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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort descending
Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation Levinson, Bernard M. Oxford University Press 1997 S/O 98 13
Coming Home: A Womans Story of Conversion to Judaism Shires, Linda M. Westview Press 2003 F/M 04 20
Getting Even Chaikin, Miriam N/D 82 7
Library Programs: How to Select, Plan, and Produce Them Robotham, John S., LaFleur, Lydia Scarecrow 1977 Sp78 24
Fiorellos Sister: Gemma La Guardia Glucks Story. Newly expanded ed Gluck, Gemma La Guardia, Saidel, Rochelle G. Syracuse University Press 2007 S/O 07 48
In the Beginning … Bier, Ian, DuPrie, James Canaan Tours of Jewish History Series Purple Monkey Books 2007 M/J 08 14
New York Times Passover Cookbook, The Amster, Linda Morrow 1999 S/O 99 6
Sammy Spider's First Haggadah Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Kar-Ben 2007 F/M 07 12
Justice Illuminated: The Art of Arthur Szyk Unger, Irvin Frog Ltd. 1999 S/O 00 31
More than Matzah: A Passover Feast of Fun, Facts, and Activities Herman, Debbie, Koffsky, Ann D., Lane, Nancy Barron's 2006 M/J 06 16
Real Davvening: Jewish Prayer as a Spiritual Practice and a Form of Meditation for Beginning and Experienced Davvening Buxbaum, Yitzhak The Jewish Spirit Booklet Series, vol. 1 s.n. 1996 F/M 97 4
Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust Bunting, Eve, Gammell, Steven JPS 1989 N/D 89 13-14
State of the Jews: A Critical Appraisal, The Alexander, Edward Jewish and Israeli Studies, Political Ideology, Cultural STudies Transaction Publishers 2012 N/D12 13
Women and American Judaism: Historical Perspectives Nadell, Pamela S.,, Sarna, Jonathan D. Brandeis University Press 2001 F/M 02 24
Alef is One: A Hebrew Alphabet Counting Book Kahn, Katherine Kar-Ben 1989 F/M 90 19
Birkas Hachaim, The Wonders of Our Body Stein, Michal, Kroizer, Devorah Feldheim 2009 F/M 10 18-19
Chanukah Greenfeld, Howard Holt 1976 M/J 92 31
Fragments of Isabella Leitner, Isabella Ma 79 7
Every Spy a Prince Raviv, Dan, Melman, Yosel Houghton Mifflin 1991 S/O 91 20
How I Saved Hanukkah Koss, Amy, deGroat, Dinae Dial 1998 M/J 99 16
My Jewish Home Goldstein, Andrew, Kreiswirth, Kinny Kar-Ben 2001 F/M 02 38
Haunted Shul and Other Devorah Doresh Mysteries, The Hubner, Carol Korb, Kramer, Devorah Judaica Press 1979 Sp79 25
Jews of Latin America, The Elkin, Judith Laikin Holmes and Meier 1998 F/M 99 7
Menorah Story, The Podwal, Mark Greenwillow 1998 F/M 99 20
Project, The Warner Books 1997 S/O 97 26
Sukkah That I Built, The Vorst, Rochel Groner, Victor-Elsby, Elizabeth Hachai 2002 N/D 02 26-27
Papas Latkes Edwards, Michelle, Schuett, Stacey Candlewick Press 2004 N/D 04 18-19
Simeon the Righteous in Rabbinic Literature: A Legend Reinvented Tropper, Amram Brill 2013 N/D13 39
When Solomon Was King MacGill-Callahan, Sheila, Johnson, Stephen T. Dial 1995 F/M 96 17
Two Truths in My Pocket Ruby, Lois N/D 82 8
Beast that Crouches at the Door, The: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Beyond: A Biblical Exploration Fohrman, David Devora 2007 S/O 08 8
Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers Strike of 1909 Markel, Michelle, Sweet, Melissa HarperCollins 2013 FM13 3-4
Elie Wiesel: A Holocaust Survivor Cries Out for Peace Houghton, Sarah High Five Reading Series Red Brick Learning 2004 M/J 04 31
Hirshs Secret: A Baal Shem Tov Story Citron, Sterna, Eydel, Igor Kerem Press 1996 F/M 97 12
Dark Images, Secret Hints: Benjamin, Scholem, Molitor and the Jewish Tradition Mertens, Bram Studies in German Jewish History, vol. 7 Peter Lang 2007 M/J 08 39
Growing Up Jewish in China Beil, Dolly BPS Books 2012 FM13 18
Jewish Mysticism: The Infinite Expression of Fredom Elior, Rachel, Nave, Yudith Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2007 N/D 07 29
Maggid Stories for Children: Holidays Around the Year Pfeiffer, Chaviva Krohn, Stern, Chani Maggid Stories for Children Series / Artscroll Youth Series Mesorah 2008 F/M 09 46
Philosophical Writings Mendelssohn, Moses, Dahlstrom, Daniel O. Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy Cambridge University Press 1997 F/M 98 11
Israeli Poetry: A Contemporary Anthology Bargad, Warren, Chyet, Stanley F. Jewish Literature and Culture Series Indiana University Press 1986 N/D 87 6
On the Other Hand Bermant, Chaim Vallentine Mitchell 2007 F/M 09 41828
Seven Animals Wag Their Tales Bogot, Howard I., Bogot, Mark K. Pitspopany 2000 F/M 01 15
Voicing the Void: Muteness and Memory in Holocaust Fiction Horowitz, Sara R. SUNY Press 1997 M/J 97 17
Rooftop Secrets And Other Stories of Anti-Semitism Bush, Lawrence, Lemelman, Martin UAHC 1986 F/M 87 6
Today I am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah Around the World Vinick, Barbara, Reinharz, Shulamit Indiana University Press 2012 M/J 12 45
Zeyde and the Hidden Mine Messler, Mark A. 4 Corners 2003 F/M 04 32
Arab-Israeli Conflict: The 1948 War, The Karsh, Efraim Essential Histories: War and Conflicts in Modern Times Series Rosen 2009 F/M 10 9
Dictionary of Ancient Rabbis: Selections from the Jewish Encyclopaedia Neusner, Jacob Hendrickson 2003 M/J 04 18-19
Complete Story of Passover Mindel, Nissan, Schwartz, Michel Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch 1984 M/J 85 5
Girl with the Gallery: Edith Gregor Halpert and the Making of the Modern Art Market Pollock, Lindsay Public Affairs 2006 N/D 07 34-35
Jewcentricity: Why the Jews Are Praised, Blamed, and Used to Explain Just About Everything Garfinkle, Adam John Wiley & Sons 2009 M/J 10 31
Life on the Stage: A Memoir, A Adler, Jacob, Rosenfeld, Lulla Knopf 1999 S/O 00 7
First Lady of the Cacahuates, The Rochlin, Harriet Fithian Press 1998 M/J 99 10
In the Promised Land: Lives of Jewish Americans Rappaport, Doreen, Wright, Cornelius Van HarperCollins 2005 M/J 05 17
Night of the Broken Glass Borenstein, Emily N/D 81 13
Sarah and After: Five Women of the Old Testament Banks, Lynne Reid Doubleday 1977 W77 29
Kaddishel: A Life Reborn Golub, Aharon, Golub, Bennett W. Devora 2005 F/M 06 32-33
Recommendation Whether to Confiscate, Destroy, and Burn All Jewish Books: A Classic Treatise Against Anti-Semitism Reuchlin, Johann, Wortsman, Peter Paulist Press 2000 M/J 01 8
Thank You, God, For Everything Gold, August, Halperin, Wendy Anderson G. P. Putnam's Sons 2009 M/J 09 17
Stones in Water Napoli, Donna Jo Dutton 1997 M/J 99 17
Wooden Sword, The Stampler, Ann Redisch, Liddiment, Carol Albert Whitman 2012 M/J 12 3
All About Us (2nd ed.) Rosenfeld, Dina H., Argoff, Patti Hachai 2009 M/J 09 16
Checkpoints Levy, Marilyn JPS 2008 F/M 09 45
Friday Nights of Nana, The Hest, Amy, Nivola, Claire A. Candlewick Press 2001 S/O 01 37
Exodus Prenzlau, Sheryl, Smekhov, Zely The Jewish Childrens Bible Series Pitspopany 1997 N/D 98 13
How We Returned to Egypt: From Communist Russia to Fundamentalist Israel Shirim, Yaakol Tzipora Publications 2007 S/O 08 24
My Own Vineyard: A Jewish Family in Krakow Between the Wars Akavia, Miriam, Flantz, Richard, Scharf, Rafael F. Library of Holocaust Testimonies Vallentine Mitchell 2006 S/O 07 44
Heart is a Mirror: The Sephardic Folktale, The Alexander-Frizer, Tamar Wayne State University Press 2008 M/J 08 18
Jews on Trial Garber, Robert A. Ktav 2005 S/O 05 44
Meta-Halakhah: Logic, Intuition, and the Unfolding of Jewish Law Koppel, Moshe Aronson 1996 N/D 97 8
Psychological Perspectives on Traditional Jewish Practices Linke, Stuart Aronson 1999 M/J 00 12
Survivor in Us All, The Rubinstein, Erna F. M/J 84 5
Passinover (AUDIO) Kenny, Yoel TightRope Productions 2007 M/J 08 46
Skating on Thin Ice Rapaport, Anatol RDR Books 2002 N/D 02 28-29
Where Does God Live? Gold, August, Perlman, Matthew J. Skylight Paths 2001 F/M 02 39
Uncommon Friendship: From Opposite Sides of the Holocaust, An Rosner, Bernat, Tubach, Frederic C., Tubach, Sally Patterson University of California Press 2001 N/D 02 14-15
Before There Was a Before Waskow, Shoshana, Danziger, Amnon Adama 1984 F/M 86 6
British Jewry and the Holocaust Bolchovez, Richard Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2003 N/D 03 10
Ellis Island: Coming to the Land of Liberty Bial, Raymond Houghton Mifflin 2009 S/O 09 12
History of the Holocaust, The: A Chronology of Quotations Langer, Howard J. Aronson 1997 S/O 97 11
David and Goliath (VIDEO) Marsallis, Branford, Fraser, Douglas Rabbit Ears Productions 1992 M/J 93 18
Hadassah and the Zionist Project Simmons, Erica B. Rowman & Littlefield 2006 S/O 06 44-45
Jewish Princess Cookbook, The: Having Your Cake & Eating It Tarn, Georgie,, Fine, Tracey McBooks Press 2008 N/D 08 21
Maimonides’ Introduction to His Commentary on the Mishnah Maimon, Moshe ben, Rosner, Fred Aronson 1995 N/D 95 7
Piece of Home, A Levitan, Sonia, Wijngaard, Juan Dial 1996 M/J 98 20
Italian Refuge: Rescue of Jews During the Holocaust, The Herzer, Ivo, Voigt, Klaus, Burgwin, James Catholic University of America Press 1989 F/M 90 15
One City, Two Brothers Smith, Chris Barefoot Books 2007 F/M 08 15
Shabbat Catalogue, The Brin, Ruth 28915 8
Wanderers Reflections, A Namztlas, Judith F/M 83 3
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Sweet Beginings Drucker, Malka Holiday House 1981 W 82 15
Torah Tapestries: Words of Wisdom Woven from the Weekly Parashah - Shemos Smiles, Shira Feldheim 2012 FM13 37
Zorros Bar Mitzvah (VIDEO) Beckermann, Ruth First Run/Icarus Films 2006 F/M 07 37
Around the Shabbos Table Berman, Seryl, Binus, Ari Hachai 2009 F/M 09 45
Disappearing Dowry, The Astaire, Libi Zahav Press 2009 S/O 09 15
Conservative Movement in Judaism: Dilemmas and Opportunities, The Elazar, Daniel J., Geffen, Rela Mintz SUNY Series in American Jewish Society in the 1990s SUNY Press 2000 F/M 01 4
God in Between Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg Jewish Lights Publishing 1998 F/M 99 20-21
Jewish Bioethics (Augmented ed.) Rosner, Fred, Bleich, J. David Ktav 2000 S/O 00 18-19
Like a Maccabee Bietz, Barbara, White, Anita Yaldah 2006 N/D 06 13
Flavor of Jerusalem, The Nathan, Joan, Goldman, Judy Stacey Little Brown 1974 Sp76 23
Individual: The Jewish Community of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza: Portrait of a Mediterranean Personality of the High Midlde Ages as Reflected in the Cairo Gaza, The Goitein, S. D. A Mediterranean Society, vol. 5 University of California Press 1988 N/D 88 6