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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Year Series ISBN Issue P Review Authorsort descending Review format Review type
Membrino, Anna, Burke, Fatti I Look Up to... Ruth Bader Ginsberg 2018 M/J 2019 6 Colodny, Debbie Book Juvenile
Newman, Leslea, Husband, Amy Hanukkah Delight!. 2016 N/D 2016 2 Colodny, Debbie
Balsley, Tilda Shalom, Everybodeee! Grover's Adventures in Israel 2016 M/J 2016 11-12 Colodny, Debbie
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker War I Finally Won, The 2017 M/J 2018 10 Colodny, Debbie Book Juvenile
Rubabshi, Leah, Wummer, Amy My Sometimes Feelings 2018 M/J 2019 19-20 Colodny, Debbie Book Juvenile
Levy, Debbie, Gardner, Whitney Becoming RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Journey to Justice 2019 F/M 2020 41-42 Colodny, Debbie Book Juvenile
Kimmel, Eric A., Gutierrez, Monica Little Red Rosie 2016 S/O 2016 27-28 Quay, Alex
Capetta, Amy Rose Echo After Echo 2017 M/J 2018 14 Quay, Alex Book Juvenile
Aronson, Marc, Budhos, Marina Eyes of the World: Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, and the Invention of Modern Photojournalism 2017 M/J 2018 8 Quay, Alex Book Juvenile
Brimner, Larry Dane Blacklisted: Hollywood, the Cold War, and the First Amendment 2018 M/J 2019 17 Quay, Alex Book Juvenile
Lane, Tamsin Yael and the Party of the Year 2018 N/D 2018 10 Quay, Alex Book Juvenile
Silverman, Erica Returning Home: Journeys to Israel 2015 Voices from Israel S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
Zohar, Gil Americans in the Holy Land 2015 Voices from Israel S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
Wallace, Sandra Neil, Wallace, Rich, Nowicka, Agata First Generation: 36 Trailblazing Immigrants and Refugees Who Make America Great 2018 M/J 2019 5-6 Quay, Alex Book Juvenile
Zohar, Gil Israel: Holy Land to Many 2015 Voices from Israel S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
Stein, Rachel, Katz, Tova A Whale of a Time and More Stories for Thinking Kids! 2015 F/M 16 37-38 Quay, Alex
Zohar, Gil Israel: Stories of Conflict and Resolution, Love and Death 2015 Voices from Israel S/O 2016 36-37 Quay, Alex
Schnur, Susan, Schnur-Fishman, Anna, Steele-Morgan, Alex Potatoes at Turtle Rock. 2016 N/D 2016 2 Quay, Alex
Engle, Margarita Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings: A Memoir 2015 M/J 2016 5 Quay, Alex
Brown, Monica Lola Levine is Not Mean! 2015 M/J 2016 6 Quay, Alex
Sarason, Richard S. Divrei Mishkan T’filah: Delving into the Siddur 2018 M/J 2018 28 Smailes, Suzanne Book Adult
Appelbaum, Peter C. , Scott, James W Broken Carousel: German Jewish Soldier-Poets of the Great War 2017 N/D 2018 36 Smailes, Suzanne Book Adult
Stavans, Ilan, Ballen, Gloria Abella The New World Haggadah 2016 F/ M 2017 24 Smailes, Suzanne Book Adult
Vidro, Nadia, Zweip, Irene E., Olszowy-Schlanger, Judith Universal Art: Hebrew Grammar Across Disciplines and Faiths 2014 Studies in Jewish History and Culture; 46 F/M 2016 25 Smailes, Suzanne
Andreas Kilcher, Gabriella Safran Writing Jewish Culture: Paradoxes in Ethnography 2016 F/ M 2017 12 Beth Dwoskin
Simeon Schreiber From Mouring to Morning: A Comprehensive Guide to Mourning, Grieving, and Bereavement with Special Emphasis on the Shiva Call 2016 F/ M 2017 20 Nathan Rosen
Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, Anne E. Pettit For those left behind : A Jewish Anthology of Comfort and Healing 2016 F/M 2017 5 Nathan Rosen
Richard A. Light Jewish Rites of Death: Stories of Beauty and Transformation 2016 F/ M 2017 15 Nathan Rosen
Stuart M. Matlins The Jewish Book of Grief and Healing: A Spiritual Companion for Mourning 2016 F/ M 2017 16 Nathan Rosen
Abraham-Klein, Dahlia Necessary Mourning: Healing the Loss of a Parent through Jewish Ritual 2016 F/M 2017 1 Nathan Rosen
Lori Palatnik, Yaakov Palatnik Remember my Soul: What to Do in Memory of A Loved One; A Path of Reflection and Inspiration for Shiva, the Stages of Jewish Mourning and Beyond 2016 F/ M 2017 18 Nathan Rosen
Ethan B. Katz The Burdens of Brotherhood: Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France 2015 F/ M 2017 12 Randall C. Belinfante
Ben Nisan, Hakham Moredechai, Gabriel Wasserman Royal Attire: On Karaite and Rabbanite Beliefs 2016 F/M 2017 2 Randall C. Belinfante
Becker, Pamela Memoirs of a False Messiah 2019 F/M 2020 34 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Bleich, Judith Defenders of the Faith: Studies in Nineteenth-and-Twentieth Century Orthodoxy and Reform 2020 S/O 2020 26 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Stokes, Ryan The Satan: How God's Executioner Became God's Enemy 2019 N/D 2019 31 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Kestin, Hesh The Siege of Tel Aviv 2019 M/J 2019 39 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Weisman, Jonathan (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in the Age of Trump 2018 N/D 2018 35 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Chisvin, Heather A Fist Around the Heart 2018 N/D 2018 36 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Amit, Hila A Queer Way Out: The Politics of Queer Emigration from Israel 2018 F/M 2019 1 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Bemon, Jimmy, Boudet, Emilie, McGuinness, Nanette Superman Isn't Jewish ( But I Am....Kinda) 2018 F/M 2019 2 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Nakagaki, T.K. The Buddhist Swastika and Hitler's Cross: Rescuing a Symbol of Peace from the Forces of Hate 2019 N/D 2019 27-28 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Israel Drazin Jonah and Amos 2016 F/M 2017 5 Arthur G. Quinn
Yaakov Feder The Sefiros and the Self: A Divine Blueprint for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth 2016 F/M 2017 6 Nira Wolfe
Etsy Frankel-Fersel Converting Masters: World Famous Masterpieces with a Jewish Twist 2016 F/ M 2017 6 Nira Wolfe
Yaffa Ganz The Jewish Fact Finder: A Bookful of Important Torah Facts and Handy Jewish Information 2016 F/ M 2017 8 Nira Wolfe
Olga Gilburd Happiness the Jewish Way: A Practical Guide to Happiness through the Lens of Jewish Wisdom 2015 F/ M 2017 8-9 Nira Wolfe
Frank Vajda Saved to Remember: Raoul Wallenberg, Budapest 1944 and After 2016 F/ M 2017 25-26 Nira Wolfe
Nathan Wolski The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume 10 2016 F/ M 2017 26 David B. Levy
Joel Hecker The Zohar: Pritzker Edition Volume 11 2016 F/ M 2017 6 David B. Levy
Kfir, Uriah A Matter of Geography: A New Perspective on Medieval Hebrew Poetry 2018 Etudes sur le Judaisme Medieval, 74 N/D 2018 29 David B. Levy Book Adult
Loew, Yehudah ben Bezalel, Widmonte, Ramon Tiferet Yisrael: Translation and Commentary: Volume 1: Introduction and Chapters 1-9. 2016 M/J 2018 26 David B. Levy Book Adult
Ruth Bader Ginsburg My Own Words 2016 F/M 2017 9 Rachel Simon
Aronson, Peter Bronislaw Huberman 2018 N/D 2018 7 Barbara Krasner Book Juvenile
Susan J. Gordon Because of Eva: A Jewish Genealogical Journey 2016 F/M 2017 10 Barbara Krasner
Sylvie Anne Goldberg, Benjamin Ivry Clepsydra: Essay on the Plurality of Time in Judaism 2016 F/M 2017 9-10 Roger S. Kohn
Alina Gromova, Felix Heinert, Sebastian Voigt Jewish and Non-Jewish Spaces in the Urban Context 2015 F/M 2017 10 Pinchas Roth
Lawrence Kaplan Maimonides: Between Philosophy and Halakhah: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's Lectures on the Guide of the Perplexed 2016 F/M 2017 11-12 Yoel Finkelman
Nelly Las, Ruth Morris Jewish Voices in Feminism: Transnational Perspectives 2015 F/ M 2017 13 Suzanne Smailes
Avi Sagi After the Death of God, a Phenomenological Study of Hebrew Literature 2016 F/ M 2017 19 David Tesler
Nathan Laufer Rendevous with God; Revealing the Meaning of the Jewish Holidays and their Mysterious Rituals 2016 F/ M 2017 14 David Tesler
Gafni, Isaiah M. Jews and Judaism in the Rabbinic Era: Image and Reality - History and Historiography 2019 S/O 2020 27-28 David Tesler Book Adult
The Koren Succot Mahzor Hebrew/English edition 2015 F/ M 2017 15 David Tesler
Elana Shapira Style and Seducation: Jewish Patrons, Architecture, and Design in Fin de Siecle Vienna 2016 F/ M 2017 21 Hallie Cantor
Tatjana Lichtenstein Zionists in Interwar Czechoslovakia: Minority Nationalism and the Politics of Belonging 2016 F/ M 2017 14-15 Hallie Cantor
Cary Nelson Dreams Deferred: A Concise Guide to the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict & the Movement to Boycott Israel 2016 F/ M 2017 18 Marion M. Stein
Noah Shenker Reframing Holocaust Testimony 2015 F/ M 2017 21-22 Joy Kingsolver
Snir, Reuven Arab-Jewish Literature: The Birth and Demise of the Arab Short Story 2019 N/D 2019 30 Dr. Yaffa Weisman Book Adult
Margalit Shilo Girls of Liberty: The Struggle for Suffrage in Mandatory Palestine 2016 F/ M 2017 22 Dr. Yaffa Weisman
Yudkoff, Sunny S. Tubercular Capital: Illness and the Conditions of Modern Jewish Writing 2019 N/D 2019 32 Dr. Yaffa Weisman Book Adult
Radomski, Kassandra Anne Frank: Get to Know the Girls Beyond Her Diary 2019 M/J 2019 5 Issac, Fred Book Juvenile
Marsico, Katie Genius Physicist: Albert Einstein 2017 N/D 2019 11-12 Issac, Fred Book Juvenile
Joseph Skibell Six Memos form the Last Millennium: A Novelist Reads the Talmud 2016 F/ M 2017 24 Issac, Fred
Amy Stopniki Kosher Taste 2016 F/ M 2017 25 Debbie Feder
Martin Sugarman Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War: Last Voices 2016 F/ M 2017 25 Marlene Schiffman
Wachsler, Leah Building 2017 M/J 2018 19 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Folman, Ari, Polonsky, David [nid:52283], illustrator Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation 2018 M/J 2019 1 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Rosenfeld, Dina H., Wummer, Amy We Can Find A Way: A Hachnosas Orchim Inclusion Story 2018 M/J 2019 16 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Golabek, Mona , Cohen, Lee, Sher, Emil Children of Willesden Lane: A True Story of Hope and Survival During World War II 2017 Young Readers Edition M/J 2018 15 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Trigere, Jane, Vincent, Lu What's a Grandparent? 2018 N/D 2019 19-20 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Tibbits, Tim Echo Still: Is there more to life than making the team? 2018 N/D 2019 14 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Hoffer, Rinat Shani's Shoebox 2018 N/D 2019 21 Levitan, Rebecca Book Juvenile
Polak, Monique Room For One More 2019 N/D 2019 16 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Metsellar, Menno, Scarry, Harry All About Anne 2018 N/D 2018 8-9 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Greenwald, Lisa 12 Before 13 2018 M/J 2019 9 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Chomer, Malka Nussbaum, Bolton, Bill Feeling Better A to Z: A Book About Bikur Cholim 2019 N/D 2019 17-18 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Ortiz, Victoria Dissenter on the Bench: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Life and Work 2019 F/M 2020 42 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Klagsbrun, Francine Lioness: Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel 2017 M/J 2018 25 Eltman, George S. Book Adult
Goetz, Bracha, Younger, Devora The Courage Club 2017 N/D 2018 7 Chava,Pinchuck Book Juvenile
Sokol, Leah, Boroda, Joni Aliza The King's Horse: A Purim Story 2019 M/J 2019 23 Chava,Pinchuck Book Juvenile
Kallus, HaRav Shraga, Rabbi Abraham Chaim Slansky Wine, Whisky & Halacha 2018 Second Edition N/D 2018 28 Chava,Pinchuck Book Adult
Adler, David A., Katz, Avi One Yellow Daffodil: A Chanukah Story 2019 N/D 2019 12-13 Chava,Pinchuck Book Juvenile
Goldstein, Riki Solomon Schonfeld: Hero of the Kindertransport 2018 Great Jewish Lives F/M 2020 41 Chava,Pinchuck Book Juvenile
Trachtenberg, Eliezer A. Thought and the Perception of Evil: Aristotle, Plato, the Hebrew Bible, and the Babylonian Talmud 2018 N/D 2018 34-35 Randall C. Belinfante [nid:51578] and Anne-Marie Belinfante Book Adult
Brook, Kevin Alan The Jews of Khazaria 3rd Edition 2018 M/J 2019 25 Randall C. Belinfante [nid:51578] and Anne-Marie Belinfante Book
Fraser, David Anti-Shechita Prosecutions in the Anglo-American World 1855-1913: A Major Attack on Jewish Freedoms 2018 M/J 2019 25-26 Randall C. Belinfante [nid:51578] and Anne-Marie Belinfante Book
Gorfinkel, Jordan B., Erez, Zadok Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel 2019 M/J 2019 2 Pinchuk, Chava Book Juvenile
Zakon, Rabbi Nachman, Zakon, Miriam The Story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis: Her Amazing Home and Family 2018 N/D 2018 9 Pinchuk, Chava Book Juvenile
Wolner, Tzipie Welcome Back, Madame Chamberlaine 2018 M/J 2019 11 Pinchuk, Chava Book Juvenile
Liberman, Judith Weinshall The Visit to Latrun 2018 N/D 2018 11 Silver, Linda Book Juvenile


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