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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort ascending
Her Mothers Secret Polikoff, Barbara Garland Allium Press of Chicago 2012 S/O13 6
Jewish Holiday Crafts Becker, Joyce Bonim Books 1977 W77 30
New Sound in Hebrew Poetry: Poetics, Politcs, Accent, A Segal, Miryam Jewish Literature and Culture Indiana University Press 2010 N/D 10 23
Studies in Judaism and Christianity Stimulus Foundation F/M 82 6
Grace of Shortstops, The Mayer, Robert Doubleday 1984 M/J 85 4
Biblical and Midrashic Hebrew in the Writings of S. Y. Agnon = Mikhlol hu-shemot be-khitev Shmuel Yosef Agnon Harduf, David Mendel Harduf Books 2002 M/J 03 17
Refuge, Rock, Sublime (AUDIO) Winningham, Mare Craig N' Co. 2007 S/O 08 37
Diasporic Modernism: Hebrew and Yiddish Literature in the Twentieth Century Schachter, Allison Oxford University Press 2012 S/O12 46-47
Wherever You Go Leegant, Joan Norton 2010 S/O 10 26
Lemuel the Fool Uhlberg, Myron, Lamut, Sonja Peachtree 2001 F/M 01 17
Immigrant Girl: Becky of Eldridge Street Harvey, Brett, Ray, Deborah Kogan Holiday House 1987 M/J 87 6