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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Year Series ISBN Issue P Review Authorsort ascending Review format Review type
Stuchner, Joan Betty Bagels Come Home! 2014 M/J 15 6 Bloomfield, Kathy
Ungar, Richard Yitzi and the Giant Menorah 2016 N/D 2016 3 Bloomfield, Kathy
Korngold, Jamie S. Sadie's Lag Ba'Omer Mystery S/O14 50
Rocklin, Joanne I Say Shehechiyanu 2015 M/J 15 10
Joffo, Joseph A Bag of Marbles 2013 F/M14 2
Greene, Jacqueline Dembar Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery American Girl series S/O14 35-36
Ansh, Tamar Let My Children Cook! A Passover Cookbood for Kids S/O14 35 Boomfield, Kathy
Feinstein, Edward Chutzpah Imperative: Empowering Today’s Jews for a Life That Matters., the 2014 S/O 2015 6 Stein, Marion M
Caputo, Nina, Hart, Mitchell B. On the Word of a Jew: Religion, Reliability, and the Dynamics of Trust 2019 S/O 2019 11-12 Stein, Marion M Book Adult
Golick, Margie Let There Be light: Stories from Genesis in Verse 2013 S/O14 33 Stein, Marion M
Green, Arthur The Heart of the Matter: Studies in Jewish Mysticism and Theology 2015 N/D 2015 19 Stein, Marion M
Meyer, Susan Lynn Skating with the Statue of Liberty 2016 S/O 2016 32 Marks, Allison
Stavans, Ilan Golemito 2013 F/M14 13-14 Marks, Allison
Falken, Linda Noah’s Ark: From Genesis Chapters 6-9 2015 N/D 2016 4 Marks, Allison
Goldblatt, Mark Finding the Worm 2015 M/J 2016 6-7 Marks, Allison
Patterson, Jose My Aunt Manya 2016 S/O 2016 32-33 Marks, Allison
Rosner, Jennifer The Mitten String 2014 M/J 15 15 Marks, Allison
Rosen, Lev Woundabout 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
Rockliff, Mara Chick Chak Shabbat S/O14 51 Marks, Allison
Guthrie, Woody, Horowitz, Dave Honeyky Hanukah 2014 N/D 14 5 Marks, Allison
Albertalli, Becky Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
Poulsen, David Numbers 2015 S/O 2016 33-34 Marks, Allison
Pinkwater, Daniel Beautiful Yetta’s Hanukkah Kitten 2014 N/D 14 6 Marks, Allison
Jules, Jacquleine Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain S/O14 32 Marks, Allison
McGinty, Alice B Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons S/O14 32 Marks, Allison
Dublin, Anne 44 Hours or Strike! 2015 F/M 16 36 Marks, Allison
Berne, Jennifer On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein 2013 S/O14 33 Marks, Allison
Heiligman, Deborah The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos 2013 F/M14 3 Marks, Allison
Smith, Brendan Powell Daniel in the Lions’ Den: The Brick Bible for Kids 2014 N/D 14 3 Marks, Allison
Ben Izzy, Joel Dreidels on the Brain. 2016 N/D 2016 1 Marks, Allison
Brown, Barbara Hanukkkah in Alaska 2013 S/O14 49 Marks, Allison
Smith, Brendan Powell Jonah and the Whale: The Brick Bible for Kids 2014 N/D 14 3 Marks, Allison
Brown, Barbara Hanukah in Alaaska 2013 S/O14 49 Marks, Allison
Kerr, Philip Winter Horses, The S/O14 43 Marks, Allison
Levy-Bertherat, Deborah, Hunter, Adriana The Travels of Daniel Ascher 2015 F/M 16 38-39 Marks, Allison
Kimmel, Eric A. Simon and the Bear: A Hanukkah Take S/O14 50 Marks, Allison
Metheny, Pat Tap 2013 S/O14 30 Schiede, Daniel
Alpert, Michael, Kytasty, Julian Night Songs from a Neighboring Village: Ballads of the Ukrainian and Yiddish Heartland 2014 M/J 2016 42 Pinnolis, Judith S.
Kita, Caroline A. Jewish Difference and the Arts in Vienna: Composing Compassion in Music and Biblical Theater 2019 F/M 2020 26-27 Pinnolis, Judith S. Book Adult
Hamui Sutton, Silvia Lyrical Eroticism in Judeo-Spanish Songs 2017 F/M 2019 4 Pinnolis, Judith S. Book Adult
Cohen, Judith M. Jewish Religious Music in Nineteenth-Century America: Restoring the Synagogue Soundtrack 2019 S/O 2019 12 Pinnolis, Judith S. Book Adult
Tucholsky, Kurt Rheinsberg, a Storybook for Lovers and Among City Wizards S/O14 27 Batzdorff, Susanne M.
Vidro, Nadia Medieval Karaite Pedagogical Grammar of Hebrew: A Critical Edition and English Translation of Kitab al- 'Uqud fiTasarif al-Luga al-'Ibraniyya 2013 S/O14 23
Veidlinger, Jeffrey In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small-Town Jewish Life in the Soviet Ukraine 2013 S/O14 23 Seigel, Amanda (Miryem-Khaye)
Tabachnick, Stephen E. Quest for Jewish Belief and Identity in the Graphic Novel S/O14 22 Berenson, Steven M.
Ruebner, Josh Shattered Hopes: Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2013 S/O14 21
Sugarman, Martin Under the Heel of Bushido: Last Voices of the Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War SO/14 21-22
Rossner, Rena Eating the Bible: Over 50 Delicious Recipes to Feed Your Body and Nourish Your Soul 2013 S/O14 19 Gordon, Ilka
Hirsch, Samson Raphael Hirsch Pirkei Avos: Chapters of the Fathers, The 2014 N/D 14 23 Gordon, Ilka
Ben-David, Lenny American Interests in the Holy Land Revealed in Early Photographs 2017 M/J 2018 21 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Fruchter, Yaffa Waste Not, Want Not: Kosher Cookbook 2019 N/D 2019 23-24 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Leviant, Curt Katz or Cats of How Jesus Became My Rival in Love 2018 M/J 2019 39 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Gugenheim, Claude-Annie Letters from Mir: A Torah World in the Shadow of the Shoah, The Correspondence of Ernest Gugenheim 2014 S/O 2015 9 Gordon, Ilka
Kugel, James L. The Great Shift: Encountering God in Biblical Times M/J 2019 32 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Ophir, Natan Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: Life, Mission, and Legacy Modern Jewish Lives M/J 15 34 Gordon, Ilka
Palmer, Michael Craig Eric Mendelsohn's Synagogues in America 2019 F/M 2020 30 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Ginsburg, Shai P. Rhetoric and Nation: The Formation of Hebrew National Culture, 1880-1990 2014 Judaic Traditions in Literature, Music, and Art N/D 2015 18 Gordon, Ilka
Gugenheim, Claude-Annie Letters from Mir: A Torah World in the Shadow of the Shoah, The Correspondence of Ernest Gugenheim 2014 M/J 15 26 Gordon, Ilka
Berger, Joseph Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Their Battles with America, the 2014 S/O 2015 2 Gordon, Ilka
Willig, Mordechai Laws of Cooking and Warming Food on Shabbat, The 2013 S/O14 25-26 Gordon, Ilka
Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatsma’ut and Yom Yerushalayim 2015 S/O 2015 12 Gordon, Ilka
Tabory, Binyamin Weekly Mitzva 2016 S/O 2016 18 Gordon, Ilka
Aarons, Victoria, Patt, Avinoam J., Shechner, Mark New Diaspora: The Changing Landscape of American Jewish Fiction 2015 M/J 2016 39 Gordon, Ilka
Dershowitz, Alan M. Defending Israel: The Story of My Relationship with My Most Challenging Client 2019 F/M 2020 23 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Hardiman, Richard Gematria of Genesis and Jewish Holy Days and Festivals 2019 S/O 2020 29 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Telushkin, Joseph Rebbe : the Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History . 2014 F/M 2016 25 Gordon, Ilka
Eisenberg, Ronald L. Jews in Medicine: Contributions to Health and Healing Through the Ages 2019 S/O 2019 14 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Kellerman, Faye Murder 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel 2014 M/J 15 43 Gordon, Ilka
Lichtenstein, Aaron Reading the Sacred Text: What the Torah Tells Us 2015 F/M 16 14 Gordon, Ilka
Diamond, Shani Mish and Mush Series 2013 S/O14 49 Gordon, Ilka
Gelagotis Lee, Donna Intersection on Neptune 2019 N/D 2019 34-35 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Newhouse, Alana The 100 Most Jewish Foods 2019 N/D 2019 28 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Herring, Rabbi Basil Siddur Avodat Halev 2018 M/J 2019 29 Gordon, Ilka Book
Astaire, Libi 36 Candles: Chassidic Tales for Channukah 2013 S/O14 27 Gordon, Ilka
Sela, Shlomo Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir. Abraham ibn Ezra on Nativities and Continuous Horoscopy: A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Book of Nativities and the Book of Revolution 2014 Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Astrological Writings, 4; Etudes sur le Judaisme Medieval, 59 N/D 14 33
Katsis, L. F. and Helen Tolstoy, eds., Rochlin, Elen, trans. Jewishness in Russian Culture: WIthin and Wihtout Studia Judaeoslavica, 7 S/O14 15
Eynikel, Eric, Nicklas, Tobias Samson: Hero or Fool? The Many Faces of Samson 2014 N/D 14 17
Lundbom, Jack R. Deuteronomy: A Commentary 2013 N/D 14 27
Fontaine, Resianne, Freudenthal, Gad Latin-into-Hebrew: Texts and Studies 2013 Studies in Jewish History and Culture; 39-40 N/D 14 18
Kahn, Ava F., Mendelsohn, Adam M. Transnational Traditions: New Perspectives on American Jewish History 2014 N/D 2015 23 Sukenic, Harvey
Eliezrie, David Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement, T he 2015 F/M 16 8 Sukenic, Harvey
Greenberg, Irving Sage Advice: Pirkei Avot 2016 S/O 2016 6 Sukenic, Harvey
Greenblatt, Rachel L. To Tell Their Children: Jewish Communal Memory in Early Modern Prague Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture S/O14 13 Sukenic, Harvey
Bashevkin, David Sin:a:gogue: Sin and Failure in Jewish Thought 2019 F/M 2020 20-21 Sukenic, Harvey Book Adult
Wasserman, Mira Jews, Gentiles, and Other Animals: The Talmud after the Humanities 2017 M/J 2018 32 Sukenic, Harvey Book Adult
Lieberman, Allan We Want Mashgiach Now! Tales from a Kosher Cop 2018 N/D 2019 26 Sukenic, Harvey Book Adult
Ruderman, David B. A Best-Selling Hebrew Book of the Modern Era: The Book of the Covenant of Pinhas Hurwitz and Its Remarkable Legacy 2014 Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies M/J 15 36-37 Sukenic, Harvey
Epstein, Benjamin Living in the Presence: A Jewish Mindfulness Guide to Everyday Life 2019 S/O 2019 14 Sukenic, Harvey Book Adult
Angel, Marc D. The Wisdom of Solomon and Us: The Quest for Meaning, Morality, and a Deeper Relationship with God 2016 F/M 2017 2 Sukenic, Harvey Book Adult
Weinberg, David H. Recovering a Voice: West European Jewish Communities after the Holocaust 2015 N/D 2016 23 Kohn, Roger S.
Zerubavel, Yael Desert in the Promised Land 2018 M/J 2019 37 Kohn, Roger S. Book Adult
Magid, Shaul Hasidism Incarnate: Hasidism, Christianity, and the Construction of Modern Judaism 2014 M/J 15 32 Kohn, Roger S.
Schotz, Leslie Shalom: A Congregational Guide to Jewish Meditation 2014 N/D 14 31 Kohn, Roger S.
Rabinovitch, Simon Jewish Rights, National Rites: Nationalism and Autonomy in Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia 2014 N/D 2015 29 Kohn, Roger S.
Volozhiner, Chaim ben Isaac, Fraenkel, Avinoam Nefesh HaTzimTzum=Contracted Soul 2015 M/J 2016 37 Kohn, Roger S.
Densmore, Dana Reb Zalman Gathers Figs: A Study of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s Reading of Biblical Text to Re-Vision Judaism for the Present Day. 2013 N/D 14 16 Kohn, Roger S.
Weiss, Avraham Journey to Open Orthodoxy 2019 N/D 2019 31 Kohn, Roger S. Book Adult
Raphael, Simcha Paull Grief Journey and the Afterlife: Jewish Pastoral Care for Bereavement, The 2015 Jewish Life, Death, and Transition S/O 2015 108 Kohn, Roger S.
Labendz, Jacob Ari, Yanklowitz, Shmuly Jewish Veganism and Vegetarianism: Studies and New Directions 2019 N/D 2019 25-26 Kohn, Roger S. Book Adult
Kushelevsky, Rella, Ruchie Avital, Chaya Naor, Elisheva Baumgarten Tales in context: Sefer ha-Ma'sim in medieval Northern France 2017 Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, Ms. Bodl, Or. 135 N/D 2018 29-30 Kohn, Roger S. Book Adult


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