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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort descending
Pesach Guess Who? A Lift-the-Flap Book Stern, Ariella, Argoff, Patti Hachai 2016 N/D 2016 12 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Lie, The Kestin, Hesh Scribner 2014 N/D 14 41 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Eight Candles and a Tree Nathan, Simone Bloom, Barber, Brian Beaver's Pond Press 2014 N/D 14 5 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Like No Other LaMarche, Una Razorbill 2014 M/J 15 2-3 Lenson, Heather
Jars of Hope: How One Woman Helped Save 2,500 Children during the Holocaust Roy, Jennifer, Owenson, Meg Capstone 2016 F/M 16 42 Lenson, Heather
Afterparty Stampler, Ann Redisch Simon Pulse 2014 F/M14 8-9 Lenson, Heather
Freedom Summer: The 1964 Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi Rubin, Susan Goldman Holiday House 2014 M/J 15 10 Lenson, Heather
Escape from Berlin Watts, Irene N. Tundra 2013 F/M14 10-11 Lenson, Heather
Deep Sea Thor, Annika Delacorte Press 2015 M/J 2016 10 Lenson, Heather
Radioactive! How Irene Curie and Lise Meitner Revolutionized Science and Changed the World Conkling, Winifred Random House 2016 M/J 2016 4-5 Lenson, Heather
Jordan and the Dreadful Golem Goldman, Karen Penlight 2013 F/M14 5 Lenson, Heather
Death by Toilet Paper Gephart, Donna Delacorte Press 2014 M/J 15 6 Lenson, Heather
Sean Rosen is Not for Sale Baron, Jeff Greenwillow S/O14 35 Lenson, Heather
Spaghetti Rain Strager, Joan Trotter iUniverse Press 2013 S/O 14 36 Lenson, Heather
Me Being You is Exactly as Insane as You Being You Hasak-Lowy, Todd Simon Pulse 2015 M/J 15 8 Lenson, Heather
Playing for the Commandant Zail, Suzy Candleiwck Press S/O14 45 Lenson, Heather
Reading Philo: A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria Torrey, Seland Eerdman's 2014 M/J 15 40 Levy, David B
Jewish Aramaic Poetry from Late Antiquity: Translations and Commentaries Lieber, Laura Suzanne Brill 2018 N/D 2018 30 Levy, David B
Conversations with Colleagues: On Becoming an American Jewish Historian Gurock, Jeffrey S. Academic Studies Press 2018 M/J 2019 28 Levy, David B
Origins of Midrash: From Teaching to Text, The Mandel, Paul D. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, vol. 180 Leiden 2017 M/J 2018 26 Levy, David B
The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland- Then, Now, Tomorrow Troy, Gil JPS 2018 M/J 2019 36 Levy, David B
Kabbalah and Ecology: God’s Image in the More-Than-Human World Seidenberg, David Mevorach Cambridge University Press 2015 N/D 2015 31 Levy, David B
Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan: The Founder of the Bais Yaakov Movement in America Leibowitz, Daniella, Gliksman, Devora Feldheim Publishers 2016 N/D 2016 18 Levy, David B
Modernizing Jewish Education in Nineteenth Century Eastern Europe: The School as the Shrine of the Jewish Enlightenment Zalkin, Mordechai Leiden 2016 M/J 2016 38 Levy, David B
One of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzaddikim: HaGaon Rav Yitzchak Zilber zt"l- his life and legacy as told by his students and those close to him Cohen, Abraham Feldheim 2018 F/M 2019 3 Levy, David B
Purchasing Power: The Economics of Modern Jewish History. Kobrin, Rebecca, Teller, Adam University of Pennsylvania Press 2015 M/J 2016 32 Levy, David B
Ta'am HaTe'amim or Universal Oral Law: A Hebrew Renaissance Kabbalistic Mission Treatise by Guillaume Postel Weiss, Judith Magnes Press 2018 M/J 2019 37 Levy, David B
Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker Drazin, Israel Gefen 2017 F/M 2019 3 Levy, David B
Jews of Italy: Antiquity, The Simonsohn, Shlomo Brill Series in Jewish Studies Brill 2014 N/D 2015 32 Levy, David B
Utopia: The Walking Stories of the Zohar Greenstein, David Stanford University Press 2014 N/D 2015 19 Levy, David B
Josephus in Modern Jewish Culture Schatz, Andrew Studies in Jewish History and culture ;55 Brill 2019 N/D 2019 29 Levy, David B
Zohar: Pritzker Edition. Vol. 9. Matt, Daniel C. Stanford University Press 2016 S/O 2016 11 Levy, David B
Targums in the Light of Traditions of the Second Temple Period, The Legrand, Thierry, Joosten, Jan Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism Brill 2014 N/D 2015 25 Levy, David B
Joseph ibn Kaspi: Portrait of a Hebrew Philosopher in Medieval Provence Sackson, Adrian Brill 2017 M/J 2018 28 Levy, David B
. Moadei HaRav: Public Lectures on the Festivals by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik Pick, Shlomo H. Urim 2016 N/D 2016 20 Levy, David B
Maimonides' Grand Epistle to the Scholars of Lunel: Ideology and Rhetoric Sheer, Charles H. Academic Studies Press 2019 N/D 2019 29 Levy, David B
Value of the Particular: Lessons from Judaism and the Modern Jewish Experience: Festschrift for Steven T. Katz on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday Zank, Michael, Anderson, Ingrid Supplements to the Journal of Jewish thought and philosophy; v. 25 Brill 2015 S/O 2016 18 Levy, David B
Avicenna in Medieval Hebrew Translation: Todros Todrosi’s Translation of Kitab al-Najat, on Psychology and Metaphysics Berzin, Gabriella Islamic philosophy, theology, science/ text and studies; 91 Brill 2015 N/D 2015 14 Levy, David B
On Personal and Public Concerns: Essays in Jewish Philosophy Schweid, Eliezer Reference Library of Jewish Intellectual History Academic Studies Press 2014 M/J 15 37-38 Levy, David B
Warsaw. The Jewish Metropolis: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Antony Polonsky. Dynner, Glenn, Guesnet, Francois Brill 2015 F/M 16 6 Levy, David B
Text of the Hebrew Bible: From the Rabbis to the Masoretes Martin-Contreras, Elvira, Miralles-Macia, Lorena Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2014 N/D 2015 27 Levy, David B
Equality Lost:Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, and Jewish Thought Henkin, Yehuda Second Issue Urim Publications 2018 N/D 2018 28 Levy, David B
Letters of Light: Passages from Ma’or va-shemesh Epstein, Kalonymos, Kalman Pickwick Publications 2015 F/M 16 8 Levy, David B
Let My People Go: the Untold Story of Australia and the Soviet Jews 1959-1989 Lipski, Sam, Rutland, Suzanne D. Gefen 2015 F/M 16 15 Levy, David B
Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522): A Theological Biography Possett, Franz Arbeiten Zur Kirchengeschichte; 129 De Gruyter 2015 S/O 2016 12 Levy, David B
Time and Eternity in Jewish Mysticism: That Which is Before and That Which is After Ogren, Brian Studies in Jewish History and Culture; 48 Brill 2015 N/D 2015 28 Levy, David B
Hasidic Art and the Kabbalah Goldman-Ida, Batsheva (Brill’s Series in Jewish Studies, Volume 59 Brill 2018 M/J 2018 23 Levy, David B
History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy Schweid, Eliezer, Levin, Leonard Brill 2015 M/J 2016 35 Levy, David B
Let my People Go : the Transnational Politics of Soviet Jewish Emigration during the Cold War Peretz, Pauline, Rundell, Ethan Transaction Books 2015 F/M 2016 18 Levy, David B
Moadei HaShanah: Elul and Rosh HaShanah. Pincus, Shimshon Dovid Feldheim 2014 N/D 2015 28 Levy, David B
Pirqei deRabbi Eliezer: Structure, Coherence, Intertextuality Keim, Katharina E. Leiden 2016 M/J 2018 25 Levy, David B
Festschrift Darkhei Noam: The Jews of Arab Lands Schapkow, Carsten, Shepkarn, Shmuel, Levenson, Alan T. Brill’s Series in Jewish Studies; 55). Brill 2015 F/M 2016 19 Levy, David B
Lost Town Goldscheider, Jeremy, Goldgewicht, Richard Seventh Art Releasing 2013 N/D 14 42 Pinchuck, Kathe
Luxuries Ofek, David 2011 M/J 15 46 Pinchuck, Kathe
Derash Yehonatan: Around the Year with Rav Yehonatan Eybeshitz Hammer, Shalom Maggid Books 2013 S/O14 14 Pinchuck, Kathe
Living the Life of Jewish Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Practice and Experience. Glick, Rabbi Yoel Jewish Lights Publishing 2014 M/J 15 24 Pinchuck, Kathe
Who By Fire, Who By Sword: The Journals of Four Courageous Jewish Women in Turbulent Times Orlander, Toby Urim 2013 F/M14 7-8 Pinchuck, Kathe
Shalom Aleichem: A Collection of Halachos, Aggados and Anecdots about Greeting People Ben-David, Shiloh Menucha Publishers 2013 S/O14 6 Pinchuck, Kathe
Like the Seeds of a Pomegranate: A Journalist's Encounters with Greatness Besser, Yisroel Menucha Publishers 2013 S/O14 6 Pinchuck, Kathe
Hamidbar Medaber (The Desert Speaks) Zebrina (musical group) Tzadik 2014 N/D 14 43 Pinchuck, Kathe
I Am the Mission Zadoff, Allen The Unknown Assassin: Book Two Little Brown and Company S/O14 39 Pinchuck, Kathe
Spark Ignited: The Difficult Journey to Orthodox Judaism—The Process & the Perils Lawson, Michaela Menorah Books 2013 N/D 14 26 Pinchuck, Kathe
Zeide, Why Are You Wearing White Tennis Shoes on Yom Kippur? Neinstein, Larry, Bubar, Lorraine Neinstein Publishers 2014 N/D 14 8 Pinchuck, Kathe
Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Goldlist, Marcia The Bible in Rhyme series CreateSpace 2013 M/J 15 5 Pinchuck, Kathe
To Unify a Nation: My Vision for the Future of Israel Lopman, MK Dov Urim S/O14 16 Pinchuck, Kathe
Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme Goldlist, Marcia The Bible in Rhyme series CreateSpace 2013 M/J 15 5 Pinchuck, Kathe
The Jewish Dog Kravitz, Asher Penlight 2015 M/J 15 12 Pinchuck, Kathe
Rose Under Fire . Wein, Elizabeth Hyperion 2013 F/M14 11 Pinchuck, Kathe
Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme Workbook Volume 1 Goldlist, Marcia The Bible in Rhyme series CreateSpace 2014 M/J 15 5 Pinchuck, Kathe
Rabbi Benjamin Yudin on the Parsha Yudin, Benjamin Mosaica Press 2013 S/O14 26 Pinchuck, Kathe
Twerp Goldblatt, Mark Random House 2013 F/M14 4-5 Pinchuck, Kathe
Enjoying The Book of Esther: The Bible in Rhyme Goldlist, Marcia The Bible in Rhyme series CreateSpace 2014 M/J 15 5 Pinchuck, Kathe
Torah: Beauty Beyond Belief: Insightful Responses to Challenging Questions Jacobovitz, Rabbi Avraham Menucha Publishers 2014 M/J 15 30 Pinchuck, Kathe
Who Is Annie White (Fish)? Belsky, Judy Menucha 2014 M/J 15 7 Pinchuck, Kathe
Kids Cooking Made Easy: Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes Schapira, Leah, Dwek, Victoria Mesorah 2013 F/M14 4 Pinchuck, Kathe
Shadow in Baghdad Dror, Kuki, Yael Shavit and Paul Saadon Go2Films 2013 S/O14 28 Pinchuck, Kathe
Talking About Intimacy & Sexuality: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents Debow, Yocheved Ktav 2012 F/M14 29-30 Pinchuck, Kathe
A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah: On Becoming Jewish After Fifty Carter, Mary E. self-published 2014 M/J 15 22-23 Pinchuck, Kathe
Gisi Dudinski, Natasha Go2Films S/O14 28 Pinchuck, Kathe
The Cats of J-Town: A Clash of Colonies Karp, Raphael N. Contento de Semrik 2014 M/J 15 8 Pinchuck, Kathe
Stork's Landing Lehman-Wilzig, Tami Kar-Ben S/O14 46 Pinchuck, Kathe
Life Sentences Kedar, Nurit, Shani, Yaron 2013 M/J 15 46 Pinchuck, Kathe
50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus Pressman, Steven Seventh Art Releasing 2013 N/D 14 42 Pinchuck, Kathe
The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Watch Out for Flying Kids! How Two Circuses, Two Countries, and Nine Kids Confront Conflict and Build Community Levinson, Cynthia Peachtree 2015 S/O 2015 37 Rapp, Andrea
Culture, Customs, and Celebrations in Israel Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 8 Rapp, Andrea
Israel Klepeis, Alicia Z. Exploring World Cultures Cavendish Square 2017 M/J 2018 18 Rapp, Andrea
Israel and the Arab World Zohar, Gil Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 8 Rapp, Andrea
Israel Persano, Thomas Countries we come from Bearport 2018 M/J 2018 18 Rapp, Andrea
Israel Edgar, Sherra G. One World, Many Countries The Child's World 2016 M/J 2016 12 Rapp, Andrea
Israel Garfinkle, Adam Major Nations of the Modern Middle East Mason Crest 2016 M/J 2016 12 Rapp, Andrea
Working Together: Economy, Technology, and Careers in Israel Silverman, Elisa Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Benjamin Netanyahu: Leading the Way for Israel Silverman, Elisa Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Idrael Murray, Julie Explore the Countries Series ABDO Publishing S/O14 46 Rapp, Andrea
I Am Israeli: The Children of Israel Weiss, Eva L. Voices from Israel Mitchell Lane 2015 N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
"Go Out and Study the Land" (Judges 18:2): Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel Maier, Aren M., Magness, Jodi, Schiffman, Jarence H. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, no. 148 Brill 2012 M/J13 29-30 Rosenbloom, Jim
Migrating Tales: The Talmud’s Narratives and Their Historical Context Kalmin, Richard University of California Press 2014 F/M 16 12 Rosenbloom, Jim
A Vocabulary of Desire: The Song of Songs in the Early Synagogue Lieber, Laura e Brill Reference Library of Judaism, 40 Brill 2014 N/D 2015 26 Rosenbloom, Jim
Reappraisals and New Studies of the Modern Jewish Experience: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Seltzer Smollett, Brian M., Wiese, Christian Brill Reference Library of Judaism, 44 Brill 2015 N/D 2015 33 Rosenbloom, Jim
Hekhalot Literature in Translation: Major Texts of Merkavah Mysticism Davila, James R. Supplements to the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy Brill 2013 F/M14 29 Rosenbloom, Jim