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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
Soups of Kakafri Franklin, Rena F/M 82 6
Follow the Moon M/J 84 7
Cecil Roth: Historian Without Tears Roth, Irene s.n. F/M 83 3
My Special Book of Jewish Celebrations Mack, Grace N/D 84 8
Trail of Adolf Hitler Van Rjndt, Philippe Ma 79 5
Rosh Hashanah Murray, Julie Holiday Series ABDO S/O14 50-51 Pastcan, Ben
Baron James: the Rise of the French Rothschilds Muhlstein, Anka s.n. S/O 84 6
Shadows of the Holocaust Steinhort, Harriet N/D 83 10
Tree Still Stands: Jewish Youth in Eastern Europe Today, A Strom, Yale Grosset Group F/M 91 23
Flight to Seven Swan Bay, The Leavitt, June F/M 86 6
Jews of the Latin American Republics Elkin, Judith University of North Carolina Press W 81 20
Why There is No Heaven on Earth Sevela, Efraim N/D 82 8
Libya and Qaddafi Lawson, Don W83 13
Picture Book of Jewish Holidays, A Adler, David A. S/O 84 10
Three Weeks in October Dayan, Yael O 79 5
Of David and Eva Samuels, Gertrude Ma 79 5
Diamond Tree, The: Jewish Tales from Around the World Schwartz, Howard, Bush, Barbara Harper/Collins F/M 92 22
Jewish-Muslim Relations and Migration from Yemen to Palestine in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Ariel, Ari Brill S/O14 3 Belinfante, Randall C.
Olive Tree, The Stein, Arlene C. S.I.M.A. Publishers M/J 94 41892
Rose Blanche Innocenti, Roberto M/J 86 5
Nazi Hunting Lyttle, Richard B. S/O 82 8
Between Two Worlds Lehmann, Marcus s.n. F/M 83 5
From Hester Street to Hollywood Cohen, Sarah B. S/O 83 2
Medaber Tahapukhoth Benjacob, Isaac ben Jacob M/J 86 4
Bubby, Me and Memories Pomerantz, Barbara s.n. S/O 84 9
Good-bye Glamour Girl Tamar, Erika F/M 85 7
Legacy of Hate Volkman, Ernest N/D 82 11
Mr. Mani Yehoshua, A. B. Doubleday F/M 93 27
Wolf in the Soul, A Berkowitz, Ira T. Leviathan Press S/O14 36-37 Bloomfield, Kathy
Dream of a Thousand Years (VIDEO) American Association for Ethiopian Jews N/D 90 12
Lead Soldiers, The Orlev, Uri S 80 7
Sinister Touches: The Secret War against Hitler Goldstein, Robert M. N/D 84 6
From My Grandmothers Kitchen Miner, Viviane N/D 84 5
Mediterranean Society, 5: The Individual Goitein, S. D. N/D 88 6
Smon Gursky was Here Richler, Mordecai S/O 90 17
Multi-Lingual Scholar (v. 2.9) (SOFTWARE) Gamma Productions M/J 87 5
Avenue of the Righteous Hellman, Peter s.n. S/O 81 13
Florida-James, Mark Berlin Wolf Matador S/O14 43
Survivor in Us All, The Rubinstein, Erna F. M/J 84 5
Day by Day in Jewish History Bloch, Abraham S/O 83 2
Castle on Hester Street, The Heller, Linda s.n. N/D 82 7
Gift of Challahs, The Gottlieb, Yaffa Leba N/D 82 7
Turning the Corner Schiffman, Ruth M/J 82 8
Pilgrimage: Adventures of a Wandering Jew Epstein, Perle M/J 82 7
Acts of Faith Ross, Dan F/M 82 6
Books are Treasures Bogot, Howard I. s.n. N/D 82 7
Ellis Island Stewart, Fred M/J 84 6
Introduction to Judaism Einstein, Stephen J. N/D 83 8
Tzili: The Story of a Life Appelfeld, Aharon M/J 83 3
Fragments of Isabella Leitner, Isabella Ma 79 7
Season of Delight, A Greenberg, Joanne S/O 82 6
Marranos, The Webb, Liliane O 80 14
Offer, The Lasky, Jesse L. F/M 82 5
Best of Olomeinu Book II, The Fruchter, Yaacov s.n. F/M 83 5
Friendstone, The Derman, Martha M/J 82 7
Polish Lad, The Linetski, Isaac J. M/J 87 4
How Yossi Beat the Evil Urge Chaikin, Miriam F/M 83 5
Yussels Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story Cohen, Barbara s.n. N/D 82 4
Like Everybody Else Girion, Barbara F/M 81 7
Rising Storm, The Wallace, Bert H. Pentland Press N/D 95 12
Step Up to the Plate: Bseball, Judaism & How to Win the Game of Life Roll, Yisroel Targum Press S/O 10 36-37
Shtetl: A Documentary Video (VIDEO) Marzynski, Marian Log In Enterprises S/O 96 16
JPS Torah Commentary Sarna, Nahum M. F/M 90 17
Jewish Spirituality: Hope and Redemption Gewirtz, Leonard B. M/J 87 3
Jewish Book Annual, 1987-1988 Kabakoff, Jacob S/O 88 7
Golda Meir Story, The (rev. ed.) Davidson, Margaret N/D 81 15
Rambam, The: A Brief Biography N/D 87 5
Fate of the Jews, The Feurlicht, Roberta S. M/J 84 2
Jewishness in Russian Culture: WIthin and Wihtout Katsis, L. F. and Helen Tolstoy, eds., Rochlin, Elen, trans. Studia Judaeoslavica, 7 Brill S/O14 15
Rubics Cube that Wanted to be a Dreydel Maller, Allen S. N/D 84 6
Good if It Goes Provost, Gary S/O 84 9
Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons McGinty, Alice B Charlesbridge S/O14 32 Marks, Allison
Passover Haggadah Riskin, Shlomo M/J 84 2
Year the World Was Out of Step with Jancy Fried, The Fiedler, Jean M/J 82 8
Once Upon America Silverman, Blima Deutsch S/O 83 5
But This Night is Different Marcus, Audrey F. s.n. A/M 81 8
Veterans of History: A Young Perosn's History of the Jewish, The Silver, MItchell Boston Workmen's Circle S/O 14 47 Isaac, Fred
Lets Go to Synagogue Olivestone, Ceil & David N/D 81 15
Dybbuk Winkler, Gershon N/D 82 4
Generation without Memory Roiphe, Anne S/O 82 8
Things They Say Behind Your Back, The Helmreich, William B. F/M 83 3
Only the Best Zola, Meguido N/D 82 6
Sweet and Sour Tongue: Stories, The What, Leslie Wildside Press S/O 01 31-32
Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow, The Czerniakow, Adam Ma 80 5
Day the Rabbi Disappeared: Jewish Holiday Tales of Magic, The (AUDIO) Schwartz, Howard, Hankin, Vered Kessem Productions S/O 02 47
Phoenix Rising: Contemporary Jewish Voices Strauss, Leo S/O 87 8
Tale of Mesha the Kevetch, The Chapman, Carol F/M 81 6
Life Lines Viertel, Joseph S/O 82 7
Solomon Moon Darrid, William S/O 84 4
Chick Chak Shabbat Rockliff, Mara Candlewick S/O14 51 Marks, Allison
Midwife, The Courter, Gay S/O 81 3
Hostage Torah, The Winkler, Gershon S/O 81 10
Japanese, Nazis, & Jews Kranzler, David S/O 88 7
Carnival and Kopeck and More About Hannah Skolsky, Mindy Warshaw s.n. Ma 80 8
Jonah and the Great Fish Hutton, Warwick S/O 84 8
Picture Book of Jewish Holidays, A Adler, David A. N/D 82 4
My Very Own Jewish Community Groner, Judyth N/D 84 7
Deliverance in Shanghai Agel, Jerome N/D 83 7
Mitzvos We Can Do F/M 83 6
Boys who Saved the Children, The Baldwin, Margaret s.n. F/M 82 2