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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Kossoff, Philip Valiant Heart: A Biography of Heinrich Heine S/O 84 6
Multi-Lingual Scholar (v. 2.9) (SOFTWARE) M/J 87 5
Farmer, Penelope Beginnings: Creation Myths of the World O 79 8
Stampfer, Judah Fathers and Children S/O 84 5
Cohen, Barbara Mollys Pilgrim S/O 83 5
Berstein, Burton Sinai: The Great and Terrible Wilderness O 80 16
Sklarew, Myra From the Backyard of the Diaspora S/O 82 5
Cohen, Barbara Yussels Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story S/O 81 9
Farber, Norma Ship in a Storm on the Way to Tarshish S 78 5
Bendiner, Elmer Rise and Fall of Paradise, The M/J 84 2
Webb, Liliane Marranos, The O 80 14
Moskin, Robert Among Lions S/O 82 4
Farhi, Moris Last of Days, The M/J 83 3
Theodore Bikel Sings More Jewish Folk Songs N/D 93 16
ben Yaakov, Avraham King Who Came Back, The N/D 84 6
Chaikin, Miriam Getting Even F/M 83 6
Baldwin, Margaret Boys who Saved the Children, The F/M 82 2
Davis, Bertha, Whitfield, Susan Coal Question, The W83 13
Posner, Marcia W. Juveile Judaica M/J 86 4
Herman, Charlotte What Happened to Heather Hopkowitz? M/J 82 8
Brenner, Lenni Zionism in the Age of the Dictators M/J 84 3
Nowicki, A. Struggle for Life (HaMaavac LHaim): Memoirs from the Time of the Nazi Occupation S/O 89 8
Sharf, Y., Vaks, C., Mark, E. Lets Discover the World F/M 06 11
Zyskind, Sara Stolen Years M/J 83 9
Goffstein, M. B. Laughing Latkes O 80 13
Waskow, David These Holy Sparks M/J 84 4
Levitan, Sonia Sound to Remember, A Ma 80 9
Thomas, D. M. White Hotel, The N/D 81 14
Klein, Yonah Skullcaps and Crossbones: The Adventure sof Shmuel Kafri S/O2014 39-40 Bloomfield, Kathy
Carmi, T. Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse, The S/O 81 13
Jungreis, Esther Jewish Soul on Fire, The S/O 82 7
Matt, Daniel C. Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment M/J 84 2
Gottesman, Meir University Shpeter, Book II M/J 82 7
Goldreich, Gloria Leahs Journey Ma 78 1
Wiesel, Elie Golem, The S/O 84 9
Lasky, Jesse L. Offer, The F/M 82 5
Korngold, Jamie S. Sadie, Orie and Nuggles Go to Camp S/O14 48
Rose, Leesha Tulips Are Red, The Ma 79 7
Hubner, Carol Korb Haunted Shul, The Ma 80 7
Carasik, Michael The Bible's Many Voices S/O14 7 Quinn, Arthur G.
Chanin, Harry From Generation to Generation F/M 85 7
Gevirtz, Eliezer Mystery of the Missing Pushke, The N/D 82 6
Levine, Baruch A. Leviticus The JPS Torah Commentary F/M 90 17-18
Halpern, Chaiky Dangerous Dreidle Ride, The F/M 82 2
Volkman, Ernest Legacy of Hate N/D 82 11
Wolitzer, Meg Caribou N/D 84 8
Smith, Wilbur Eagle in the Sky Sp75 25-26
Rambam, The: A Brief Biography N/D 87 5
Mindel, Nissan Complete Story of Purim F/M 83 5
Riskin, Shlomo Passover Haggadah M/J 84 2
Scharfstein, Chana Little Leaf, The F/M 97 14
Goldsmith, John Exodus 43 N/D 82 11
Maller, Allen S. Rubics Cube that Wanted to be a Dreydel N/D 84 6
Lawson, Don Libya and Qaddafi W83 13
Gies, Miep Anne Frank Remembered N/D 87 8
Mindel, Nissan Storyteller, The S/O 83 9
Zola, Meguido Only the Best N/D 82 6
Gilmovsky, Norman My Life, My Destiny N/D 84 4
Rochlin, Harriet On Her Way Home: A Novel S/O 01 24, 31
Hamar, Daniel Maramoros: The Lost Music of Transylvania (AUDIO) S/O 93 23
Avruch, Kevin American Immigrants in Israel S/O 82 4
Snyder, Carol Ike and Mama and Trouble at School S/O 84 9
Strauss, Leo Phoenix Rising: Contemporary Jewish Voices S/O 87 8
Lubetski, Edith Building a Judaica Library N/D 83 10
Sochuk & Eisenberg Momentous Century S/O 84 6
Postal, Bernard, Abramson, Samuel H. Travellers Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe, The 26085 15
Classics of Western Spirituality: A Library of Great Spiritual Masters F/M 82 9
Garbo, Norman Artist, The S 78 1
Wallace, Bert H. Rising Storm, The N/D 95 12
Tennenbaum, Silvia Yesterdays Streets N/D 81 14
David & Goliath (VIDEO) Sp75 29
Eban, Abba My People: The Story of the Jews N/D 84 4
Jackson, March Grandparent Book, The N/D 89 5
Kaplan, Bess Empty Chair, The S 78 5
Trepman, Paul Among Men and Beasts A/M 81 5
Elkin, Judith Jews of the Latin American Republics W 81 20
Rosenfeld, Dina H. Very Best Place for a Penny, The N/D 84 6
Carnay, Janet Jewish Womens Awareness Guide, The S/O 92 17
Savta Simcha and the Cinnamon Tree M/J 84 7
Chaikin, Miriam Getting Even N/D 82 7
Baldwin, Margaret Boys who Saved the Children, The M/J 82 7
Davis, Moshe Zionism in Transition S/O 81 13
Aleichem, Sholem In the Storm S/O 84 4
Kuper, Jack Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell, A (VIDEO) N/D 93 15
Drucker, Malka Shabbat: A Peaceful Island N/D 83 10
Colish, Chana Great Mitzvah Fair, The F/M 83 4
Reinharz, Jehuda Chaim Weizmann S/O 86 8
Penkower, Monty Noam Jews Were Expendable, The F/M 83 3
Gordon, Noah Jerusalem Diamond, The Ma 80 4
Sherman, Eileen Odd Potato, The: A Chanukah Story N/D 84 6
Klein, Elizabeth Reconciliations F/M 83 2
Gottlieb, Yaffa Leba Gift of Challahs, The F/M 83 5
Margalist, Aharon Ahrele 1: the Incredible, Touching Story of Rav Aharaon Margalit, Shlit"a S/O14 40 Bloomfield, Kathy
Glicksberg, Abraham A. Come Back, Jewish Youth, Come Back Home S/O 83 3
Orlev, Uri Island on Bird Street, The S/O 84 9
Matt, Daniel C. Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment M/J 85 5
Zwerin, Raymond A. Purim Album, A M/J 82 7
Derman, Martha Friendstone, The F/M 82 2
Wiener, Marjorie Jewish Cooking Made Slim N/D 83 9
Welt, Elly Berlin Wild N/D 86 6


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