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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
Lebanon Newman, Gerald W83 13
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planbook, The Lewit, Jane s.n. N/D 82 2
Sean Rosen is Not for Sale Baron, Jeff Greenwillow S/O14 35 Lenson, Heather
Jewish History Moments and Methods Loeb, Sorel Goldberg S/O 82 4
Yellow Star, The, 3rd ed. Unsdorfer, S. B. M/J 84 6
Israeli Politicsin the 1990s: Key Domestic and Foreign Policy Factors Reich, Bernard, Gershon R. Kieval, eds. Contributions in Political Science no. 285 s.n. M/J 92 19
Studies in Judaism and Christianity Stimulus Foundation F/M 82 6
Passover with a Twith: Rachel Imagines the Passover Story Herskowtiz, Benjie Chontento De Semrik S/O14 49-50 Katz, Lisa
My First Book of Mitzvos Karlinsky, Isaiah M/J 86 6
Wyszkowo, A Shtetl on the Bug River Mondry, Adela N/D 81 13
Hanukkah of Great Uncle Otto Levoy, Myron N/D 84 6
Gods Grace Malamud, Bernard F/M 83 2
Anne Frank Tridenti, Lina M/J 86 6
Ahrele 1: the Incredible, Touching Story of Rav Aharaon Margalit, Shlit"a Margalist, Aharon Feldheim S/O14 40 Bloomfield, Kathy
Jewish Holidays Cuyler, Margery Ma 79 8
Safed Spirituality: Rules of Mystical Piety Fine, Lawrence M/J 86 3
Such a Life LaZebnik, Edith S 78 4
Golem, The Singer, Isaac Bashevis F/M 83 5
Promise the Earth Irving, Clive M/J 83 4
Methuselahs Gang Poochoo (Wiesler, Israel) F/M 81 6
Hour of the Clown Aricha, Amos M/J 82 2
Shale Oil and Tar Sands Lyttle, Richard B. W83 13
Rest of Us, The Birmingham, Stephen N/D 84 2
Nobody Knows Me in Miami Kass, Sheila S. S/O 81 9
Great Jews in Sports Slater, Robert S/O 84 10
Quick and Easy Melvin, Shelley Chosen Cookbook Series N/D 84 5
My Noahs Ark Goffstein, M. B. Ma 79 7
Ars Judaica The Bar Ilan-Journal of Jewish Art Yaniva, Bracha Department of Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University S/O 07 56
Light Another Candle Chaikin, Miriam N/D 82 4
Now Newman Was Old Berman, Chaim O 79 1
I Am From Brownsville Granit, Arthur M/J 86 4
Zionism in Transition Davis, Moshe s.n. S/O 81 13
Jewish Americans Meltzer, Milton M/J 84 4
Stoneflower, The Scholefield, Alan F/M 83 2
Gift for Momma, A Hautzig, Esther A/M 81 5
Polish Jewry, 1914-1939 Before the Holocaust Tamir, Nachman F/M 88 8
Jewish Teachers Handbook, V. II Marcus, Audrey F. N/D 81 12
On Equal Terms: Jews in America 1881-1981 Dawidowicz, Lucy S. F/M 83 4
Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir Adler, David A. S/O 84 9
Rabbis and Wives Grade, Chaim M/J 83 3
Over and Above Hobson, Laura Ma 80 4
Tin Soldiers on Jerusalem Beach Lieblich, Amia O 79 6
Judge, The Lazewnik, Libby Shaar Press F/M 01 12
Mouse in the Matzah Factory, The Medoff, Francine F/M 83 5
Angels Wings and Other Stories from the Diamond Tree (AUDIO) Stone, Susan s.n. S/O 92 23
Self-Chosen: Our Crowd is Dead Baer, Jean S/O 82 5
Melinda Takes a Hand Beatty, Patricia S/O 84 8
Schools of HOpe: How Julius Rosenwald Helped Change African American Education Calkins Creek S/O14 31
Challenge of the Cults, 2nd ed Special Comm. On Exotic Cults s.n. O 80 16
Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, The Gutwirth, Israel S/O 87 7
Idrael Murray, Julie Explore the Countries Series ABDO Publishing S/O14 46 Rapp, Andrea
Provenance McDonald, Frank Ma 80 4
Shabbes Goy, The Katz, Jacob F/M 90 16
Children We Remember, The M/J 83 8
Love, Ruhl Shimoni, Rachel Focus-Midwest Sp 75 28
Noah and the Ark dePaola, Tomie S/O 84 8
Here Come the Purim Players Cohen, Barbara M/J 84 6
Greek Vegetarian Cookery Santa Maria, Jack N/D 85 4