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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Goldman, Eric Visions, Images, and Dreams N/D 84 4
Muchnik, Michael Cuckoo Clock Castle of Shir S 80 10
Davidson, Margaret Golda Meir Story, The (rev. ed.) S/O 81 6
Slavin, Stephen L. Einstein Syndrome M/J 83 3
Heller, Rachelle Alef-Basic: A Guide to Basic Computer Programming M/J 84 7
Lewit, Jane Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planbook, The N/D 82 2
Aaron, Chester Gideon N/D 82 7
Murray, Julie Idrael Explore the Countries Series S/O14 46 Rapp, Andrea
Glatzer, Nahum N. Judaic Tradition N/D 87 15
Schmidt, Michael Truth Shall Make Us Free: Inside the Neo-Nazi Network, The (VIDEO) N/D 93 15
Frank, Anne Tales from the Secret Annex S/O 84 8
Lampton, Christopher Fusion: the Eternal Flame W83 13
Golan, Aviezer Shula: Code Name the Pearl O 80 15
Manushkin, Fran, Spowart, Robin Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story F/M 91 23
Stone, Susan Angel’s Wings and Other Stories From the Diamond Tree, The S/O 92 23
Follow the Moon M/J 84 7
Firer, Benzion Long Journey Home, The M/J 84 6
Mondry, Adela Wyszkowo, A Shtetl on the Bug River N/D 81 13
Markish, Esther Long Return, The Ma 79 6
Goran, Lester This New Land F/M 81 5
Melnikoff, Pamela Plots and Players: The Lopez Conspiracy S 80 8
Levy, Esther Jacobs Jewish Cookery Book, The M/J 83 4
Everything is Changing - Its Pesach M/J 86 5
Nash, Helen Kosher Cuisine N/D 84 6
Dimond, Masper Noahs Ark S/O 84 8
Maccoby, Hyam Revolution in Judea A/M 81 5
Adler, Ruth P. Women of the Shtetl N/D 81 13
Provost, Gary Good if It Goes S/O 84 9
Poochoo (Wiesler, Israel) Methuselahs Gang F/M 81 6
Adventures of Jeremy Levi, the F/M 82 3
Complete Jewish Party Music Collection, The (AUDIO) M/J 93 19
Roiphe, Anne Generation without Memory S/O 82 8
Geve, Thomas Youth in Chains N/D 82 2
Wintner, Robert Ice King, The F/M 95 10
Kass, Sheila S. Nobody Knows Me in Miami S/O 81 9
Kerem: Creative Exploration in Judaism N/D 93 12
Shalomi, Zalman First Step, The S/O 83 4
Remember: Dont Ever Forget M/J 96 41986
Feurlicht, Roberta S. Fate of the Jews, The M/J 84 2
Segal, Sheila Joshuas Dream M/J 86 5
Hoffman, Lawrence A. Art of Public Prayer, The N/D 89 13
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. On Equal Terms: Jews in America 1881-1981 F/M 83 4
Schur, Maxine Rose Shnook the Peddler M/J 86 5
Grohskoph, Bernice Children in the Wind S 78 4
High, Monique R. Four Winds of Heaven, The O 80 14
Drucker, Malka Celebrating Life: Jewish Rites of Passage N/D 84 7
Ornish, Natalie Pioneer Jewish Texans Ma 80 6
Wiseman, Eva World Outside, The S/O14 38-39 Levine, Joyce
Levy, Harriet Lane 920 OFarrell Street: A Jewish Girlhood in Old San Francisco M/J 97 11
Glick, Edward B. Triangular Connection, The S/O 82 4
Goffstein, M. B. My Noahs Ark Ma 79 7
Asad: The Sphinx of Damascus N/D 88 6
Bogot, Howard I. Im Growing F/M 83 5
Berman, Chaim Now Newman Was Old O 79 1
Rossel, Seymour Israel: Covenant People, Covenant Land S/O 86 11
Weilerstein, Sadie Rose Visit with Ktonton in Story and Song S/O 85 7
Singer, Isaac Bashevis Stories for Children N/D 84 6
Johnson, Joan Cult Movement, The S/O 85 6
Silverman, Blima Deutsch Once Upon America S/O 83 5
Davidson, Margaret Golda Meir Story, The (rev. ed.) N/D 81 15
Shapiro-Rieser, Rhonda Place of Light, A S/O 83 4
Kipper, Lenore C. Alef-Bet of Jewish Values, The M/J 86 6
Ramati, Alexander Barbed Wire on the Isle of Man N/D 81 16
Glatzer, Nahum N. Judaic Tradition, The S/O 88 9
Kaplan, Johannna O My America F/M 81 5
Biblical Studies: Meeting Ground of Jews & Christians F/M 82 2
Schwartz, Howard Voices within the Ark Sp 81 6
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) S/O 96 16
Winkler, Gershon Hostage Torah, The S/O 81 10
Natasegara, Joanna Price of Kings: Shimon Peres, The N/D 14 43 Feder, Debbie
Geras, Adele Girls in the Velvet Frame, The Ma 80 8
Simpson, Martha Seif Dreidel That Wouldn't Spin: A Toyshop Tale of Hahukkah, The S/O2014 52-53 Feit, Shelly
Greenstein, Howard R. Judaism - An Eternal Covenant M/J 83 3
Schiffman, Ruth Turning the Corner M/J 82 8
Kaplan, Dana Evan New Reform Judaism: Challenges and Reflections, The S/O14 14 Isaac, Fred
Segall, Aryeh Guide to Jewish Archives (prelim. Ed.) N/D 81 11
Eisenberg, Dennis Mossad, The Ma 79 6
Morton, Frederic Forever Street, The S/O 84 4
Stewart, Fred Ellis Island M/J 84 6
Katz, Mordechai Lilmod Ulelamade N/D 82 2
Matt, Daniel C. God & the Big Bang: Discovering Harmony Between Science and Spirituality F/M 97 5
David, Avrohom, Kleinkaufman, Avrohom Metsudah Chumash / Rashi Genesis: A New Linear Translation F/M 92 19
Simon, Kate Bronx Primitive S/O 82 4
Adventures of Jeremy Levi, The S/O 82 9
Sarna, Nahum S. Genesis The JPS Torah Commentary F/M 90 17-18
Newman, Gerald Lebanon W83 13
Geve, Thomas Youth in Chains F/M 83 2
Hobson, Laura Over and Above Ma 80 4
Van Der Rol, Ruud, Verhoeven, Rian Anne Frank Beyond the Diary F/M 94 14
Heller, Linda Castle on Hester Street, The N/D 82 7
Adler, David A. Picture Book of Passover, A F/M 82 2
Pomerantz, Barbara Bubby, Me and Memories N/D 83 9
Appelfeld, Aharon Tzili: The Story of a Life M/J 83 3
Band, Arnold J. Nahman of Bratslav: The Tales F/M 82 9
Galron-Goldschlager, Joseph Library of Congress Subject Headings in Jewish Studies S/O 90 12
Kerr, M. E. Gentlehands S 78 5
Kaufman, Stephen Does Anyone Here Know the Way to 13? M/J 86 5
Jules, Jacquleine Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain S/O14 32 Marks, Allison
Finkel, Sara Classic Kosher Cooking F/M 90 14
Gray, Bettyanne Manyas Story S 78 1


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