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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Chapman, Carol Tale of Mesha the Kevetch, The F/M 81 6
Skolsky, Mindy Warshaw Hannah and the Best Father on Route 9W N/D 82 8
Marzynski, Marian Shtetl: A Documentary Video (VIDEO) S/O 96 16
Suhl, Yuri Purim Goat, The O 80 13
Elon, Amos Timetable F/M 81 5
Leftwich, Joseph Great Yiddish Writers of the 20th Century N/D 87 15
Wiesenthal, Simon Max and Helen F/M 83 2
Cohen, Barbara Unicorns in the Rain S 80 9
Academy Award Winning Songs (AUDIO) M/J 95 14
Mitzvos We Can Do F/M 83 6
Pinsker, Sanford Holocaust Studies Annual, V. I: 1983 S/O 84 6
Asher, Sandy Summer Begins F/M 81 7
Schwartz, Howard Elijahs Violin & Other Jewish Fairy Tales S/O 83 4
Segal, Brenda Lesley If I Forget Thee S/O 84 5
Meltzer, Milton Terrorists, The S/O 84 10
Hautzig, Deborah Second Star to the Right N/D 81 15
Goldman, Nahum Jewish Paradox, The Ma 79 6
Courter, Gay Midwife, The S/O 81 3
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Lieberman’s Choice S/O 93 16
Meltzer, Milton Jewish Americans N/D 82 6
Orde, Lewis Heritage F/M 82 5
Linetski, Isaac J. Polish Lad, The M/J 87 4
Finkelstein, Norman H. Remember Not to Forget M/J 86 6
Bikel, Theodore Last Chapter, The (VIDEO) S/O 93 22-23
Martin, Bernard That Man from Smyrna O 79 6
Yaffe, James Saul and Morris M/J 83 4
Wadlman, Bess Book of Tziril S/O 81 3
ulberg, Davdi J. Life Transforming Diet, The S/O14 27 Feder, Debbie
Cohen, Jeffrey M. 1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach N/D 96 4
Tammuz, Benjamin Minotaur, The N/D 81 14
Kushner, Lawrence Invisible Lines of Connection: Sacred Stories of the Ordinary F/M 97 4
Lyttle, Richard B. Nazi Hunting W83 13
Tene, Benjamin In the Shade of the Chestnut Tree S/O 81 10
Goldman, Hersh Step-by-Step to Jerusalem S 78 6
Abramson, Ruth Cresta Adventure, The F/M 90 19
Lisowski, Gabriel On the Little Hearth Ma 79 8
Epstein, Perle Pilgrimage: Adventures of a Wandering Jew M/J 82 7
Milgrom, Jacob Numbers The JPS Torah Commentary F/M 90 17-18
Baron, Jeff Sean Rosen is Not for Sale S/O14 35 Lenson, Heather
Bresnick-Perry, Roslyn Holiday Memories of a Shtetl Childhood (AUDIO) M/J 93 8
Liberman, David Eternal Torah, The A/M 81 4
Children We Remember, The M/J 83 8
Burstein, Chaya M. Wats an Israel? N/D 83 10
Leibowitz, Nehama Studies in Genesis Ap 74 24
Yakobian, David David and the High Spirit: The Complete Jewish Party Ballroom Dancing (AUDIO) N/D 93 16
Groner, Judyth My Very Own Jewish Community N/D 84 7
Neiman, Morris Century of Modern Hebrew Literary Criticism, 1784-1884 M/J 84 2
Greene, Jacqueline D. Butchers and Bakers, Rabbis and Kings S/O 84 8
Landowska, Maria I Have No Name S/O 84 7
Maimonides, Moses Moses Maimonides Treatise on Resurrection M/J 83 3
Korczak, Janusz Ghetto Diary Ma 79 6
Kopelman, Judy Tal Grandpa's Third Drawer; Unlocking Holocaust Memories S/O14 43-44 Krasner, Barbara
Mee, Charles L. Noah Ma 78 7
Angel, Hayyim Synagogue Companion: Insights into the Torah, Haftarot, and Shabbat Morning Prayer Services S/O14 3 Isaac, Fred
Cohen, Barbara Innkeepers Daughter, The Ma 80 7
Bloch, Abraham Biblical and Historical Background of Jewish Customs and Practices, The F/M 81 6
Cashman, Greer Fay Jewish Days and Holidays Ma 80 7
Lieblich, Amia Tin Soldiers on Jerusalem Beach O 79 6
Special Comm. On Exotic Cults Challenge of the Cults, 2nd ed O 80 16
Gridchian, George M., Smith, Jeffrey Jonah and the Whale (VIDEO) M/J 93 18
Garfield, Leon Writing on the Wall, The S/O 83 5
Fuchs, Menucha, Rappaport, Aviva Who Will Be King of the Jungle? S/O 03 46
Segal, Brenda Lesley Tenth Measure, The F/M 81 5
Stern, Fritz Dreams and Delusions N/D 87 4
Herskowtiz, Benjie Passover with a Twith: Rachel Imagines the Passover Story S/O14 49-50 Katz, Lisa
Willis, Ted Lions of Judah, The F/M 81 6
Cohen, Barbara Queen for a Day S/O 81 6
Thoma, Clemens Christian Theology of Judaism, A F/M 82 6
Angell, Judie One Way to Ansonia M/J 86 5
Levitan, Sonia Year of Sweet Senior Insanity, The N/D 82 8
Siegal, Aranka Upon the Head of the Goat M/J 82 8
Raphael, Chaim Springs of Jewish Life, The M/J 84 5
Blaine, Marge Dvoras Journey Ma 80 7
Rubenstein, Joshua Adolph Hitler W83 13
Margalit, Tsilah, Pollack, G. Gefil Verter: Geshprakh un Lider far Yange Kinder M/J 03 29-30
Crawford, Oliver Execution, The O 79 1
Cohen, Sarah B. From Hester Street to Hollywood S/O 83 2
Tridenti, Lina Anne Frank M/J 86 6
Schwartz, A. & Y. Megilloth and Rashis Commentary M/J 83 3
Namztlas, Judith Wanderers Reflections, A F/M 83 3
Tamar, Erika Good-bye Glamour Girl F/M 85 7
Aleichem, Sholem Marienbad S/O 82 6
Lefcowitz, Barbara F. Wild Piano, The N/D 82 2
Ruby, Lois Two Truths in My Pocket N/D 82 8
Yaniva, Bracha Ars Judaica The Bar Ilan-Journal of Jewish Art S/O 07 56
Viertel, Joseph Life Lines S/O 82 7
Koosis, Abe Child of War and Revelation F/M 85 7
Sarna, Nahum M. JPS Torah Commentary F/M 90 17
Kimmel, Eric A. Hershel of Ostropol M/J 82 7
Rotenberg, Alexander Emissaries M/J 89 9
Miller, Deborah University Poppy Seeds Too: A Twisted Tale for Shabbat S/O 87 8
Kanter, Kenneth Aaron Jews of Tin Pan Alley, The S/O 82 7
Friedenberg, Robert V. Hear O Israel: The History of American Jewish Preaching N/D 89 12
Gottlieb, Yaffa Leba, Nodel, Norman Eentzy Weentzy Hider: A Story About King David and the Spider, The F/M 97 13
Jackson, Livia E. Bitton Madonna or Couresan? M/J 83 8
Greene, Jacqueline Dembar Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery American Girl series S/O14 35-36
Katz, Mordechai Menucha VSimcha N/D 82 2
Leibowitz, Nehama Studies in Genesis D 74 29
Litvin, Martin Rocking Horse Family, A S/O 82
Olivestone, Ceil & David Lets Go to Synagogue N/D 81 15


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