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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Year Series ISBN Issue P Review Authorsort descending Review format Review type
Grunblatt, Joseph Exile and Redemption: Meditations on Jewish History 1988 S/O 88 7
Rovit, Rebecca,, Goldfarb, Alvin Theatrical Performances During the Holocaust: Texts, Documents, Memoirs 1999 S/O 00 19
Cinnamon and Myrrh 1994 N/D 94 7
Abrams, Judith Z. Secret World of Kabbalah, The 2006 N/D 06 15
Sacks, Jonathan Arguments for the Sake of Heaven 1991 Emergeng Trends in Traditional Judaism M/J 91 15
Adler, David A., Adler, Michael, Collins, Matt Picture Book of Harry Houdini, A 2009 F/M 10 7
Cheshire, Gerald, Hammond, Paula Middle East, The 2003 Cultures and Costumes: Symbols of Their Period M/J 04 38
Zakar, Susan M. Judaism Online: Confronting Spirituality on the Internet 1998 F/M 99 14
Petsonk, Judy Intermarriage Handbook, The 1988 N/D 88 7
Kaes, Anton From Hitler to Helmat: The Return of History as Film 1989 M/J 92 16
Gavison, Ruth Two-State Solution: The UN Partition Resolution of Mandatory Palestine - Analysis and Sources, The 2013 N/D13 27
Hirsh, Marilyn Deborah the Dybbuk: A Ghost Story 1978 W78 28
Simchovich, Simcha Song Will Remain, A 1996 M/J 98 18-19
Lustig, Arnost Bitter Smell of Almonds: Selected Fiction, The 2001 M/J 02 17
Epstein, Lawrence J. Readings on Conversion to Judaism 1995 N/D 96 5
Lieberman, Sherman Mystics and Missionaries: The Jews in Palestine, 1799-1840 1992 S/O 93 19
Walfish, Miriam Libas Palace 2012 Jewish Girls Around the World S/O13 4
Nason, Ruth Jewish Faith, The 2005 Start-Up Religion Series N/D 05 20
Gutterman, Bella, Morgenstern, Naomi Gurs Haggadah: Passover in Perdition, The 2003 N/D 03 12
Bergman, Tamar, Modan, Ruti Where Is? 2002 F/M 03 43
Solomon, Norman Historical Dictionary of Judaism 1998 S/O 99 14
Lichtman, Moshe D. Eretz Yisrael in the Parashah: Essays on the Centrality of the Land of Israel in the Torah 2006 M/J 07 28
Minken, Jacob S. Teachings of Maimonides, The N/D 87 6
Rosen, Chaya Chaverim Boys Choir Live!, The 2009 N/D 09 11
Grunberg, Slawomir, Podgursky, Robert Saved by Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey of Polish Jews (VIDEO) 2007 S/O 08 38
Tridenti, Lina, Thorne, Stephen Anne Frank 1985 Why They Became Famous A/M 86 6
Katz, Robert L. Pastoral Care and the Jewish Tradition: Empathic Process and Religious Counseling 1985 Theology and Pastoral Care Series F/M 85 5
Rosner, Fred Medical Encyclopedia of Moses Maimonides 1998 F/M 99 41986
Klawans, Jonathan Josephus and the Theologies of Ancient Judaism 2012 N/D13 30
Goldberg, Lester In Siberia It Is Very Cold 1987 N/D 87 6
Friesova, Jana Renee, Morrisby, Elinor, Rosendorf, Ladislav Fortress of My Youth: Memoirs of a Terezin Survivor 2002 M/J 03 15
Epstein, Lawrence J. Treasury of Jewish Anecdotes, A 1989 F/M 90 14
Taylor, Sydney Danny Loves a Holiday F/M 81 6
Flam, Gila Singing for Survival: Songs of the Lodz Ghetto 1940-1945 1992 M/J 92 15
Tsadik, Daniel Between Foreigners and Shiis: Nineteenth-Century Iran and Its Jewish Minority 2007 Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture M/J 08 28
Appel, Allan Rabbi of Casino Boulevard, The 1986 M/J 87 5
Koffsky, Ann D. My Jewish Holiday Fun Book 2000 S/O 00 36
Grief, Howard Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law, The: A Treatise on Jewish Sovereignty Over the Land of Israel 2008 S/O 09 39
Kaufman, David E. Jewhooing the Sixties: America Celebrity and Jewish Identity 2012 S/O13 31-32
Watts, Irene N., Shoemaker, Kathryn E. Good-Bye Marianne: The Graphic Novel 2008 N/D 08 33-34
Jaffe, Azriela What Do You Mean, You Cant Eat in My Home?: A Guide to How Newly Observant Jews and Their Less-Observant Relatives Can Still Get Along 2005 N/D 05 28
Bellow, Saul Henderson, The Rain King 1965 Sp77 30
Brenner, Michael, Ruveni, Gideon Emancipation through Muscles: Jews and Sports in Europe 2006 S/O 07 45-46
Goodman, Arnold Sweet Words to God: A Childs Book of Jewish Prayers 2001 N/D 01 21
Goberman, David Carved Memories: Heritage in Stone from the Russian Jewish Pale 2000 S/O 00 41986
Sabbath Garden, The 1993 M/J 94 11
Goodman, Naomi On Borrowed Time: Poems of Two Centuries 2005 F/M 06 26
Andryszewski, Tricia Amazing Life of Moe Berg: Catcher, Scholar, Spy, The 1996 M/J 97 11
Brennan, Marcia Painting Gender, Constructing Theory: The Alfred Stieglitz Circle and American Formalist Aesthetics 2001 M/J 02 9
Flanders, Elle Zero Degrees of Separation (VIDEO) 2005 S/O 07 56
Kranzler, David Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz, The: George Mantello, El Salvador, and Switzerlands Finest Hour 2000 S/O 01 17
Stillman, Norman A. Jews of Arab Lands, The 1979 W80 16
Lehrer, Alice Becker If We Could Hear Them Now: Encounters with Legendary Jewish Heroines 2009 M/J 10 35
Schwartz, Howard, Raznick, Barbara First Harvest: Jewish Writing in St. Louis 1991-1997 1997 S/O 98 31
Ettinger, Steven Torah 24/7 2003 S/O 04 16
Wright, Jill Gold Creating America on Stage: How Jewish Composers and Lyricists Pioneered American Musical Theater 2009 F/M 10 40-41
Citron, Sterna, Eydel, Igor Shlomos Little Joke 2007 S/O 08 52
Ben-Zvi, Rachel Yanait, Shurin, Sandra Before Golda: Manya Shochat: A Biography 1989 S/O 89 8
Keller, Tsipi Prophet of Tenth Street, The 2012 N/D12 43
Bellow, Saul Mr. Sammlers Planet 1970 Sp77 30
Hecht, Jacob J. Lag BOmer Book S/O 83 4
Creiger, Joyce, Serfaty, Raphaella Izzy Iguana is Invited to Israel 2009 S/O 09 21
Heschel, Abraham Joshua God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism 1987 N/D 87 5
Rosenthal, Monroe, Mozeson, Isaac Wars of the Jews 1990 M/J 90 41986
Ellis, Julie East Wind M/J 84 6
Wells, Rosemary, Andreasen, Dan Streets of Gold 1999 M/J 00 22
Kleid, Neil, Allen, Jake Brownsville 2006 S/O 06 31-32
Jenks, Kathleen River and the Stone: Moses Early Years in Egypt, The 1977 Sp77 28
Shenker, Israel Noshing is Sacred: The Joys and Oys of Jewish Food 1979 Sp80 15
Fremont, Helen After Long Silence 1999 S/O 99 8
Sofsky, Wolfgang, Templer, William Order of Terror: The Concentration Camp, The 1997 S/O 97 23
Estraikh, Gennady, Krutikov, Mikhail Yiddish in the Contemporary World: Papers of the First Mendel Friedman International Conference on Yiddish 1999 M/J 00 10
Pitman, Walter Louis Applebaum: A Passion for Culture 2002 N/D 03 15-16
Jewish Travel Guide 2007 International Edition 2007 F/M 08 40
Weiner, Ellis, Davilman, Barbara How to Raise a Jewish Dog 2007 M/J 08 40, 42
Hurwitz, Johanna, Azarian, Mary Faraway Summer 1998 M/J 99 15
Terrier, Samuel Til the Heart Sings F/M 86 5
Gordon, Paul Concrete Solution 2001 M/J 01 13
Zwerin, Raymond A. Shabbat Can Be O 80 13
Baal Teshuva Survival Guide, The 2009 N/D 09 20
Mintz, Alan L. Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America 2001 N/D 01 10
Breuer, Mordechai, Petuchowski, Elizabeth Modernity within Tradition: The Social History of Orthodox Jewry in Imperial Germany 1992 F/M 93 21
Feltquate, Barbara, Post, Tom Kiddish Yiddish: Jewish Tradition and Culture and Rhyme 2008 N/D 08 35-36
Bard, Mitchell Israel Matters: Understand the Past-Look to the Future 2012 N/D12 9-10
Patterson, David Genocide in Jewish Thought 2012 N/D13 32, 34
Gerber, Merrill Joan Victory Gardens of Brooklyn, The: A Novel 2007 Library of Modern Jewish Literature N/D 08 7
Rubin, Laurie Do You Dream in Color? 2012 M/J13 3
Stepping Stones to Further Jewish-Christian Relations F/M 82 6
Agnon, S. Y. Book That Was Lost: Thirty-Five Stories, A 2008 F/M 09 20
Agamben, Giogio Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive 2000 S/O 00 7
Schwatz, Howard, Waldman, Neil Next Year in Jerusalem: 3000 Years of Jewish Stories 1996 N/D 95 16-17
Solomon, Estie, Solomon, David 101 Reasons to Visit Israel (& Perhaps Make Aliyah) 2007 F/M 08 45
Reitter, Paul On the Origins of Jewish Self-Hatred 2012 N/D13 35
Edelheit, Hershel, Edelheit, Abraham J. World in Turmoil: An Integrated Chronology of the Holocaust and World War II, A 1991 M/J 92 15
Margolin, Miriam, Ryback, Issachar Little Stories for Little Children 1986 F/M 87 8
Danan, Julie Hilton Jewish Parents Almanac, The 1993 S/O 94 9
Roth, Susan Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah 2004 N/D 04 20
Bauman, Janina Winter in the Morning: A Young Girls Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond, 1939-1945 1986 S/O 86 7
Wood, Angela Gluck Holocaust: The Events and Their Impact on Real People 2007 N/D 07 10
Galens, Judy Experiencing the Holocaust: Novels, Nonfiction Books, Short Stories, Poems, Plays, Films and Music 2003 S/O 03 50


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