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Author/Editor Titlesort descending Place of Publication Year Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Maier, Aren M., Magness, Jodi, Schiffman, Jarence H. "Go Out and Study the Land" (Judges 18:2): Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel 2012 Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, no. 148 M/J13 29-30 Rosenbloom, Jim
Friedenberg, Robert V. "Hear O Israel": The History of American Jewish Preaching, 1654-1970 1989 N/D 89 12
Bresnick-Perry, Roslyn "I Loved My Mother on Saturdays" and Other Tales from the Shtetl and Beyond 2009 S/O 09 33
Ungvari, Tamas "Jewish Question" in Europe: The Case of Hungary, The 2000 F/M 02 29
Bendersky, Joseph "Jewish Threat": Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, The 2000 M/J 01 6
Bendersky, Joseph "Jewish Threat": Anti-Semitic Politics of the UniversityS. Army, The 2000 F/M 01 6
Jajer, Diemut, Hill, Peter Thomas, Edward Vance Humphrey and Brian Levin, trans. "Non-Germans" Under the Third Reich: The Nazi Judicial and Administrative System in German and Occupied Eastern Europe, with Special Regard to Occupied Poland, 1939-1945 2013 S/O14 16 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Feldman, Louis H. "Remember Amalek!": Vengeance, Zealotry, and Group Destruction in the Bible according to Philo, Pseudo-Philo, and Josephus 2004 S/O 04 16-17
Katz, Jacob "Shabbes Goy": A Study in Halakhic Flexibility, The 1989 F/M 90 16
Feingold, Henry L. "Silent No More" Saving the Jews of Russia, The American Jewish Effort, 1967-1989 2007 F/M 08 38
Kressel, Neil J. "The Sons of Pigs and Apes": Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence 2012 S/O13 32 Simon, Rachel
Gottlieb, Yaffa Leba, Nodel, Norman "Uh Uh, Not Now" Said the Cow: The Cow That Wouldnt Work on Shabbos F/M 97 13
Weisman, Jonathan (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in the Age of Trump 2018 N/D 2018 35 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Orlov, Andrei A. . Divine Scapegoats: Demonic Mimesis in Early Jewish Mysticism 2015 N/D 2016 19 Belinfante, Randall C.
Anton, Maggie . Fifty Shades of Talmud: What the First Rabbis Had to Say About You-Know-What 2016 N/D 2016 13 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Berman, Joshua . Inconsistency in the Torah: Ancient Literary Convention and the Limits of Source Criticism 2017 M/J 2018 22 Ben-Gad, Shmuel Book Adult
Pick, Shlomo H. . Moadei HaRav: Public Lectures on the Festivals by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik 2016 N/D 2016 20 Levy, David B
Colbert, David 10 Days Anne Frank 2008 10 Days Series M/J 09 9
Cohen, Jeffrey M. 1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach N/D 96 4
Cohen, Jeffrey M. 1001 Questions and Answers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 1997 M/J 98 41734
Solomon, Estie, Solomon, David 101 Reasons to Visit Israel (& Perhaps Make Aliyah) 2007 F/M 08 45
Sten, Ephraim F. 1111 Days in My Life: Plus Four 2006 S/O 07 55
Greenwald, Lisa 12 Before 13 2018 M/J 2019 9 Flax, Shoshana Book Juvenile
Potok, Andrew 13 Stradomska Street: a Memoir of Exile and Return 2017 M/J 2018 28 Smith, Sonia Book Adult
Brown, Jason Robert, Elish, Dan 13: A Novel 2008 F/M 09 38, 40
Gross, David C. 1401 Questions and Answers About Judaism 2003 N/D 03 12
Hoffenberg, Jack 17 Ben Gurion 1977 Sp77 25
Hoffenberg, Jack 17 Ben Gurion 1977 M/J 92 25
Nye, Naomi Shihab 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East 2002 M/J 03 28
Morris, Benny 1948: The First Arab-Israeli War 2008 S/O 08 22
Tillem, Ivan L. 1986 Jewish Dictionary and Almanac, The 1985 S/O 86 6
1996 National Guide to Scholarships, Fellowships and Financial Support for Jewish Students 1996 M/J 96 10
Dosick, Wayne D., Dosick, Ellen Kaufman 20 Minute Kabbalah 2007 S/O 08 24
Neuberger, Roy 2020 Vison 2008 M/J 09 32
Arie, Nansen 21 Terrible Lies Against the Jews 2019 F/M 2020 20 Silverburg, Sanford R. Book Adult
Salton, George L., Elsen, Anna S. 23rd Psalm: A Holocaust Memoir, The 2002 S/O 03 25
30 Minute Seder: The Haggadah that Blends Brevity with Tradition 2006 M/J 08 40
Zeidler, Judy 30-Minute Kosher Cook, The 1999 M/J 99 10
Spiegel, Murray, Stein, Rickey 300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions 2008 N/D 08 13, 15
Astaire, Libi 36 Candles: Chassidic Tales for Channukah 2013 S/O14 27 Gordon, Ilka
Rosten, Leo 3:10 to Anywhere, The 1976 Sp76 23
Rosten, Leo 3:10 to Anywhere, The 1976 M/J 91 23
Dublin, Anne 44 Hours or Strike! 2015 F/M 16 36 Marks, Allison
Pressman, Steven 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus 2013 N/D 14 42 Pinchuck, Kathe
Mykoff, Moshe 7th Heaven: Celebrating Shabbat with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov 2003 S/O 03 23
Church, Gene 80629: A Mengele Experiment 1986 N/D 86 5
Schiff, Ellen, Posnick, M. 9 Contemporary Jewish Plays 2005 F/M 06 27
Levy, Harriet Lane 920 OFarrell Street: A Jewish Girlhood in Old San Francisco M/J 97 11
Granfield, Linda, Alda, Arlene 97 Orchard Stret, New York: Stories of Immigrant Life 2001 M/J 03 32
Joffo, Joseph A Bag of Marbles 2013 F/M14 2
Ruderman, David B. A Best-Selling Hebrew Book of the Modern Era: The Book of the Covenant of Pinhas Hurwitz and Its Remarkable Legacy 2014 Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies M/J 15 36-37 Sukenic, Harvey
Dublin, Anne A Cage Without Bars 2018 N/D 2018 9-10 Levine, Joyce Book Juvenile
Steinbarg, Eliezer A Collection of Poems for Children in Yiddish 2013 F/M14 15-16 Dublin, Anne
Berneger, Marcia, Castro, Beatriz A Dreidel in Time: A New Spin on an Old Tale 2019 N/D 2019 20 Colodny, Debbie Book Juvenile
Chisvin, Heather A Fist Around the Heart 2018 N/D 2018 36 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Marks, Allison, Marks, Wayne A Gefilte Fishy Tale 2016 S/O 2016 39-40 Citrin, Rena
Rose, Daniel A Guide to the Koren Children’s Siddur: An Educator’s Companion 2015 S/O 2015 32-33 Pinchuck, Chava
Rose, Daniel A Guide to the Koren Youth Siddur: An Educator’s Companion 2015 S/O 2015 32-33 Pinchuck, Chava
Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus A Holiday for Ari Ant 2016 F/M 16 45 Kamin, Rachel
Michelson, Richard, Mazellan, Ron A is for Abraham: A Jewish Family Alphabet 2008 S/O 08 58-59
Freedman, Ariela A Joy to Be Hidden: A Novel 2019 F/M 2020 34 Stahl, Sheryl F. Book Adult
Kfir, Uriah A Matter of Geography: A New Perspective on Medieval Hebrew Poetry 2018 Etudes sur le Judaisme Medieval, 74 N/D 2018 29 David B. Levy Book Adult
Zalben, Jane Breskin, Amini, Mehrdokht A Moon For Moe and Mo 2018 M/J 2019 20-21 Citrin, Rena Book Juvenile
Bauman, Mark K. A New Vision of Southern Jewish History 2019 N/D 2019 21-22 Isaac, Fred Book
Carter, Mary E. A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah: On Becoming Jewish After Fifty 2014 M/J 15 22-23 Pinchuck, Kathe
Adler, David A., Ackerman, Dena A Pizza Contest for Jelly Eli Z. 2018 M/J 2019 8 Bloomfield, Kathy Book Juvenile
Ruben, Kelly Easton, Friar, Joanne A Place for Elijah 2016 F/M 16 45-46 Feit, Shelly
Kosinski, Colleen Rowan A Promise Stitched in Time 2018 M/J 2019 10 Dublin, Anne Book Juvenile
Amit, Hila A Queer Way Out: The Politics of Queer Emigration from Israel 2018 F/M 2019 1 Lieberman, Eli Book Adult
Himsel, Angela A River Could be a Tree: A Memoir 2018 M/J 2019 29-30 Stahl, Sheryl F. Book
Fine, Jonathan David, Cohen, Tamar L., Hochstein, Fray A State is Born: The Establishment of the Israeli System of Government, 1947-1951 2018 N/D 2019 23 Cantor, Hallie Book Adult
Lieber, Laura A Vocabulary of Desire: The Song of Songs in the Early Synagogue 2014 e Brill Reference Library of Judaism, 40 N/D 2015 26 Rosenbloom, Jim
Kimmel, Eric A., Stevanovic, Ivica A Whale of a Tale 2019 Scarlett and Sam N/D 2019 10-11 Bloomfield, Kathy Book Juvenile
Stein, Rachel, Katz, Tova A Whale of a Time and More Stories for Thinking Kids! 2015 F/M 16 37-38 Quay, Alex
Weitz, Eric D. A World Divided: The Global Struggle for Human Rights in the Age of Nation-States 2019 F/M 2020 32-33 Quinn, Arthur G. Book Adult
Watier, R., Waiter, M. A.N.T.S.: Another Nice Tasty Sweet 2004 N/D 05 14-15
Rouss, Sylvia A., Goulet Dubois, Liz Aarons Bar Mitzvah 2003 Growing Up Jewish with Sarah Leah Jacobs series F/M 04 32
Wyman, David Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945, The 1984 M/J 85 5
Siniver, Asaf Abba Eban: A Biography 2015 M/J 2016 36 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Eban, Abba Abba Eban: An Autobiography 1977 Sp78 22
Balsley, Tilda, Poole, Helen ABC Hanukkah Hunt 2013 N/D13 12
Raz, Rachel ABC Israel 2012 S/O13 9
Balsley, Tilda, Poole, Helen ABC Passover Hunt 2016 F/M 16 43 Citrin, Rena
Glazerson, Matityahu, Kalish, M. Above the Zodaic: Astrology in Jewish Thought 1997 M/J 97 4
Idel, Moshe Abraham Abulafia: An Ecstatic Kabbalist [Two Studies] (rev. ed.) 2002 Leir Library of Sephardica F/M 03 35
Abraham Isaac Kook F/M 82 9
Rose, Or Abraham Joshua Heschel: Man of Spirit, Man of Action 2003 N/D 03 25
Sichrovsky, Peter Abrahams Children: Israels Young Generation 1991 M/J 92 19-20
Entine, Jon Abrahams Children: Race, Identity and the DNA of the Chosen People 2007 S/O 07 46-47
Zlotowitz, Bernard M., Maiben, Dina Abrahams Great Discovery 1991 N/D 91 15
Jules, Jacqueline, Ugliano, Natascia Abrahams Search for God 2007 S/O 07 10
Sichrovsky, Peter Abraham’s Children: Israel’s Young Generation 1991 M/J 92 19
Dewey, Melvil Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Ed. 12 1990 M/J 91 17
Absolutely Shira! 1993 M/J 94 11
Trigoboff, Joseph Abu 1975 F/M 92 21
Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, Bryer, Diana Abuelitas Secret Matzahs 2005 M/J 05 23
Hanover, Nathan Abyss of Despair S/O 83 3
Gerstenfeld, Manfred Academics Against Israel and the Jews 2007 N/D 08 41986
Academy Award Winning Songs (AUDIO) M/J 95 14
Rosen, Norma Accidents of Influence: Writing As a Woman and a Jew in America 1992 F/M 93 24-25


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