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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort descending
Friends in Deed: Inside the U.S.-Israel Alliance Raviv, Dan, Melman, Yossi Hyperion 1994 S/O 94 9
Let the Celebrations Begin! Wild, Miriam, Vivas, Julie Orchard Books 1991 M/J 92 23
Perfect Purple Feather, The Piven, Hanoch Little Brown 2002 N/D 03 34
Its Shofar Time! Kropf, Latifa Berry, Cohen, Tod Kar-Ben 2006 S/O 06 17
Out of the Garden: Women Writers on the Bible Buchman, Christina, Celina Speigel Fawcett Columbine 1994 F/M 95 9
Kings Special Loaves: A Young Boy, An Eager Kohen, Two Curious Romans, and Three Enthusiastic Bakers: A Historical Adventure, Including the Preparation of the Lechem Ha-Panim and Shtei Ha-Lechem and the Laws of Menachos Strauss, Yaakov Meir, Katz, Tova Naftali in the Beis HaMikdash Series Feldheim 2009 M/J 10 20
Unillustrious Alliance: The African American and Jewish American Communities, An Phillips, William M. Greenwood 1992 N/D 93 41923
Stories Blinkin, Meir, Rosenfeld, Max SUNY Series in Modern Jewish Literature and Culture SUNY Press 1984 M/J 85 3
Heavenly Powers: Unraveling the Secret History of the Kabbalah Silberman, Neil Asher Grosset / Putnam 1998 M/J 99 41860
Mitzva for Zelda, A Wigden, Susan, Salem, Iosi Pitspopany 2008 F/M 09 51, 53
Road from Babylon: The Story of Sephardi and Oriental Jews, The Raphael, Chaim Harper & Row 1985 F/M 87 5
After Mussolini: Jewish Life and Memories in Post-Fascist Italy Schwarz, Guri, Mazhar, Giovanni Noor Vallentine Mitchell 2012 S/O13 38
Bible Women (AUDIO) Swados, Elizabeth Swados Enterprises 1995 S/O 96 16
Confrontation: The Middle East and World Politics Laqueur, Walter Bantam 1974 D 74 29
Dear Elijah Bat-Ami, Miriam Farrar Straus & Giroux 1995 N/D 95 14
Feelin Jewish Klein, Ilona M., Fischer Weis, Susan Jewish Community Center of Cleveland 1986 A/M 86 6
Inspired Jewish Leadership: Practical Approaches to Building Strong Communities Brown, Erica Jewish Lights Publishing 2008 S/O 09 35-36
Old Synagogue, The Rosenblum, Richard JPS 1989 M/J 90 14-15
JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words Eisenberg, Joyce, Scolnic, Ellen JPS 2001 M/J 02 10
Toward a Definition of Anti-Semitism Langmuir, Gavni I. University of California Press 1990 M/J 91 14
Sleep Sheep Book, The Kay, Devora, Vand, Rochel Feldheim 2013 S/O13 11
Yehudah Amichai: The Making of Israels National Poet Scharf Gold, Nili Brandeis University Press 2008 F/M 09 17
Haggadah, English and Hebrew: A Passover Haggadah Weisel, Elie, Podwal, Mark Touchstone 1992 M/J 93 12
Max Said Yes!: The Woodstock Story Yasgur, Abigail, Lipner, Joseph, Mendes, Barbara Change the Universe Press 2009 M/J 09 13-14
Reb Shlomo: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld Besser, Yisroel Judaica Press 2008 N/D 08 10
Bar Mitzvah Mamet, David, Sultan, Donald Little, Brown 1999 M/J 99 16-17
Child of the Light Gluckman, Janet, Guthridge, George St. Martin's 1992 N/D 92 26
Esther McKay, Sharon E. Penguin Canada 2004 N/D 04 16
I Wanna Be Your Shoebox Garcia, Cristina Simon & Schuster 2008 N/D 08 31
New Perspectives on Canada, the Holocaust and Survivors Draper, Paul, Menkis, Richard Canadian Jewish Studies Special Issue, vol. 4/5 Association for Canadian Jewish Studies 2000 F/M 01 9
Jewish Womans Prayer Book, A Lavie, Aliza Spiegel & Grau 2008 F/M 09 14
This is America! Meyer, Henye Israel Bookshop Publications 2012 S/O13 49
Shabbat Puppy, The Kimmelman, Leslie, Zollars, Jaime Marshall Cavendish 2012 M/J 12 16
Why Didnt I Learn This in Hebrew School? Segal, Eliezer Aronson 1999 M/J 00 15
God Lives in Glass Landy, Robert J. Skylight Paths 2001 F/M 02 39
Lords of the Land: The War over Israels Settlements in the Occupied Territories, 1967-2007 Zertal, Idith, Eldar, Akiva Nation Books 2007 M/J 08 29-30
Promised Land: The Birth of the Jewish People, The Waldman, Neil Boyds Mills Press 2002 F/M 03 43
Antisemitic Myths: A Historical and Contemporary Anthology Perry, Marvin, Schweitzer, Frederick M. Indiana University Press 2007 F/M 09 16
Brothers Schlemiel, The Binder, Mark, Blum, Zevi JPS 2008 M/J 08 9
Day I Wasnt There, The Cixous, Helene, Brahic, Beverley Bie Northwestern University Press 2004 S/O 06 31
Education of a Polish Jew, The Nordon, Haskell S/O 83 3
Holocaust Kids: Stories, The Pilcer, Sonia Persea Books 2001 F/M 02 31
My Gaze is Turned Inward: Letters, 1934-1943 Kolmar, Gertrud, Woltmann, Johanna, Goldstein, Brigitte Northwestern University Press 2004 M/J 05 37
Jewish Heritage in Gibraltar: An Architectural Guide Kadish, Sharman, Corrie, Nigel, Bowman, Barbara Spire Books 2007 S/O 08 7
Tale of Two Seders, A Portnoy, Mindy A., Cis, Valeria Kar-Ben 2010 M/J 10 15-16
Say Hello! Isadora, Rachel Putnam 2010 M/J 10 20
Weinberg and the Search for the Cause of Cancer Gaines, Ann, Witing, Jim Unlocking the Secrets of Science Mitchell Lane 2002 M/J 04 30-31
From Hitler to Hemet: The Return of History as Film Harvard University Press 1989 F/M 90 16
Lets Play Dreidel Grossman, Roz, Gewirtz, Gladys Kar-Ben 1989 N/D 89 14
Photo Odyssey: Solomon Carvallos Remarkable Western Adventure, 1853-54 Hirschfelder, Arlene B. Clarion 2000 F/M 01 13, 15
Jagendorfs Foundry: A Memoir of ht eRomanian Holocaust, 1941-1944 Jagendorf, Siegfried, Manheimer, Aron Hirt HarperCollins 1991 S/O 91 19
Palestine and Israel: The Uprising and Beyond McDowall, David University of California Press 1989 M/J 90 12
Ktonton in the Circus: A Hanukkah Adventure Weilerstein, Sadie Rose, Hirsch, Marily JPS 1981 W82 16
Vampires Beautiful Daughter, The Somtow, S. P., Lippincott, Gary Atheneum 1997 F/M 99 21
Story of Israel: From Theodor Herzl to the Roadmap for Peace, The Gilbert, Martin Carlton Books 2008 S/O 08 57
Heeding the Call: Jewish Voices inAmericas Civil Rights Struggles Finkelstein, Norman H. JPS 1997 N/D 97 11, 14
Modernity within Tradition: The Social History of Orthodox Jewry in Imperial Germany Breuer, Mordechai, Petuchowski, Elizabeth Columbia University Press 1992 F/M 93 21
Roomate of Anne Frank, The Van Der Zee, Nanda ISBS 2003 N/D 04 8
Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius MacLeod, Elizabeth Kids Can Press 2003 N/D 03 24
Bintel Brief, V.I., A Metzker, Isaac, Metzker, Bella S., Levy, Diana Shalet Viking 1981 W 82 13-14
Contemporary Jewish-American Dramatists and Poets: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook Shatzky, Joel, Taub, Michael Greenwood 1999 S/O 00 20, 31
Delivery from Darkness Finkelstein, Baruch, Finkelstein, Michal Feldheim 2009 F/M 10 33
Final Solution, The Rice, Earle The Holocaust Library Lucent Books 1998 N/D 99 17
Inventory of the Herbert Frommer Collection, An Kahn, Elliottt, Steinberger, Naomi M. Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America 1995 F/M 96 8, 10
On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Fishman, Cathy Goldberg Atheneum 1997 N/D 97 14
Judaism Wallace, Holly This Is My Faith Series Barron's 2006 F/M 07 17
Traktorist (AUDIO) Kapelye, Di Naye Oriente Music 2008 S/O 09 46
Snow in Jerusalem Da Costa, Deborah, Wright, Cornelius Van, Hu, Ying-Hwa Albert Whitman 2001 S/O 01 34
Yiddish Folksongs from the Ruth Rubin Archive Mlotek, Chana, Slobin, Mark Wayne State University Press 2007 F/M 08 41
Handbook of the Middle East, The Kort, Michael G. Millbrook Press 2002 S/O 02 47
Meet Our New Student from Israel Saul, Laya Robbie Reader Series Mitchell Lane 2009 S/O 08 58
Red Sea, Red Sea Stevens, Serita, Moore, Rayanne St. Martin's 1992 S/O 92 22
Be My Knife Grossman, David Farrar 2002 F/M 03 21-22
Childrens Litearutre Dictionary, The: Definitions, Resources, and Learning Activities Latrobe, Kathy H., Brodie, Carolyn S., White, Maureen Neal Schuman 2002 S/O 03 56
Anne Frank Tridenti, Lina M/J 86 6
Brave Deeds: How One Family Saved Many from the Nazis Alma, Ann Groundwood Books 2008 F/M 09 39-40
Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine Shulman, David Dean University of Chicago Press 2007 F/M 09 18-19
Dress of Fire, A Ravikovitch, Dahlia, Bloch, Chana Sheep Meadow Press 1978 W78 25
History of the Marranos, A, 3rd ed. Roth, Cecil Schocken Books 1958 Sp 75 27
My Baby Brother: What a Miracle! Rouss, Sylvia A., Goulet Dubois, Liz Jonathan David Publishers 2002 N/D 02 28
Jewish Cooking in America Nathan, Joan Knopf 1994 M/J 94 9
Survivors Haggadah, A Sheinson, Yosef Dov, Adler, Miklos, Touster, Saul JPS 2000 N/D 00 13
Sammy Spider's Hanukkah Fun Book Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Kar-Ben 2001 M/J 02 22
Watch the Stars Come Out Levinson, Riki, Goode, Diane Dutton 1985 A/M 86 5
Freedom of the Sould Haggadah Goldwasser, Dovid Judaica Press 2002 N/D 02 12
Lesbian Rabbis: The First Generation Alpert, Rebecca T., Elwell, Sue Levi, Idelson, Shirley Rutgers University Press 2001 F/M 03 31
People and Polity: The Organozational Dynamics of World Jewry Elazar, Daniel J. Wayne State University Press 1990 S/O 90 10
Its a Mitzvah, Grover! Balsley, Tilda, Fischer, Ellen, Leigh, Tom Kar-Ben 2013 FM13 9
Our Holocaust Gutfreund, Amir, Cohen, Jessica Toby Press 2006 M/J 06 21
King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Greenberg, Blu, Taylor, Linda, Katz, Avi Pitspopany 1997 N/D 98 15
Underground Reporters, The Kacer, Kathy Second Story Press 2004 F/M 05 32
Steps to Service: A Handbook of Procedures for the School Library Media Center Nickel, Midred L. American Library Association 1975 W76 20
He, She and It Piercy, Marge Knopf 1991 M/J 92 21
Mish and Mush, Mish and Mush, What Do You See? Alef Bais and Colors Diamond, Shani, Teleshevsky, Sarah Baila, Niasoff, Nissa Mish and Mush, book 5 Feldheim 2002 N/D 02 29
Rise and Fall of Paradise, The Bendiner, Elmer M/J 84 2
Adventures of Aliza and Dovid: Holidays at the Farm, the Blitz, Shumuel, Katz, Tova Mesorah 2005 M/J 06 15
Beyond the Wall Weinberg, Norbert Bloch 1978 W78 24
Complete Passover Cookbook, The AvRutick, Frances R. S/O 81 13
Dayenu! A Favorite Passover Song Latimer, Miriam Scholastic 2012 S/O12 15
Fate of the Jews, The Feurlicht, Roberta S. M/J 84 2