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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort descending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Villiers, Douglas Next Year in Jerusalem: Portraits of the Jew in the 20th Century 1976 Sp79 25
Knight, Vick Send for Haym Salomon 1976 Sp77 32
Goldreich, Gloria Season of Discovery 1976 Sp77 31
Schweitzer, Gertrude Herzog Legacy, The 1976 W76 17
Fuldheim, Dorothy Three and a Half Husbands 1976 Sp77 27
Rossel, Seymour Judaism 1976 M/J 91 24
Suhl, Yuri Simon Boom Gets a Letter 1976 F/M 92 21
Hillel, Marc, Henry, Clarissa Of Pure Blood 1976 Sp77 28
Davidson, Margaret Golda Meir Story, The 1976 W76 20
Klein, Isaac Time to Be Born, A Time to Die, A 1976 Sp77 32
Ben Sasson, H. H., ed. History of the Jewish People, A 1976 Sp77 27
Sevela, Efraim Truth is for Strangers 1976 W76 18
Hirsch, Marily Captain Jiri and Rabbi Jacob 1976 F/M 92 21
Rose, Evelyn Complete International Jewish Cookbook, The 1976 Sp77 29
Harris, Leonard Masada Plan, The 1976 Sp78 21
Heart is Half a Prophet, The 1976 W76 17
Blue, Lionel Jewish Path to God: To Heaven with Scribes and Pharisees, The 1976 W77 26
Karp, Naomi J. Turning Point, The 1976 F/M 92 21
Neimark, Anne E. Sigmund Freud: The World Within 1976 Sp77 32
Kemelman, Harry Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet 1976 W76 17
Forman, James Survivor, The 1976 Sp77 31
Grade, Chaim, Leviant, Curt Yeshiva, The 1976 Sp77 25
Birnback, Sarah Happy is the Heart 1976 Sp77 30
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, Zemach, Margot Naftali the Storyteller and His Horse, Sus, and Other Stories 1976 Sp77 31
Goodman, Saul L. Faith of Secular Jews, The 1976 W77 26
Benvenisti, Meron Jerusalem, the Torn City 1976 W77 25
Des Pres., Terrence Survivor, The: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps 1976 W76 18
Blau, Joseph Judaism in America; From Curiosity to Third Faith 1976 Chicago History of American Religion Series W77 25
Kotlowitz, Robert Boardwalk, The 1976 Sp77 25
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, Moskowitz, Ira Little Boy in Search of God, A: Mysticism in a Personal Light 1976 W76 19
Forman, James White Crow, The 1976 Sp77 32
Lustig, Arnost, Nemcova, Jeanne Darkness Casts No Shadows 1976 W77 25
Allon, Yigal, Yosef, Reuven Ben My Fathers House 1976 W76 18
Baron, Salo W. Russian Jews Under Czars & Soviets, The, rev. 2nd. Ed. 1976 W77 25
Elath, Eliahu, Yitzhak, Michael Ben Zionism at the University: A Diary of the First Days 1976 W77 26
Fox, Marvin Modern Jewish Ethics 1976 W77 26
Markish, David New World for Simon Ashkenazy, A 1976 F/M 92 20
Howe, Irving, Libo, Kenneth World of Our Fathers 1976 M/J 91 22
Robotham, John S., LaFleur, Lydia Library Programs: How to Select, Plan, and Produce Them 1976 W76 20
Reiss, Johanna Journey Back, The 1976 Sp77 32
Greenfeld, Howard Chanukah 1976 Sp77 31
Nissenson, Hugh My Own Ground 1976 W76 17
Wiesel, Elie Messengers of God: Biblical Portraits & Legends 1976 W76 19
Smith, Hendrick Russians, The 1976 Sp76 23
Goldemberg, Isaac Fragmented Life of Don Jacobo Lerner, The 1976 Sp77 25
Adler, David A., Hirsch, Marily House on the Roof: A Sukkot Story 1976 F/M 92 20
Brown, Michael Jew or Juif? Jews, French Canadians and Anglo-Canadians, 1759-1914 1976 S/O 87 6
Goldstein, Arthur D. Nobodys Sorry He Got Killed 1976 Sp76 24
Howe, Irving World of Our Fathers, The 1976 Sp76 22
Reiss, Johanna Journey Back, The 1976 M/J 92 32
Greenfeld, Howard Chanukah 1976 M/J 92 31
Yglesias, Helen Family Feeling 1976 W76 18
Vorspan, Albert Im O.K. Youre a Pain in the Neck 1976 Sp77 29
Klein, Mina, Klein, H. Arthur Hitlers Hangups: An Aventure Into Insight 1976 Sp77 28
Braude, Michael First Thirty Years, The 1976 Sp77 27
Smith, Bradley F. Reaching Judgement at Nuremberg: the Untold Story of How the Nazi War Criminals Were Judged 1976 Sp77 29
Hirsch, Marily Rabbi and the Twenty Nine Witches, The: A Talmudic Legend 1976 Sp76 24
Evenhis, Gertie What About Me? 1976 Sp77 31
Sklarew, Myra, Ratner, Phillip From the Backyard of the Diaspora 1976 Sp76 23
Lisowski, Gabriel How Tevye Became a Milkman 1976 F/M 92 21
Kane, Henry Tripoli Documents, The 1976 W77 25
Koestler, Arthur Thirteenth Tribe, The 1976 Sp77 28
Ben Maimon, Moses, Goodman, Lenn Evan Rambam: Readings in the Philosophy of Moses Maimonides 1976 Jewish Heritage Series, The Sp76 23
Goldberg, M. Hirsh Jewish Collection, The 1976 M/J 92 27
Smith, Bradley F. Reaching Judgment at Nuremberg: the Untold Story of How the Nazi War Criminals Were Judged 1976 M/J 92 29
Sklarew, Myra, Ratner, Phillip From the Backyard of the Diaspora: Poems with drawings 1976 M/J 91 23
Klarsfeld, Beate Wherever They May Be! 1976 Sp76 22
Weizman, David Underfoot 1976 Sp77 30
Grayson, A. K. Assyrian and Babylonian Chronicles (v. 5 of texts from cuneiform sources) 1976 W78 26
Scholem, Gershom On Jews and Judaism in Crisis: Selected Essays 1976 Sp77 29
Meltzer, Milton Taking Root 1976 W76 19
Gross, David C., Weil, Shraga Love Poems from the Hebrew 1976 Sp77 28
McDermott, Beverly Brodsky Golem, The: A Jewish Legend 1976 Sp76 24
Adler, David A. Hanukkah Fun Book: Puzzles, Riddles, Magic & More, A 1976 F/M 92 20
Schepps, David Remarkable Women of the Scriptures 1976 Sp77 32
Lenski, Lois Mr. and Mrs. Noah 1976 S/O 03 43
Richman, Carol Lekachmacher Family, The 1976 Sp78 25
Lustig, Arnost, Thiener, George Night and Hope 1976 W77 25
Payne, Robert Splendor of the Holy Land, The: Egypt, Jordan, Israel Lebanon 1976 Sp77 29
Lesberg, Sandy, Canetti, Nicolai Walls of Jerusalem, The 1976 W77 27
Briskin, Jacqueline Rich Friends 1976 W76 17
Bialer, Yehuda L. Jewish Life in Art & Tradition 1976 Sp77 30
Blau, Judith Hope Bagel Baker of Mulliner Lane, The 1976 F/M 92 20
Herman, Charlotte, Schecter, Ben Differences of Ari Stein, The 1976 F/M 92 21
Ross, Frank Dead Runner 1976 Sp77 26
Rosten, Leo 3:10 to Anywhere, The 1976 Sp76 23
Trew, Anthony Ultimatum 1976 Sp77 26
Steinitz, Lucy Living After the Holocaust: Reflections by the Post-War Generation in America 1976 W76 19
Rosten, Leo 3:10 to Anywhere, The 1976 M/J 91 23
Cohen, Barbara Bitter Herbs and Honey 1976 W76 19
Bellow, Saul To Jerusalem and Back 1976 Sp77 27
Burstein, Chaya Rifka Grows Up 1976 F/M 92 20
Haddad, C. A. Bloody September 1976 Sp77 25
Neugeboren, Jay Orphans Tale, An 1976 F/M 92 20
Kaplan, Howard Damascus Cover, The 1976 Sp77 25
Nicolaysen, Bruce Perilous Passage 1976 Sp77 26
Seixas, Gershom Mendes Religious Discourse, A: Thanskgiving Day Sermon Nov. 26 1789 1977 W77 28
Green, Arthur, Holtz, Barry W. Your Word a Fire: The Hasidic Masters on the Contemplative Prayer 1977 F/M 86 3
Leviant, Curt Yemenite Girl, The 1977 Sp77 26
Berkow, Ira Maxwell Street: Survival in a Bazaar 1977 Sp78 21


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