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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Year Series ISBN Issue P Review Authorsort descending Review format Review type
Weissler, Chava Voices of the Matriarchs: Listening to the Prayers of Early Modern Jewish Women 1998 S/O 00 31-32
Kubar, Zofia S. Double Indemnity: A Memoir 1989 S/O 90 13-14
Alkow, Jacob M. In Many Worlds 1985 A/M 86 3
Vygodskaia, Anna Pavlovna, Avrutin, Eugene M., Greene, Robert H. Story of a Life: Memoirs of a Young Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire 2012 N/D12 38
Markel, Michelle, Sweet, Melissa Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers Strike of 1909 2013 FM13 3-4
Appelfeld, Aharon Retreat, The S/O 84 4
Domaratius, Louise Writing the Book of Ester 2003 S/O 03 11
Rose, Or Abraham Joshua Heschel: Man of Spirit, Man of Action 2003 N/D 03 25
Goldin, Barbara Diamond One Hundred and One Jewish Read-Aloud Stories 2001 F/M 03 46
Groner, Judy, Wikler, Ladeline, Kahn, Katherine Janus My First Seder 1986 N/D 86 7
Rau, Dana Meachen Harry Houdini: Master Magician 2001 Book Report Biographies Series S/O 01 40-41
Alper, Janice P. Learning Together: A Source Book on Jewish Family Education 1987 N/D 87 5
Gruber, Ruth Witness: One of the Great Correspondents of the Twentieth Century Tells Her Story 2007 M/J 07 25
Agushewitz, Reuven, Steiner, Mark Faith and Heresy 2006 F/M 07 30
Kitov, Eliyahu Jew and His Home, The 1976 Sp78 23
Levine, Abby, Bin-Frye, Paige This is the Dreidel 2003 N/D 03 29
Wolfson, Jill Cold Hands, Warm Heart 2009 S/O 09 19
Abramson, Glenda Hebrew Writing of the First World War 2008 N/D 08 8, 10
Cragg, Kenneth Semitism: The When and Whither - How Dear Are Your Counsels 2005 F/M 06 31
Schwartz, Howard, Olson, Arielle North Ask the Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World 1999 S/O 99 17
Gilletz, Norene Pleasures of Your Processor, The M/J 83 4
Kertzer, David I. Old Demons, New Debates: Anti-Semitism in the West 2005 M/J 06 28
Grossman, Sylvia B. Making Peace with My Mother 1992 S/O 92 18
Ross, Mandy Funerals 2004 Rites of Passage Series S/O 04 53
Maisel, L. Sandy, Forman, Ira N. Jews in American Politics 2001 N/D 01 41892
Schoenbaum, David United States and the State of Israel, The 1993 F/M 94 11
Rubinowicz, David Diary of David Rubinowicz, The N/D 82 6
Lyke, Larry L. I Will Espouse You Forever: The Song of Songs and the Theology of Love in the Hebrew Bible 2007 F/M 08 41
Cooper, Alexandra, Gevry, Claudine Spin the Dreidel 2004 N/D 04 18
Comins, Mike Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer is Difficult and What to Do About It S/O 10 30
Aleichem, Sholem, Shevrin, Aliza Further Adventures of Menachem-Mendl: New York - Warsaw - Vienna - Yehupetz, The 2001 S/O 01 31
Malamed, Sandra Jews in Early America: A Chronicle of Good Taste and Good Deeds, The 2003 S/O 03 22
Lustig, Arnost Unloved: From the Diary of Perla S., The 1985 S/O 86 9
Kacer, Kathy Diary of Lauras Twin, The 2008 Holocaust Remembrance Book for Young Readers, A N/D 08 33
Hillman, Laura I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindlers List Survivor 2005 M/J 05 25-26
Hampshire, Stuart Spinoza and Spinozism 2005 M/J 06 27
Cohen, Nancy J. Body Wave 2002 Bad Hair Day Mysteries N/D 02 17
Tauber, Rhea Rehas World 1986 F/M 87 5
Larner, Nancy, Ballenger, Pegi Mouse in the Rabbis Study, A 2008 S/O 08 54, 56
Moss, Marissa Hannahs Journal 2000 N/D 00 17
Gordon, Mark Kunner Aliyah, The F/M 82 5
Kassow, Samuel D Who Will Write Our History? Emanuel Ringelblum, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Oyneg Shabes Archive 2007 S/O 08 19
Evening with Herschel Bernardi, An 1995 S/O 96 16
Kropf, Latifa Berry, Cohen, Tod Its Challah Time! 2002 N/D 02 26
Friedman, Lauri S. Terorrism: Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints 2005 F/M 06 21-22
Rabinovitch, Lara, Goren, Shiri, Pressman, Hanna S. Choosing Yiddish: New Frontiers of Language and Culture 2013 M/J13 32
Greenberg, Joanne Season of Delight, A S/O 82 6
Zucker, Jonny, Cohen, Jan Barger Apples and Honey: A Rosh Hashanah Story 2002 Barrons Educational Festival Time Series M/J 03 31
Rabinyan, Dorit Persian Brides 1998 M/J 98 18
Figley, Marty, Riggio, Anita Noahs Wife 1998 F/M 99 17
Eisenberg, Azriel Lost Generation, The: Children in the Holocaust N/D 82 2
Palatnik, Lori Friday Night and Beyond: The Shabbat Experience Step by Step 1994 S/O 94 41860
Marcus, Audrey F. Jewish Teachers Handbook, V. III S/O 82 4
Matas, Carol Turned Away: The World War II Diary of Devorah Bernstein 2005 Dear Canada Series F/M 06 12
Kemelman, Harry Day the Rabbi Resigned, the 1992 M/J 92 21
Zeiger, Genie How I Find Her: A Mothers Dying and a Daughters Life 2001 S/O 01 23
Levine, Faye Solomon and Sheba F/M 81 5
Waskow, David Biblical Israel: One Land, One People / Rabbinic Judaism: One People, Many Lands 2000 Torah of the Earth: Exploring 4000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thought M/J 01 12
Arendt, Hannah, Weissberg, Liliane, Winston, Clara Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of a Jewess 1997 S/O 98 6
Aviner, Shlomo Moadim LeSimcha: Exploration into the Jewish Holidays 2002 M/J 03 41986
Santa Maria, Jack Greek Vegetarian Cookery N/D 85 4
Polacco, Patricia Keeping Quilt, The 1988 N/D 88 10
Shalant, Phyllis When Pirates Came to Brooklyn 2002 N/D 03 27
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Encyclopedia of World Scriptures 2001 F/M 02 28
Israel and American Jewish Interaction: Report of a Task Force 1978 W78 27
Jacobs, Louis Talmudic Argument, The 1984 N/D 87 5
Simon, Rachel Change within Tradition Among Jewish Women in Libya 1992 F/M 93 25
Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel 2002 S/O 03 54
Ringer-Nenner, Brigitee Angel of Poetry: A Poetic Perspective on Living Through the Holocaust, The 2003 N/D 03 16
Marx, David F. Passover 2001 Rookie Read-About Holidays Series F/M 02 40
Taylor, L. B. New Right, The F/M 83 4
Sime, Ruth Lewin Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics 1996 California Studies in the History of Science, 13 M/J 96 18
Ben-Amos, Dan Folktales of the Jews. Volume 2: Tales from Eastern Europe 2007 N/D 07 28
Grunberg, Arnon, Garrett, Sam Jewish Messiah, The 2008 S/O 09 33
Landau, Melanie Tradition and Equality in Jewish Marriage: Beyond the Sanctification of Subordination 2012 Continuum Studies in Jewish Thought S/O13 32-33
Seroussi, Edwin Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Childrens Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation (1882-1948) 2013 Anthology of Music Traditions in Israel Series; 22 S/O13 53
Taitz, Emily Holocaust Survivors: A Biographical Dictionary 2007 F/M 08 45
Siege: The Saga of Israel and Zionism, The 1986 S/O 86 8
Cohen, Barbara Benny 1977 Sp77 31
Meyerhoff, Jenny Queen of Secrets 2010 M/J 10 11
Fine, Irene Midlife and Its Rite of Passage Ceremony S/O 83 2
Sokol, David Golem of Church Street, The: An Artists Reflection on the New Anti-Semitism 2008 M/J 09 29
Gerstenfeld, Manfred Judaism, Environmentalism and the Environment: Mapping and Analysis 1998 N/D 99 8
Hasan-Rokem, Galit, Stein, Batya Web of Life: Folklore and Midrash in Rabbinic Literature 2000 S/O 01 14
Wagner, Heather Lehr Elie Wiesel: Messenger for Peace 2007 Modern Peacemakers Series S/O 07 14
Kepnes, Steven Interpreting Judaism in a Postmodern Age 1996 M/J 96 8
Wiesenthal, Simon Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness, The 1997 S/O 97 26
Hassenfeld, H. Daniel Call of the Shofar 1995 S/O 96 8
Matas, Carol Rosie in Los Angeles: Action! 2004 S/O 04 45-46
Prose, Francine, Podwal, Mark You Never Know: A Legend fo the Lamed-Vavniks 1998 M/J 99 18
Groner, Judy, Wikler, Madeline All About Hanukkah 1988 M/J 89 10
Out of Babylon: The Music of Baghdadi-Jewish Migrations into Asia and Beyond (AUDIO) 2007 F/M 08 49
Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, Anderson, Bethanne Naamah, Noahs Wife 2002 M/J 03 27-28
Narkiss, Uzi Liberation of Jerusalem: The Battle of 1967 M/J 84 3
Myrowitz, Catherine Hall Finding A Home for the Soul: Interviews with Converts to Judaism 1995 N/D 96 11
Cardozo, Arlene Rossen Jewish Family Celebrations N/D 82 11
Sender, Ruth Minsky To Life 1988 S/O 89 9
Epstein, Lawrence J. Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook 1994 N/D 94 7
Aronson, Marc History Beyond Black and White, A 2007 F/M 08 19
Diamond, Shani, Teleshevsky, Sarah Baila, Niasoff, Nissa Sharing and Caring 2002 Mish and Mush, book 6 N/D 02 29


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