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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
Rivington Street Tax, Meredith S/O 82
Stolen Years Zyskind, Sara M/J 83 9
Deliverance in Shanghai Agel, Jerome N/D 83 7
Power of the Hebrew Alphabet, The Ballen, Gloria Abella Gaon Books S/O14 4
Jewish Stories from the Old World to the New (AUDIO) KCRW-FM F/M 00 12
Nazi Hunting Lyttle, Richard B. W83 13
Chanukah Favorites (AUDIO) Ginsburgh, Judy Caplan s.n. N/D 92 26
Moses Maimonides Treatise on Resurrection Maimonides, Moses M/J 83 3
Sinai: The Great and Terrible Wilderness Berstein, Burton O 80 16
Diamond Tree: Jewish Tales from Around the World, The Schwartz, Howard, Bush, Barbara Harper / Collins F/M 92 22-23
Russian Farewell, A Fisher, Leonard Everett S/O 81 6
Writing on the Wall, The Garfield, Leon S/O 83 5
Very Special Yarmulke, A Dolinger, Leah S 80 10
Spice and the Devil's Cave Hewes, Agnes Danforth Dover S/O14 37 Silverman, Lisa
Theodore Bikel Sings More Jewish Folk Songs Bainbridge Entertainment N/D 93 16
Epic Folk Plays from the Yiddish Theatre Lifson, David S. Farleigh Dickinson Ap 74 24
Democracy and Conflict Resolution: The Dilemmas of Israel's Peacemaking Elman, Miriam Fendius, Oded Haklai, and Henrik Spuyt (eds). Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution Syracuse University Press S/O14 10 Silverburg, Sanford R.
On Her Way Home: A Novel Rochlin, Harriet Fithian Press S/O 01 24, 31
Zohar: Pritzker Edition, volume 8 Matt, Danie C., trans. and comm. Stanford University Press S/O14 26-27
Holiday Tales of Sholom Aleichem Shevrin, Aliza O 79 7
Dita Saxova Lustig, Arnost Ma 80 4
Winter Horses, The Kerr, Philip Alfred A. Knopf S/O14 43 Marks, Allison
Theres No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein Sussman, Susan N/D 83 9
Yesterdays Streets Tennenbaum, Silvia s.n. N/D 81 14
Chosen People in America, The Eisen, Arnold H. s.n. M/J 84 4
One Way to Ansonia Angell, Judie M/J 86 5
This Promised Land Goldreich, Gloria N/D 82 1
Take Care of Josette Wolf, Jacqueline S/O 82 8
Coal (rev. ed.) Kraft, Betsy H. W83 13
My People: The Story of the Jews Eban, Abba N/D 84 4
Turning the Corner Schiffman, Ruth F/M 82 9
Day Grandpa Died, The (VIDEO) Sp75 29
Best of Olomeinu Book III, The Fruchter, Yaacov s.n. F/M 83 5
I Am Joseph Cohen, Barbara S 80 9
Plays of Jewish Interest Cohen, Edward M. M/J 85 4
Hill of Evil Counsel, The Oz, Amos S 78 4
Rocking Horse Family, A Litvin, Martin S/O 82
Havanat Bassidur UVamikra = Didactic Principles and Frequency List Haramati, Shlomo W.Z.O. Dept. of Torah Education S/O 86 41797
Burning Bush, The Kramer, Aaron s.n. S/O 84 6
Saul and Morris Yaffe, James M/J 83 4
Not in Heaven: The Nature and Function of Halakha Berkovits, Eliezer N/D 83 8
Kooky Cookie Kids, The (AUDIO) Zim, Paul United Synagogue Book Service N/D 93 16
Eichmann Interrogated Von Lang, Jochem S/O 84 5
Yussels Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story Cohen, Barbara s.n. S/O 81 9
Complete Guide to Yarmulka Design, The Wolbram, Ricky S/O 84 7
Step-by-Step to Jerusalem Goldman, Hersh S 78 6
Lag BOmer Book Hecht, Jacob J. S/O 83 4
Poems for Jewish Holidays Livingston, Myra Cohn F/M 90 19
Modin Motel. An Idol Tale for Chanukah Miller, Deborah University S/O 87 10
JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers Migrom, Jacob M/J 90 12
Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment Matt, Daniel C. s.n. M/J 84 2
Second Star to the Right Hautzig, Deborah N/D 81 15
Old Love Singer, Isaac Bashevis Ma 80 4
Butchers and Bakers, Rabbis and Kings Greene, Jacqueline D. s.n. S/O 84 8
Joseph Seniri: Commentary on the Former Prophets - A Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text wtih Introductory Essays on Grammatical Exegesis in Thirteenth-Century Provence Kogel, Judith Brill S/O14 15 Roth, Pinchas
Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews (AUDIO) Western Winds N/D 92 27
Tenth Measure, The Segal, Brenda Lesley F/M 81 5
Juggling Lehrman, Robert N/D 82 8
Torah: Torah for Torahs Sake in the Works of Hayyim of Volozhin Lamm, Norman F/M 90 16
That Man from Smyrna Martin, Bernard O 79 6
Genesis Sarna, Nahum S. The JPS Torah Commentary JPS F/M 90 17-18
Studies in Genesis Leibowitz, Nehama Publication Department of the World Zionist Organization Ap 74 24
Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The (VIDEO) Biblical Productions Filmaker Library N/D 93 15
1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach Cohen, Jeffrey M. Aronson N/D 96 4
Sadie, Orie and Nuggles Go to Camp Korngold, Jamie S. Kar-Ben S/O14 48
Patriarch, The Bermant, Chaim S/O 81 7
Summer Begins Asher, Sandy F/M 81 7
Hooray for Yiddish Rosten, Leo F/M 83 3
Girls in the Velvet Frame, The Geras, Adele Ma 80 8
Opeartion Susannah Adelson, Dorothy N/D 83 7
Mazo Frogs Rosenthal, Sally New South Books S/O14 51 Katz, Lisa
Remember: Dont Ever Forget Donna Klein Jewish Academy M/J 96 41986
In the Mouth of the Wolf Zar, Rose S/O 84 10
Waltz of the Shadows, The Herzberger, Magda S/O 84 7
Hosue of Women, The Bermant, Chaim N/D 89 8
The Great Shift: Encountering God in Biblical Times Kugel, James L. Houghton Mifflin M/J 2019 32 Gordon, Ilka
Yom Kippur War, The Allen, Peter S/O 82 4
Madonna or Couresan? Jackson, Livia E. Bitton M/J 83 8
Boys who Saved the Children, The Baldwin, Margaret s.n. M/J 82 7
You Packed the Cat in the Suitcase?! Vorspan, Albert s.n. Ma 79 7
Making of Modern Anglo-Jewry, The Cesarani, David Basil Blackwell F/M 91 16
Savta Simcha and the Cinnamon Tree M/J 84 7
Berlin Wild Welt, Elly N/D 86 6
Revolution in Judea Maccoby, Hyam A/M 81 5
Place of Light, A Shapiro-Rieser, Rhonda S/O 83 4
Marienbad Aleichem, Sholem S/O 82 6
Jewish Reference Sources Cutter, Charles N/D 84 2
Century of Memories, 1883-1982 Herscher, Uri D. s.n. N/D 83 8
Building a Judaica Library Lubetski, Edith N/D 83 10
American Immigrants in Israel Avruch, Kevin s.n. S/O 82 4
Ike and Mama and the Once-a-year Suit Snyder, Carol Ma 79 7
Untold History of Israel, The Derogy, Jacques Ma 80 6
Under the Heel of Bushido: Last Voices of the Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War Sugarman, Martin Valentine Mitchell SO/14 21-22
Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher, The Schoenheimer, Idee, Madoff, Ruth Vitalmedia Enterprises N/D 96 12
Jewish Way in Love and Marriage Lamm, Maurice Harper & Row Sp 80 15
Writing on the Wall, The Garfield, Leon N/D 83 9
Legacy of Night Fine, Ellen S. S/O 82 7
Immigrant Kids Freedman, Russel O 80 12
Family For Frayda, A Levin, Menucha Chana Hamodia Treasures S/O14 37-38
Havanat Hanikra Bassidur UVamikra Haramati, Shlomo S/O 86 6