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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort descending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Holzer, David The Medieval Haggadah Anthology with the Commentary of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. 2014 M/J 15 29-30 Tesler, David
Martin-Contreras, Elvira, Miralles-Macia, Lorena Text of the Hebrew Bible: From the Rabbis to the Masoretes 2014 N/D 2015 27 Levy, David B
Mazuz, Haggai Religious and Spiritual Life of the Jews of Medina, The 2014 S/O 2015 14 Gottschalk, Haim
Schweid, Eliezer On Personal and Public Concerns: Essays in Jewish Philosophy 2014 Reference Library of Jewish Intellectual History M/J 15 37-38 Levy, David B
Getter, Shia Everything You Need to Know about Buying Real Estate in Israel 2014 N/D 14 20 Share, Ellen
Warren, Beth Living a Real Life with Real Food: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Stay Energized— the Kosher Way. 2014 S/O 2015 23 Wolfe, Nira
Litman, Ellen Mannequin Girl 2014 M/J 15 44 Gremillion, Yossi
Gephart, Donna Death by Toilet Paper 2014 M/J 15 6 Lenson, Heather
Nadler, Ben The Sea Beach Line 2014 N/D 2015 43 Gremillion, Yossi
Pollak, M., Simons, S. Morasha Kehillat Yaakov: Essays in honour of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 2014 S/O 2016 12 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Altein, Chani Wherever We Go! 2014 M/J 15 14 Citrin, Rena
Brody, Robert Mishnah and Tosefta Studies 2014 M/J 15 21 Roth, Pinchas
Sanders, Shelly Rachel's Hope 2014 N/D 14 4 Siskind, Leda
Jacobovitz, Rabbi Avraham Torah: Beauty Beyond Belief: Insightful Responses to Challenging Questions 2014 M/J 15 30 Pinchuck, Kathe
Pinson, Isabel, Cis, Valeria Bubbe’s Belated Bat Mitzvah 2014 N/D 14 12 Isaac, Fred
Mermelstein, Ari Creation, Covenant, and the Beginnings of Judaism: Reconceiving Historical Time in the Second Temple Period 2014 N/D 2015 27 Tesler, David
Mazuz, Haggai Religious and Spiritual Life of the Jews of Medina, The 2014 S/O 2015 14 Gottschalk, Haim
Schapira, Leah, Dweck, Victoria Secret Restaurant Recipes from the World’s Top Kosher Restaraunts 2014 M/J 15 38 Feder, Debbie
Grumet, Zvi Moses and the Path to Leadership 2014 N/D 14 22 Isaac, Fred
Soyer, Francois Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early modern Spain and its Empire: Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contr Judios (1674) 2014 N/D 2015 34 Belinfante, Randall C.
Cheuse, Alan Prayers for the Living 2014 S/O 2015 23 Gremillion, Yossi
Nadborny-Burgeman, Nechama Sarah Gila The Princess of Dan 2014 M/J 15 44 Gremillion, Yossi
Stuchner, Joan Betty Bagels Come Home! 2014 M/J 15 6 Bloomfield, Kathy
Samuel, Michael Leo Shepherd’s Song: Psalm 23 and the Shepherd Metaphor in Jewish Thought 2014 N/D 14 30 Share, Ellen
Dana, Nissim struggle for Jerusalem and the Holy Land : A new inquiry in the Quran and classic Islamic sources on the people of Israel, their Torah, and their links to the Holy Land, the 2014 S/O 2015 5 Belinfante, Randall C.
Ganz, Yaffa Shuki’s Upside-Down Dream 2014 M/J 15 14 Malen, Michal Hoschander
Gilman, Susan Jane Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, The 2014 N/D 14 38 Schutzman, Laura
Langley, Andrew Hitler and Kristallnacht 2014 Days of Decision N/D13 9-10
Burgan, Michael Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure 2014 N/D13 1
Herrington, Lisa M. Hanukkah 2014 Rookie Read-About Holiday N/D13 13
Price, Sean Stewart World War II Spies 2014 N/D13 10
Rouss, Sylvia A. Sammy Spider’s First Taste of Hanukkah: A Cookbook 2015 Sammy Spider N/D 2015 5 Pastcan, Ben
Olitzky, Kerry M., Olitzky, Avi S. New Membership & Financial Alternatives for the American Synagogue: From Traditional Dues to Fair Share to Gifts from the Heart 2015 F/M 2016 18 Wolfe, Nira
Sabato, Haim Rest for the Dove: Reading for Shabbat 2015 M/J 2016 34 Pinchuck, Chava
Meerson, Michael, Schafer, Peter Toldot Yeshu: The Life Story of Jesus. (2 vol.) 2015 Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism; 159 S/O 2015 14 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Collins, John J. Apocalypse, Prophecy and Pseudepigraphy: on Jewish Apocalyptic Literature 2015 N/D 2016 13-14 Quinn, Arthur G.
Shapira, Anita Yosef Haim Brenner: A Life 2015 M/J 15 38 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Samson, Polly Kindness, a Novel 2015 M/J 2016 41 Freiband, Susan
Eliezrie, David Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement, T he 2015 F/M 16 8 Sukenic, Harvey
Twerski, Abraham J. Shame Borne in Silence: Spousal Abuse in the Jewish Community. 2nd edition. 2015 N/D 2016 22 Stuhlman, Daniel D.
Lode, Britt, Naki, Yitschak Mountains of Israel: A Taste of Heaven, The 2015 F/M 16 16 Pinchuck, Chava
The Pawnbroker 2015 N/D 2015 44 Gremillion, Yossi
Brown, Judy This Is Not a Love Story: A Memoir 2015 N/D 2015 15 Pinchuck, Chava
Falken, Linda Noah’s Ark: From Genesis Chapters 6-9 2015 N/D 2016 4 Marks, Allison
Possett, Franz Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522): A Theological Biography 2015 Arbeiten Zur Kirchengeschichte; 129 S/O 2016 12 Levy, David B
Korngold, Jamie S. Mazel Tov! It’s a Boy/Mazel Tov! It’s a Girl 2015 Life Cycle series M/J 15 14-15 Citrin, Rena
Goldblatt, Mark Finding the Worm 2015 M/J 2016 6-7 Marks, Allison
Chapman, Fern Schumer, Greensfelder, Tom Like Finding My Twin: How an Eighth-Grade Class Reunited Two Holocaust Refugees 2015 F/M 16 32 Colodny, Debbie
Adler, David A. Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles 2015 N/D 2015 1 Dublin, Anne
Hoose, Phillip The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club 2015 M/J 2016 13 Citrin, Rena
Koffsky, Ann D. Kayla and Kugel 2015 N/D 2015 6 McMahon, Martha
Munz-Manor, Ophir Piyut ha-kadom (Early Piyyut) 2015 F/M 2016 18 Roth, Pinchas
Schweid, Eliezer, Levin, Leonard History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy 2015 M/J 2016 35 Levy, David B
Ogren, Brian Time and Eternity in Jewish Mysticism: That Which is Before and That Which is After 2015 Studies in Jewish History and Culture; 48 N/D 2015 28 Levy, David B
Morgan, Michael L., Weitzman, Steven Rethinking the Messianic Idea in Judaism. 2015 S/O 2015 14 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Etkes, Immanuel Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady: The Origins of Chabad Hasidism 2015 F/M 16 8 Cantor, Hallie
Starr, Joyce Israel’s Impossible Era: The Human Element in U.S.-Israel Relations 2015 N/D 2015 35 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Ethan B. Katz The Burdens of Brotherhood: Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France 2015 F/ M 2017 12 Randall C. Belinfante
Levin, Meyer Compulsion: A Novel. 2015 S/O 2015 24 Gremillion, Yossi
Weinberg, David H. Recovering a Voice: West European Jewish Communities after the Holocaust 2015 N/D 2016 23 Kohn, Roger S.
Gartman, Eric Return to Zion: The History of Modern Israel 2015 S/O 2016 6 Schutzman, Laura
Mittleman, Alan L. Human Nature in Jewish Thought: Judaism’s Case for Why Persons Matter 2015 F/M 16 16 Finkelman, Yoel
Davidoff, Oded Clean Sweep 2015 N/D 2015 44 Pinchuck, Chava
Cohen, Daniel Single Handed: The Inspiring True Story of Tibor “Teddy” Rubin—Holocaust Survivor, Korean War Hero, and Medal of Honor Recipient 2015 N/D 2015 16 Share, Ellen
Rosen, Lev Woundabout 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
Glaser, Linda, Balaguer, Nuria On One Foot 2015 F/M 16 32-33 Colodny, Debbie
Schlitz, Laura Amy The Hired Girl 2015 N/D 2015 2 Levine, Joyce
Kacer, Kathy Stones on a Grave 2015 Secrets S/O 2016 33 Lurie, Aimee
Burstyn, Rochel, Apt, Tali Pinny the Peanut Learns About Allergies 2015 F/M 16 40 Kamin, Rachel
Silverman, Elisa Working Together: Economy, Technology, and Careers in Israel 2015 Voices from Israel N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Peretz, Pauline, Rundell, Ethan Let my People Go : the Transnational Politics of Soviet Jewish Emigration during the Cold War 2015 F/M 2016 18 Levy, David B
Fields, Terri One Good Deed 2015 S/O 2015 36 Cole, Ellen
Silverstein, Adam J., Strousma, Guy G. Oxford Handbook of Abrahamic Religions 2015 M/J 2016 35 Bibel, Barbara M.
Tenenbom, Tuvia Catch the Jews! 2015 N/D 2015 36 Tesler, David
Hasak-Lowy, Todd Me Being You is Exactly as Insane as You Being You 2015 M/J 15 8 Lenson, Heather
Lode, Britt Mountains of Israel: A Taste of Heaven 2015 F/M 16 16 Pinchuck, Chava
Goldwasser, Jacob Big Shots 2015 N/D 2015 45 Pinchuck, Chava
Davidman, Lynn Becoming Un-Orthodox: Stories of Ex-Hasidic Jews 2015 N/D 2015 16 Finkelman, Yoel
Friedman, Dayle Jewish Wisdom for Growing Older: Finding Your Grit & Grace Beyond Midlife 2015 S/O 2015 151 Wolfe, Nira
Rachwal, Maria Noriega From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall: Esther Stark and the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra 2015 S/O 2016 13 Smith, Sonia
Saul, Laya My Friend is Jewish 2015 Faith in Friendship series M/J 15 15 Isaac, Fred
Albertalli, Becky Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda 2015 M/J 2016 7 Marks, Allison
Gruenberg, Michael, Hasak-Lowy, Todd Somewhere There is Still a Sun: A Memoir of the Holocaust 2015 F/M 16 33 Dublin, Anne
Barnhart, Aaron Firebrand 2015 N/D 2015 2-3 Isaac, Fred
Poulsen, David Numbers 2015 S/O 2016 33-34 Marks, Allison
Peet, Amanda Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein 2015 M/J 2016 14 McMahon, Martha
Silverman, Elisa Benjamin Netanyahu: Leading the Way for Israel 2015 Voices from Israel N/D 2015 7 Rapp, Andrea
Rieger, Aleena I Didn’t Tell Them Anything: The Wartime Secrets of An American Girl 2015 f/ 19 Schutzman, Laura
Newman, Leslea My Name is Aviva 2015 S/O 2015 36 Dublin, Anne
Rosenberg, Avigail Healing from the Break: Stories, Inspiration and Guidance for Anyone Touched by Divorce 2015 S/O 2016 14 Pinchuck, Chava
Markowitz, Fran, Sharot, Stephen, Shokeid, Moshe Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel 2015 M/J 15 32 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Siniver, Asaf Abba Eban: A Biography 2015 M/J 2016 36 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Simon, Richard, Simon, Tanya, Siegel, Mark Oskar and the Eight Blessings 2015 F/M 16 46 Malen, Michal Hoschander
Novak, David Zionism and Judaism: a New Theory 2015 S/O 2015 16 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Fishbane, Michael Jewish Hermeneutical Theology 2015 Library of Contemporary Jewish Philosophers; 14 N/D 2016 15 Tesler, David
Sokolow, Moshe Tanakh: An Owner’s Manual: Authorship, Canonization, Masoretic Text, Exegesis. Modern Scholarship, and Pedagogy 2015 M/J 15 40 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Cohen-Janca, Irène Mister Doctor: Janusz Korczak & the Orphans of the Warsaw Ghetto 2015 M/J 15 2 Bloomfield, Kathy
Ferziger, Adam S. Beyond Sectarianism: The Realignment of American Orthodox Judaism. 2015 F/M 16 9 Tesler, David
Unger, Menashe Fire Burns in Kotzk 2015 N/D 2015 36 Tesler, David
Nelly Las, Ruth Morris Jewish Voices in Feminism: Transnational Perspectives 2015 F/ M 2017 13 Suzanne Smailes


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