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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
How Free Will Works: The Blueprints to Take Charge of Your Life, Health, and Happiness. Lieberman, Dovid Feldheim Publishers 2015 S/O 2016 10 Wolfe, Nira
Myth of the Cultural Jew: Culture and Law in Jewish Tradition, The Kwall, Roberta Rosenthal Oxford University Press 2015 N/D 2015 24 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Americans in the Holy Land Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
. Divine Scapegoats: Demonic Mimesis in Early Jewish Mysticism Orlov, Andrei A. SUNY Press 2015 N/D 2016 19 Belinfante, Randall C.
Stories of a Young Nation: Israeli Comedies and Drama and Everything In-Between SISU Entertainment 2015 N/D 2015 47 Feder, Debbie
Deep Sea Thor, Annika Delacorte Press 2015 M/J 2016 10 Lenson, Heather
Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatsma’ut and Yom Yerushalayim Koren Publishers 2015 S/O 2015 12 Gordon, Ilka
Early One Morning Baily, Virginia Little Brown and Company 2015 F/M 2016 26 Gremillion, Yossi
Kabbalah and Ecology: God’s Image in the More-Than-Human World Seidenberg, David Mevorach Cambridge University Press 2015 M/J 2016 43-44
The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Pillar of Fire: A Biography of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. Rudin, A. James Texas Tech University Press 2015 S/O 2016 14 Isaac, Fred
Double diaspora in Sephardic literature: Jewish cultural production before and after 1492 Wacks, David A. Indiana University Press 2015 N/D 2015 38 Belinfante, Randall C.
Apocalypse, Prophecy and Pseudepigraphy: on Jewish Apocalyptic Literature Collins, John J. William B. Eerdmans 2015 N/D 2016 13-14 Quinn, Arthur G.
The Pawnbroker Fig Tree Books 2015 N/D 2015 44 Gremillion, Yossi
Noah’s Ark: From Genesis Chapters 6-9 Falken, Linda Metropolitan Museum of Art 2015 N/D 2016 4 Marks, Allison
Yosef Haim Brenner: A Life Shapira, Anita Stanford University Press 2015 M/J 15 38 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement, T he Eliezrie, David Toby Press 2015 F/M 16 8 Sukenic, Harvey
Festschrift Darkhei Noam: The Jews of Arab Lands Schapkow, Carsten, Shepkarn, Shmuel, Levenson, Alan T. Brill’s Series in Jewish Studies; 55). Brill 2015 F/M 2016 19 Levy, David B
Finding the Worm Goldblatt, Mark Random House 2015 M/J 2016 6-7 Marks, Allison
Rest for the Dove: Reading for Shabbat Sabato, Haim Maggid/Koren Publishers 2015 M/J 2016 34 Pinchuck, Chava
Archive Thief: The Man who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust Leff, Lisa Moses Oxford University Press 2015 S/O 2015 12 Chesner, Michelle
Poetry of Yehuda Amichai Amichai, Yehuda, Alter, Robert Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2015 M/J 2016 39 Dwoskin, Beth
Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish American Art, 1880-1940 Baigell, Matthew Syracuse University Press 2015 N/D 2015 13 Stahl, Sheryl F.
Israel: Holy Land to Many Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
The Jewish Dog Kravitz, Asher Penlight 2015 M/J 15 12 Pinchuck, Kathe
Great Figures of the Bible: Legends and Legacies of our Biblical Heroes Wiesel, Elie Jewish Heritage Series SISU Entertainment 2015 N/D 2015 47 Share, Ellen
Jewish Spiritual Parenting: Wisdom, Activities, Rituals and Prayers for Raising Children with Spiritual Balance and Emotional Wholeness Kipnes, Paul, November, Michelle Jewish Lights Publishing 2015 F/M 16 13 Feder, Debbie
Paper Hearts: A Novel Based on True Events Wiviott, Meg Margaret K. McElderry/Simon & Schuster 2015 M/J 2016 10-11 Bloomfield, Kathy
אידאולוגיה ונוף סמלי: קבורתם בשנית של אנשי שם יהודיים באדמת ארץ ישראל Bar, Doron Hebrew University Magnes Press 2015 F/M 16 4 Wolfe, Nira
Adam & Thomas Appelfeld, Aharon Seven Stories Press 2015 M/J 2016 1 Bloomfield, Kathy
The Koren Youth Siddur The Magerman Edition Koren Publishers 2015 S/O 2015 32-33 Pinchuck, Chava
Stolen Legacy: Nazi Theft and the Quest for Justice at Krausenstrasse 17/18 Berlin Gold, Dina Ankerwycke 2015 F/ M 2017 8 Schutzman, Laura
Is It Hanukkah Yet? Barash, Chris Albert Whitman 2015 M/J 2016 15 McMahon, Martha
Culture, Customs, and Celebrations in Israel Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 8 Rapp, Andrea
Uncle Eli’s Wedding Newman, Tracy Albert Whitman 2015 M/J 15 3 Cole, Ellen
Is It Passover Yet? Barash, Chris Albert Whitman 2015 M/J 15 16 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Time and Eternity in Jewish Mysticism: That Which is Before and That Which is After Ogren, Brian Studies in Jewish History and Culture; 48 Brill 2015 N/D 2015 28 Levy, David B
Clean Sweep Davidoff, Oded SISU Entertainment 2015 N/D 2015 44 Pinchuck, Chava
Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady: The Origins of Chabad Hasidism Etkes, Immanuel Brandeis University Press 2015 F/M 16 8 Cantor, Hallie
Lima Inquisition: the Plight of Crypto-Jews in Seventeenth-Century Peru Schaposchnik, Ana E. University of Wisconsin Press 2015 F/M 2016 21 Belinfante, Randall C.
Woundabout Rosen, Lev Little Brown and Company 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy Schweid, Eliezer, Levin, Leonard Brill 2015 M/J 2016 35 Levy, David B
Compulsion: A Novel. Levin, Meyer Fig Tree Books 2015 S/O 2015 24 Gremillion, Yossi
Return to Zion: The History of Modern Israel Gartman, Eric Jewish Publication Society 2015 S/O 2016 6 Schutzman, Laura
Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles Adler, David A. Apples and Honey Press 2015 N/D 2015 1 Dublin, Anne
Stone Angel Yolen, Jane Philomel Books 2015 M/J 2016 11 Dublin, Anne
Ambassador, The Avner, Yehuda, Rees, Matt Toby Press 2015 M/J 2016 39 Pinchuck, Chava
Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues, and Terror in Tel Aviv Baxter, Jack, Faudem, Joshua, Shamdi, Koren First Second 2015 N/D 2015 13-14 Bergson, Steven M.
Zionist Entity: The Jewish State in the 21st Century, The Levy, David Mazo Publishers 2015 N/D 2015 25 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Israel: Stories of Conflict and Resolution, Love and Death Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
Torah Tapestries: Words of Wisdom Woven from the Weekly Parashah —Bamidbar Smiles, Shira self-published 2015 N/D 2015 32 Pinchuck, Chava
Psychology of Tzimtzum: Self, Other and God, The Rotenberg, Mordechai Maggid Books 2015 N/D 2016 20 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Madame Ambassador: Behind the Scenes with a Candid Israeli Diplomat Herzl, Tova Rowman & Littlefield 2015 M/J 15 28-29 Silverburg, Sanford R.
פירוש הרלב”ג לסיפורי בריאת האדם ולסיפור גן העדן Klein-Braslavy, Sara Magnes Press 2015 F/M 16 14 Roth, Pinchas
Shanghai Sukkah Hyde, Heidi Smith Kar-Ben 2015 S/O 2015 28 Cole, Ellen
The Safest Lie Cerrito, Angela Holiday House 2015 F/M 16 35 Dublin, Anne
Bible on Location: Off the Beaten Path in Ancient & Modern Israel, The Baretz, Julie Jewish Publication Society 2015 F/M 16 4 Bibel, Barbara M.
Audacity Crowder, Melanie Philomel 2015 M/J 2016 2 Dublin, Anne
Happiness the Jewish Way: A Practical Guide to Happiness through the Lens of Jewish Wisdom Olga Gilburd Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 2015 F/ M 2017 8-9 Nira Wolfe
Clifford Celebrates Hanukkah Bridwell, Norman Scholastic 2015 M/J 2016 15 Kamin, Rachel
Grief Journey and the Afterlife: Jewish Pastoral Care for Bereavement, The Raphael, Simcha Paull Jewish Life, Death, and Transition Albion-Andalus Books 2015 S/O 2015 108 Kohn, Roger S.
Israel and the Arab World Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 8 Rapp, Andrea
Underground in Berlin: A Young Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany Simon, Marie Jalowicz Little, Brown and Co. 2015 S/O 2016 15 Cantor, Hallie
Scripture and Tradition: Rabbi Akiva and the Triumph of Midrash Yadin-Israel, Azzan University of Pennsylvania Press 2015 N/D 2015 40 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt Kimmel, Eric A. Kar-Ben 2015 M/J 15 17 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Ten (CD) Kroke Oriente Musik 2015 N/D 2016 26 Dwoskin, Beth
Stones on a Grave Kacer, Kathy Secrets Orca 2015 S/O 2016 33 Lurie, Aimee
Me Being You is Exactly as Insane as You Being You Hasak-Lowy, Todd Simon Pulse 2015 M/J 15 8 Lenson, Heather
Big Shots Goldwasser, Jacob SISU Entertainment 2015 N/D 2015 45 Pinchuck, Chava
Pinny the Peanut Learns About Allergies Burstyn, Rochel, Apt, Tali Feldheim 2015 F/M 16 40 Kamin, Rachel
Jewish Wisdom for Growing Older: Finding Your Grit & Grace Beyond Midlife Friedman, Dayle Jewish Lights Publishing 2015 S/O 2015 151 Wolfe, Nira
Daniel Silva: A Reader’s Guide Schatt, Stan [self-published] 2015 F/M 2016 21 Isaac, Fred
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Albertalli, Becky Balzer + Bray 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
One Good Deed Fields, Terri Kar-Ben 2015 S/O 2015 36 Cole, Ellen
Oxford Handbook of Abrahamic Religions Silverstein, Adam J., Strousma, Guy G. Oxford University Press 2015 M/J 2016 35 Bibel, Barbara M.
The Hired Girl Schlitz, Laura Amy Candlewick Press 2015 N/D 2015 2 Levine, Joyce
Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path Michaelson, Jay Ben Yehuda Press 2015 S/O 2016 11 Kohn, Roger S.
Writing on the Wall: A Catalogue of Judaica Broadsides from the Valmadonna Trust Library Liberman Mintz, Sharon, Seidler-Feller, Shaul, Wachtel, David Valmadonna Trust Library 2015 N/D 2015 25 Cohen, Leah
Reappraisals and New Studies of the Modern Jewish Experience: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Seltzer Smollett, Brian M., Wiese, Christian Brill Reference Library of Judaism, 44 Brill 2015 N/D 2015 33 Rosenbloom, Jim
Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg Skinner House Books 2015 M/J 15 13 Bloomfield, Kathy
Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry, The Alter, Michael Xlibris 2015 F/M 16 1 Jefferson, Rebecca
Anonymous Soldiers: the Struggle for Israel 1917-1947 Hoffman, Bruce Alfred A. Knopf 2015 M/J 15 29 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Reading the Sacred Text: What the Torah Tells Us Lichtenstein, Aaron Urim 2015 F/M 16 14 Gordon, Ilka
Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too) aT Camp! Kimmelman, Leslie Albert Whitman 2015 S/O 2015 28 McMahon, Martha
Hereville: How Mirka Caught a Fish Deutsch, Barry Hereville Amulet 2015 F/M 16 36 Pinchuck, Chava
Bobby Wonderful: an Imperfect Son Buries his Parents Morris, Bob Twelve 2015 F/M 2016 28 Stahl, Sheryl F.
To Cross the Line with a Bridge. Belmont, Yemima Rabbeinu Publishers 2015 F/M 16 4 Gremillion, Yossi
Tuky: Story of a Hidden Child Rosenfeld, Shterni Hachai 2015 M/J 2016 2-3 Silverman, Lisa
A Guide to the Koren Children’s Siddur: An Educator’s Companion Rose, Daniel Koren Publishers 2015 S/O 2015 32-33 Pinchuck, Chava
Chaim Ephraim and the Shabbos Guests Holzman, Lori Feldheim 2015 M/J 2016 15-16 Pinchuck, Chava
Sadie and Ori and the Blue Blanket Korngold, Jamie Kar-Ben 2015 N/D 2015 8-9 Eskin, Marcie
Torah and Western Thought: Intellectual Portraits of Orthodoxy and Modernity Soloviechik, Meir Y., Halpern, Stuart W., Zuckier, Shlomo Maggid Books 2015 S/O 2016 16 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Looking Jewish: Visual Culture and Modern Diaspora. Zemel, Carol Indiana University Press 2015 N/D 2015 40 Freiband, Susan
Shabbat Shalom Hey! Koffsky, Ann D. Kar-Ben 2015 M/J 15 17 Cole, Ellen
Ten (CD) Kroke Oriente Musik 2015 N/D 2016 26 Dwoskin, Beth
Firebrand Barnhart, Aaron Quindaro Press 2015 N/D 2015 2-3 Isaac, Fred
Numbers Poulsen, David Dundurn 2015 S/O 2016 33-34 Marks, Allison
Jewish Hermeneutical Theology Fishbane, Michael Library of Contemporary Jewish Philosophers; 14 Brill 2015 N/D 2016 15 Tesler, David
Max & Morris: Everyone’s After the Loot Goldwasser, Jacob SISU Entertainment 2015 n 45 Pinchuck, Chava
Tanakh: An Owner’s Manual: Authorship, Canonization, Masoretic Text, Exegesis. Modern Scholarship, and Pedagogy Sokolow, Moshe Ktav 2015 M/J 15 40 Ben-Gad, Shmuel