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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
Valiant Heart: A Biography of Heinrich Heine Kossoff, Philip S/O 84 6
Escape or Die Friedman, Ina R. S/O 82 8
Life Transforming Diet, The ulberg, Davdi J. Feldheim S/O14 27 Feder, Debbie
Havanat Hanikra Bassidur UVamikra Haramati, Shlomo S/O 86 6
On Women and Judaism Greenberg, Blu F/M 82 6
Stroop Report: The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is No More M/J 86 4
Fugu Plan, The Tokayer, Marvin O 79 7
Arab-Israeli Wars Herzog, Chaim M/J 83 3
Grandpa's Third Drawer; Unlocking Holocaust Memories Kopelman, Judy Tal Jewish Publication Society S/O14 43-44 Krasner, Barbara
Lets Celebrate Brinn, Ruth Esrig F/M 85 8
White Hotel, The Thomas, D. M. N/D 81 14
Coal Question, The Davis, Bertha, Whitfield, Susan W83 13
Alef-Basic: A Guide to Basic Computer Programming Heller, Rachelle s.n. M/J 84 7
These Holy Sparks Waskow, David M/J 84 4
Soumchi Oz, Amos S/O 81 10
This Year in Jerusalem Gross, Joel S/O 83 2
Jewish Family Celebrations Cardozo, Arlene Rossen N/D 82 11
Other Way Round, The Kerr, Judith Coward W75 29-30
Number on My Grandfathers Arm, The Adler, David A. N/D 89 8
State & Society in Roman Galilee Goodman, Martin S/O 84 5
Chanukkah Tree, The Kimmel, Eric A. N/D 81 10
Journeys of David Toback, The Malkin, Carole S/O 81 7
Issues in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Jewish Perspectives on Covenant, Mission, and Witness F/M 82 6
Angel’s Wings and Other Stories From the Diamond Tree, The Stone, Susan S/O 92 23
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) National Yiddish Book Center S/O 96 16
What Happened to Heather Hopkowitz? Herman, Charlotte M/J 82 8
Springs of Jewish Life, The Raphael, Chaim M/J 84 5
Embracing the Covenant: Converts to Judaism Talk about Why & How Berkowitz, Allan L., Moskovitz, Patti Jewish Lights Publishing M/J 97 3
Our Sages Showed the Way (vol. 1) Segal, Yocheved S 80 10
O My America Kaplan, Johannna F/M 81 5
Rabbis Girls, The Hurwitz, Johanna M/J 82 7
Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment Matt, Daniel C. Paulist M/J 85 5
Hanukkah: Eight Nights, Eight Lights Drucker, Malka O 80 12
Judaism and Vegetarianism Schwartz, Richard H. M/J 84 2
Enigma, The Barak, Michael Ma 79 5
Jerusalem Rock Mitosky, Dina S 80 7
Lost Childhood, The: A Memoir Nir, Yehuda F/M 90 16
Adolph Hitler Rubenstein, Joshua s.n. W83 13
Studies in Genesis Leibowitz, Nehama Publication Department of the World Zionist Organization D 74 29
My Yiddish Vacation Skye, Ione Henry Holt S/O 14 48 Dublin, Anne
Lets Have a Party Brinn, Ruth Esrig N/D 82 4
Liberation (VIDEO) Hier, Marvin Simon Wiesenthal Center M/J 95 14
Rescue in Denmark Flender, Harold S/O 81 6
Noahs Ark Dimond, Masper S/O 84 8
Let Me Hear Music Barford, Carol Ma 80 8
Solomon System, The Naylor, Phyllis R. S/O 84 9
David and the High Spirit: The Complete Jewish Party Ballroom Dancing (AUDIO) Yakobian, David David Yakobian N/D 93 16
Who Will Be King of the Jungle? Fuchs, Menucha, Rappaport, Aviva Judaica Press S/O 03 46
Kibbutz Experience, The: Dialogue at Kfar Blum Criden, Yosef, Gelb, Saadia Histadrut Institute Ap 74 26
Purim Greenfeld, Howard F/M 83 5
Haj, The Uris, Leon N/D 84 2
Wats an Israel? Burstein, Chaya M. N/D 83 10
Special Destiny, A Epstein, Seymour S/O 86 9
Jewish Entertainment Resource Directory, The Ginsburgh, Judy Caplan Subscription publication M/J 95 14
Century of Modern Hebrew Literary Criticism, 1784-1884 Neiman, Morris s.n. M/J 84 2
Picture Book of Passover, A Adler, David A. F/M 82 2
Elijahs Violin & Other Jewish Fairy Tales Schwartz, Howard S/O 83 4
Savta Simcha and the Seven Splendid Gifts F/M 88 7
Badenheim 1939 Appelfeld, Aharon S/O 81 7
And We Are Not Saved Wdowinski, David s.n. M/J 86 4
Faith and Trust Houminer, Shemuel, Gross, Kalmen Feldheim Press M/J 94 41860
Tattered Tallis, The Hubner, Carol Korb Ma 80 7
Family Ties Leahy, Syrell R. F/M 83 2
Matrushka Doll, The Traub, Barbara Fischman Ma 80 5
Cresta Adventure, The Abramson, Ruth F/M 90 19
Portrait of Two Families Lehmann, Marcus F/M 83 6
Quest for Jewish Belief and Identity in the Graphic Novel Tabachnick, Stephen E. University of Alabama Press S/O14 22 Berenson, Steven M.
On the Other Side of the Gate Suhl, Yuri Watts W75 30
Recent Canadian Jewish Authors and La Langue Francaise Rome, David Jewish Public Library 26085 13-14
Eternal Torah, The Liberman, David A/M 81 4
Learning Curve Raziel, Sara and Ilana Pollack Feldheim S/O14 38 Bloch, Marci Mavine
Dreams and Delusions Stern, Fritz N/D 87 4
Last Mission, The Mazer, Harry Ma 89 9
Stories for Children Singer, Isaac Bashevis N/D 84 6
920 OFarrell Street: A Jewish Girlhood in Old San Francisco Levy, Harriet Lane Heyday Books M/J 97 11
On Women and Judiasm Greenberg, Blu S/O 82 7
Hitler in Paris Don Nardo Captured World History Series Compas Point Books S/O14 44 Krasner, Barbara
Dry Tears Tec, Nechama N/D 82 2
Great Yiddish Writers of the 20th Century Leftwich, Joseph N/D 87 15
Art of Public Prayer, The Hoffman, Lawrence A. s.n. N/D 89 13
Travellers Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe, The Postal, Bernard, Abramson, Samuel H. 26085 15
Alef-Bet of Jewish Values, The Kipper, Lenore C. s.n. M/J 86 6
Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell, A (VIDEO) Kuper, Jack Filmaker Library N/D 93 15
No Time for Tears Freeman, Cynthia F/M 82 5
Philo of Alexandria F/M 82 9
Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook, The Leviton, Roberta Ma 79 6
Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino s.n. N/D 95 15
Retreat, The Appelfeld, Aharon S/O 84 4
Biblical Studies: Meeting Ground of Jews & Christians s.n. F/M 82 2
Chaim Weizmann Reinharz, Jehuda s.n. S/O 86 8
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat Rice, Tim M/J 82 7
In America Moss, Maurice Dutton S/O 94 12
L.C. is the Greatest Krasilovsky, Phyllis Nelson W75 30
Pleasures of Your Processor, The Gilletz, Norene M/J 83 4
Empty Chair, The Kaplan, Bess S 78 5
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) National Yiddish Book Center M/J 96 14
Truth Shall Make Us Free: Inside the Neo-Nazi Network, The (VIDEO) Schmidt, Michael Filmaker's Library N/D 93 15
Binding of Isaac, The Cohen, Barbara s.n. S 78 6
Spy for Freedom: The Story of Sarah Aaronsohn Cowen, Ida N/D 84 7
Joshua in the Promised Land Chaikin, Miriam N/D 82 7