sp77 32
White Eagle, Dark Skies Karasvina, Jean Scribners 1974 D 74 26
White Hotel, The Thomas, D. M. N/D 81 14
White Lies Salamon, Julie Hill & Co. 1987 N/D 88 41860