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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort ascending
Me Being You is Exactly as Insane as You Being You Hasak-Lowy, Todd Simon Pulse 2015 M/J 15 8 Lenson, Heather
Playing for the Commandant Zail, Suzy Candleiwck Press S/O14 45 Lenson, Heather
Front Lines Grant, Michael HarperCollins 2016 N/D 2016 5-6 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Is It Passover Yet? Barash, Chris Albert Whitman 2015 M/J 15 16 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt Kimmel, Eric A. Kar-Ben 2015 M/J 15 17 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Hanukkah Lullaby Abrams, Ruth, Mushka, Tia Baby Lullaby Gifts 2015 N/D 2016 1 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Alef-Bet Hebrew Letter Primer. Chaput, Rachel Stone Guild Publishing 2016 N/D 2016 10 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Sammy Spider’s First Mitzvah Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Kar-Ben 2014 N/D 14 12 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Latke, the Lucky Dog Fischer, Ellen, Beeke, Tiphanie Kar-Ben 2014 N/D 14 4 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Not This Turkey! Steinberg, Jessica, Pike, Amanda Albert Whitman 2016 N/D 2016 11-12 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift: A Christmas and Hanukkah Story Goldman, Dara Sleeping Bear Press 2013 F/M14 14 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Not This Turkey! Albert Whitman 2016 N/D 2016 11-12 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Shabbat is Coming! Newman, Tracy Kar Ben 2014 F/M14 15 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel! Kober, Shahar Scholastic 2014 N/D 14 5 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Pesach Guess Who? A Lift-the-Flap Book Stern, Ariella, Argoff, Patti Hachai 2016 N/D 2016 12 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Lie, The Kestin, Hesh Scribner 2014 N/D 14 41 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Eight Candles and a Tree Nathan, Simone Bloom, Barber, Brian Beaver's Pond Press 2014 N/D 14 5 Kamin, Rachel Erlich
Angels at the Gate Thorne, T.K. Cappuccino Books Publishing 2015 F/M 2016 29 Jefferson, Rebecca
Angels at the Gate Thorne, T.K. Cappuccino Books Publishing 2015 F/M 2016 29 Jefferson, Rebecca
Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry, The Alter, Michael Xlibris 2015 F/M 16 1 Jefferson, Rebecca
Kaplan’s Quest Steinitz, Richard Enigma Press 2014 M/J 15 45 Jefferson, Rebecca
Masada Will Not Fall Again Greenspan, Sophie JPS 2019 N/D 2019 13 Isaac, Fred
Pillar of Fire: A Biography of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. Rudin, A. James Texas Tech University Press 2015 S/O 2016 14 Isaac, Fred
Urban Origins of American Judaism Moore, Deborah Dash University of Georgia Press 2014 M/J 15 33 Isaac, Fred
Shabbat Treasure Goldfinger, Evelyn, Groenman, Marcelo Torahtron 2019 N/D 2019 21 Isaac, Fred
Architect of Liberal Judaism Fox, Pam, Mattuck, Israel Isidor Valentine Mitchell 2016 N/D 2016 16 Isaac, Fred
Lullaby Friedman, Debbie Jewish Lights Publishing 2014 M/J 15 10 Isaac, Fred
Essential Figures in Jewish Scholarship Eisenberg, Ronald Lee Jason Aronson 2014 N/D 14 16 Isaac, Fred
New Reform Judaism: Challenges and Reflections, The Kaplan, Dana Evan The Jewish Publication Society S/O14 14 Isaac, Fred
Bernard Revel: Builder of American Jewish Orthodoxy. Rakeffet-Rothkoff, Aaron Oxford University Press 2014 S/O 2015 18 Isaac, Fred
Downfall of Abba Hillel Silver and the Foundation of Israel, The Shiff, Ofer Syracuse University Press 2014 N/D 14 33 Isaac, Fred
Daniel Silva: A Reader’s Guide Schatt, Stan [self-published] 2015 F/M 2016 21 Isaac, Fred
Angels Always Come on Time Linder, Chaim, Linder, Mark Lulu 2017 N/D 2018 31 Isaac, Fred
Saving the Persecuted Williams, Brian, Williams, Brenda Heroes of World War II Series Heinemann-Raintree 2016 F/M 16 42-43 Isaac, Fred
Veterans of History: A Young Perosn's History of the Jewish, The Silver, MItchell Boston Workmen's Circle S/O 14 47 Isaac, Fred
Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism Adams, Peter University of Michigan Press 2014 N/D 2015 11 Isaac, Fred
A New Vision of Southern Jewish History Bauman, Mark K. University of Alabama Press 2019 N/D 2019 21-22 Isaac, Fred
Baby of Our Own Blau, Sara, Leff, Tova Hachai 2016 N/D 2016 7 Isaac, Fred
Resisting the Nazis Throp, Claire, Williams, Brian, Williams, Brenda Heroes of World War II Series Heinemann-Raintree 2016 F/M 16 42-43 Isaac, Fred
The Montefiores: Champions of the Jewish People Zakon, Rabbi Nachman Great Jewish Lives Menucha 2018 F/M 2020 43 Isaac, Fred
Will I Ever be Happy Again? Milevsky, Chaya L. Feldheim 2014 N/D 2015 9 Isaac, Fred
Shabbos Treats: Delightful Stories of Devotion to Our Holy Shabbos Krohn, Genendel, Katz, Tova Feldheim 2019 M/J 2019 21 Isaac, Fred
Three Founders of Israel Schreiber, Mordecai Amazon 2018 N/D 2018 32 Isaac, Fred
Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II: An Interactive Espionage Adventure Raum, Elizabeth You Choose Spies Series Capstone 2016 F/M 16 37 Isaac, Fred
Kuzmino Chronicles: Memoirs of Teenage Holocaust Survival Moskowitz, Leib & Gittel Shoah Forensics Art Institute Publications 2014 S/O 2015 33 Isaac, Fred
Hearts and Minds: Israel and the Battle for Public Opinion Shai, Nachman SUNY Press 2018 N/D 2018 32 Isaac, Fred
Reclaiming Bar/Bat Mitzvah as a Spiritual Rite of Passage: An Empowering Guide for Students, Families, Educators and Clergy Milgram, Goldie Reclaiming Judaism Press S/O14 17 Isaac, Fred
Avi the Ambulance to the Rescue Carlson, Claudia Apples and Honey Press 2016 N/D 2016 9 Isaac, Fred
Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the end of the World, The Prochnik, George Other Press 2014 N/D 14 409 Isaac, Fred
Honorable Mentschen: A Torah-Based Guide to Derech Eretz and Social Skills Krohn, Genendel, Cohen, Avigayil Feldheim 2016 S/O 2016 37 Isaac, Fred
More all-of-a-Kind Family. Taylor, Sydney Lizzie Skurnick Books 2014 N/D 14 3 Isaac, Fred
The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spies and Survivors Captured the World’s Most Notorious Nazi Bascomb, Neal Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic 2013 F/M14 12 Isaac, Fred
Print to Fit: The New York Times, Zionism and Israel ( 1896-2016) Auerbach, Jerold S. Academic Studies Press 2019 S/O 2019 9 Isaac, Fred
All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown Taylor, Sydney Lizzie Skurnick Books 2014 N/D 14 3 Isaac, Fred
Synagogue Companion: Insights into the Torah, Haftarot, and Shabbat Morning Prayer Services Angel, Hayyim Kodesh Press S/O14 3 Isaac, Fred
Miracle Nation: Seventy Stories about the Spirit of Israel: A Tribute to Rebirth in the Land of our Ancestors Meyerson, Israela Mazo Publishers 2018 N/D 2019 17 Isaac, Fred
Homecourt: The True Story of the Best Basketball Team You’ve Never Heard Of Needle, Larry New City Community Press 2013 F/M14 12-13 Isaac, Fred
Bubbe’s Belated Bat Mitzvah Pinson, Isabel, Cis, Valeria Kar-Ben 2014 N/D 14 12 Isaac, Fred
Reb Elimelech and the Chassidic Legacy of Brotherhood Teller, Hanoch SISU Entertainment 2019 F/M 2020 36 Isaac, Fred
Oy Vey! Life in a Shoe Grubman, Bonnie Apples and Honey Press 2016 S/O 2016 38 Isaac, Fred
Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace Ben-Tekoa, Sha'i Gefen 2018 M/J 2019 24 Isaac, Fred
Moses and the Path to Leadership Grumet, Zvi Urim 2014 N/D 14 22 Isaac, Fred
Beside Still Waters: A Journey of Comfort and Renewal Barenblat, Rachel Ben Yehudah Press 2019 F/M 2020 21 Isaac, Fred
Growth through Governance: What Every Jewish Nonprofit Leader Needs to Know Rabbi Jeremy D. Sher Mazo Publishers 2016 F/ M 2017 22 Isaac, Fred
Horace Kallen Confronts America: Jewish Identity, Science, and Secularism Kaufman, Matthew Syracuse University Press 2019 N/D 2019 25 Isaac, Fred
Bar Mitzvah: A history Hilton, Michael Jewish Publication Society 2014 N/D 14 22 Isaac, Fred
My Friend is Jewish Saul, Laya Faith in Friendship series Purple Toad Publishing 2015 M/J 15 15 Isaac, Fred
The Day I Met Father Isaac at the Supermarket: Lesson in how to live from the Jewish Tradition Riemer, Jack Ktav 2018 M/J 2019 34 Isaac, Fred
Rabbi Marcus Jastrow and his Vision for the Reform of Judaism: A Study in the History of Judaism in the Nineteenth Century Galas, Michal Academic Studies Press 2013 M/J 15 23 Isaac, Fred
Holocaust: Racism and Genocide in World War II, The Mooney, Carla, Casteel, Tom Inquire and Investigate Nomad Press 2017 M/J 2018 16 Isaac, Fred
Firebrand Barnhart, Aaron Quindaro Press 2015 N/D 2015 2-3 Isaac, Fred
Four Rabbis at Lunch: Candid Conversations Among American Clergy Elkins, Dov Peretz Ktav 2019 N/D 2019 33 Isaac, Fred
Touching History: From Williamsburg to Jerusalem Gold, Sholom Gefen 2014 S/O 2015 8 Isaac, Fred
Unholy Land Tidhar, Lavie Tachyon 2018 M/J 2019 41 Isaac, Fred
Jewish Comix Anthology: a collection of tales, stories and myths told and retold in comic book form, The. Volume 1. Bergson, Steven M. Alternate History Comics 2014 F/M 2016 26 Gold, Etta
Chelm for the Holidays Frankel, Valerie, Wimmer, Sonja Kar Ben 2019 N/D 2019 20-21 Glasser, Rachel
The Cat Who Lived With Anne Frank Miller, David Lee, Rubin, Steven Jay, Baddeley, Elizabeth Philomel Books 2019 M/J 2019 13 Glasser, Rachel
I Want a Friend! Stories for Learning Essential Social Skills Benedict, Devorah Feldheim 2018 M/J 2019 15 Glasser, Rachel
Esther's Gragger Simpson, Martha Seif, Bernhard, Durga Yael Wisdom Tales 2019 M/J 2019 22 Glasser, Rachel
Kids Speak 10 Walder, Chaim, Benedict, Devorah Kids Speak Feldheim 2018 M/J 2019 18 Glasser, Rachel
Encyclopedia of Jewish Values, The Amsel, Nachum Urim 2015 F/M 16 2 Geller, Beverly Mach
From Bomboloni to Bagel, A Story of Two Worlds Gmach, Jacqueline Semha, Liber, Hillary Selese Gefen 2014 M/J 15 24 Freiband, Susan
Jewish Identity, The Challenge of Peoplehood Today Ruth Shamir Popkin Gefen 2015 F/ M 2017 18-19 Freiband, Susan
On the Edge of the Holocaust, The Shoah in Latin American Literature and Culture Aizenberg, Edna Brandeis University Press 2016 S/O 2016 1 Freiband, Susan
Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Visions of Jewish Woman’s Spiritual Leadership, T he Hammer, Jill, Shere, Taya Ben Yehuda Press 2015 F/M 16 12 Freiband, Susan
Looking Jewish: Visual Culture and Modern Diaspora. Zemel, Carol Indiana University Press 2015 N/D 2015 40 Freiband, Susan
Jewish Holiday Companion, Insights into the Meaning of the Holidays, Their Prayers, Symbols and Biblical Readings, A Angel, Hayyim Kodesh Press 2014 N/D 2015 13 Freiband, Susan
Forgotten Land, Growing Up in the Jewish Pale: Based on the Recollections of Pearl Unikow Cooer, A Cooper, Lsa Penina Press 2013 S/O14 7 Freiband, Susan
Deep Calls to Deep Medved, Jane New Rivers Press 2017 M/J 2018 37 Freiband, Susan
The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories, Seeking Jewish Narrative All Over the World Irene Shaland Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 2016 F/ M 2017 21 Freiband, Susan
At the Narrow Waist of the World: A Memoir Baraf, Marlena Maduro She Writes Press 2019 F/M 2020 20 Freiband, Susan
Wise Aging, Living with Joy, Resilience, & Spirit Cowan, Rachel, Thal, Linda Behrman House 2015 S/O 2015 5 Freiband, Susan
Ben Shahn’s New Deal Murals, Jewish Identity in the American Scene Linden, Diana L. Wayne State University Press 2015 F/M 16 14 Freiband, Susan
The Jewish Journey Haggadah: Connecting the Generations Berkowitz, Rabbanit Adena Gefen 2019 S/O 2019 11 Freiband, Susan
Kindness, a Novel Samson, Polly Bloomsbury 2015 M/J 2016 41 Freiband, Susan
Days Between, Blessings, Poems and Directions of the Heart for the Jewish High Holiday Season, the Falk, Marcia Brandeis University Press 2014 S/O 2015 6 Freiband, Susan
Dinner with Stalin and other Stories Shrayer-Petrov, David Syracuse University Press 2014 M/J 15 45 Freiband, Susan
Light that Unites Us, The Goldscheider, Aaron Oxford University Press 2017 M/J 2018 25 Freiband, Susan
Privilege of Aging, Portraits of Twelve Jewish Women, The Shapiro, Patricia Gottlieb Gaon 2013 S/O14 21 Freiband, Susan
Saviour Shoes and Other Stories, The Lipszyc, Carol Inanna Publications 2014 S/O 2015 25 Freiband, Susan