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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort descending Issue P Review Author
Rescue in Denmark Flender, Harold S/O 81 6
Liberation (VIDEO) Hier, Marvin Simon Wiesenthal Center M/J 95 14
Let Me Hear Music Barford, Carol Ma 80 8
Solomon System, The Naylor, Phyllis R. S/O 84 9
Badenheim 1939 Appelfeld, Aharon S/O 81 7
And We Are Not Saved Wdowinski, David s.n. M/J 86 4
Eternal Torah, The Liberman, David A/M 81 4
Who Will Be King of the Jungle? Fuchs, Menucha, Rappaport, Aviva Judaica Press S/O 03 46
Dreams and Delusions Stern, Fritz N/D 87 4
Purim Greenfeld, Howard F/M 83 5
Kibbutz Experience, The: Dialogue at Kfar Blum Criden, Yosef, Gelb, Saadia Histadrut Institute Ap 74 26
Haj, The Uris, Leon N/D 84 2
Special Destiny, A Epstein, Seymour S/O 86 9
Wats an Israel? Burstein, Chaya M. N/D 83 10
David and the High Spirit: The Complete Jewish Party Ballroom Dancing (AUDIO) Yakobian, David David Yakobian N/D 93 16
Picture Book of Passover, A Adler, David A. F/M 82 2
Savta Simcha and the Seven Splendid Gifts F/M 88 7
Faith and Trust Houminer, Shemuel, Gross, Kalmen Feldheim Press M/J 94 41860
Century of Modern Hebrew Literary Criticism, 1784-1884 Neiman, Morris s.n. M/J 84 2
Tattered Tallis, The Hubner, Carol Korb Ma 80 7
Elijahs Violin & Other Jewish Fairy Tales Schwartz, Howard S/O 83 4
Matrushka Doll, The Traub, Barbara Fischman Ma 80 5
Family Ties Leahy, Syrell R. F/M 83 2
Portrait of Two Families Lehmann, Marcus F/M 83 6
Quest for Jewish Belief and Identity in the Graphic Novel Tabachnick, Stephen E. University of Alabama Press S/O14 22 Berenson, Steven M.
Jewish Entertainment Resource Directory, The Ginsburgh, Judy Caplan Subscription publication M/J 95 14
On the Other Side of the Gate Suhl, Yuri Watts W75 30
Recent Canadian Jewish Authors and La Langue Francaise Rome, David Jewish Public Library 26085 13-14
Cresta Adventure, The Abramson, Ruth F/M 90 19
Learning Curve Raziel, Sara and Ilana Pollack Feldheim S/O14 38 Bloch, Marci Mavine
Stories for Children Singer, Isaac Bashevis N/D 84 6
Last Mission, The Mazer, Harry Ma 89 9
Art of Public Prayer, The Hoffman, Lawrence A. s.n. N/D 89 13
Alef-Bet of Jewish Values, The Kipper, Lenore C. s.n. M/J 86 6
Empty Chair, The Kaplan, Bess S 78 5
On Women and Judiasm Greenberg, Blu S/O 82 7
Biblical Studies: Meeting Ground of Jews & Christians s.n. F/M 82 2
In America Moss, Maurice Dutton S/O 94 12
Hitler in Paris Don Nardo Captured World History Series Compas Point Books S/O14 44 Krasner, Barbara
Great Yiddish Writers of the 20th Century Leftwich, Joseph N/D 87 15
Travellers Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe, The Postal, Bernard, Abramson, Samuel H. 26085 15
No Time for Tears Freeman, Cynthia F/M 82 5
Dry Tears Tec, Nechama N/D 82 2
Philo of Alexandria F/M 82 9
Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino s.n. N/D 95 15
920 OFarrell Street: A Jewish Girlhood in Old San Francisco Levy, Harriet Lane Heyday Books M/J 97 11
Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook, The Leviton, Roberta Ma 79 6
Retreat, The Appelfeld, Aharon S/O 84 4
Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell, A (VIDEO) Kuper, Jack Filmaker Library N/D 93 15
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat Rice, Tim M/J 82 7
L.C. is the Greatest Krasilovsky, Phyllis Nelson W75 30
Pleasures of Your Processor, The Gilletz, Norene M/J 83 4
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) National Yiddish Book Center M/J 96 14
Chaim Weizmann Reinharz, Jehuda s.n. S/O 86 8
Truth Shall Make Us Free: Inside the Neo-Nazi Network, The (VIDEO) Schmidt, Michael Filmaker's Library N/D 93 15
Heritage Orde, Lewis F/M 82 5
Abraham Isaac Kook F/M 82 9
Book of Lights, The Potok, Chaim s.n. N/D 81 14
Spy for Freedom: The Story of Sarah Aaronsohn Cowen, Ida N/D 84 7
Joshua in the Promised Land Chaikin, Miriam N/D 82 7
Schreiber Boyarsky, Abraham F/M 83 2
Manyas Story Gray, Bettyanne S 78 1
Boy in That Situation, A Hannam, Charles s.n. S 78 5
Stepping Stones to Further Jewish-Christian Relations F/M 82 6
Invisible Lines of Connection: Sacred Stories of the Ordinary Kushner, Lawrence Jewish Lights Publishing F/M 97 4
West Bank Story, The Halabi, Rafik S/O 82 7
I Have No Name Landowska, Maria S/O 84 7
Late Divorce Yehoshua, A. B. N/D 84 2
If I Forget Thee Segal, Brenda Lesley S/O 84 5
Pope John Paul II on Jews and Judaism Fisher, Eugene J. O 79 6
Alina: A Russian Girl Comes to Israel Meir, Mira s.n. N/D 82 8
Fathers and Children Stampfer, Judah S/O 84 5
To Unify a Nation: My Vision for the Future of Israel Lopman, MK Dov Urim S/O14 16 Pinchuck, Kathe
Chernowitz! Arrick, Fran s.n. M/J 82 7
Jewish Days and Holidays Cashman, Greer Fay Ma 80 7
From the Backyard of the Diaspora Sklarew, Myra S/O 82 5
Creation and the Destiny of Man Cohen, Maurice Maurice Cohen Sp78 22
Memorial to the Jews Deported from France, 1942-1944 Klarsfeld, Serge M/J 83 3
Torn Country: An Oral History of the israeli War of Independence Banks, Lynne Reid N/D 82 11
Elena Kagan: A Biography Greene, Meg Greenwood Biographies S/O14 33 Pastcan, Ben
Sacred Fragments: Recovering Theology for the Modern Jew Gillman, Neil JPS S/O 90 12
Lost Generation, The: Children in the Holocaust Eisenberg, Azriel N/D 82 2
Studies in Jewish Bibliography, History, and Literature Berlin, Charles 26085 14
Binding of Isaac, The Cohen, Barbara s.n. S 78 6
Documents on the Holcaust: Selected Sources N/D 82 11
Visions, Images, and Dreams Goldman, Eric N/D 84 4
Cuckoo Clock Castle of Shir Muchnik, Michael S 80 10
Story of Passover, The Adler, David A. Holiday House S/O14 48-49 Blooomfield, Katy
Summer People, The Hull, Eleanore S/O 84 8
Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah Metter, Bert S/O 84 10
Liberation of Jerusalem: The Battle of 1967 Narkiss, Uzi M/J 84 3
King Nimrods Tower Garfield, Leon N/D 82 7
Getting Even Chaikin, Miriam F/M 83 6
World Outside, The Wiseman, Eva Tundra S/O14 38-39 Levine, Joyce
Next Year in Jerusalem: A Short History of Zionism Goldstein, Robert M. S 78 7
Relationships: A Jewish View Mirel, Barbara M/J 83 8
My Body Is Something Special Bogot, Howard I. N/D 81 15
Voices from the Holocaust Roth, Sylvia N/D 81 12
Survey of Jewish Affairs 1982 Frankel, William S/O 84 7
Remembering Box, The Clifford, Eth F/M 86 6