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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Herzfeld, Shmuel Fifty-Four PIck Up 2012 N/D12 24
Botticini, Maristella, Eckstein, Zvi Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492, The 2012 S/O13 22
Gleitzman, Morris Now 2012 S/O12 7-8
Latimer, Miriam Dayenu! A Favorite Passover Song 2012 S/O12 15
Rubin, Barry Israel: an Introduction 2012 N/D12 35
Down, Susan Brophy Irena Sendler: Bringing Life to Children of the Holocaust 2012 Crabtree Groundbreaker Biographies FM13 3
Goetz, Bracha What Do You See? At School 2012 FM13 4
Stepanick, Lukas, Wegenstein, Bernadette See You Soon Again (VIDEO) 2012 FM13 16
Balsley, Tilda, Fischer, Ellen, Leigh, Tom Counts Hanukkah Countdown, The 2012 N/D12 7
Kaplan, Steven J. Rabbinical Counseling 2012 S/O12 38
Marcus, Jerry Shoshanas Song 2012 M/J13 40
Band, Debra, Band, Arnold J. Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah 2012 S/O13 19
Bar-On, Mordechai Moshe Dayan: Israels Controversial Hero 2012 Jewish Lives FM13 17-18
Plaut, Joshua Eli Kosher Christmas: Tis the Season to Be Jewish, A 2012 FM13 34
Berkowitz, Joshua Third Base for Life: A Memoir of Fathers, Sons, and Baseball 2012 S/O12 25
Schonfeld, Rifka, Judowitz, Yoel My Friend Troublemaker: Learning to Focus and Thriving with ADHD 2012 N/D12 11
Tropper, Jonathan One Last Thing Before I Go 2012 FM13 42-43
Hiranandani, Veera Whole Story of Half a Girl, The 2012 S/O12 8
Stampfer, Shaul, Taylor-Gutharz, Lindsey Lithuanian Yeshivas of the Nineteenth Century: Creating a Tradition of Learning 2012 S/O12 48
Landress, Barbara Ann Her Glory Within: Rejecting and Transforming Orthodoxy in Israeli and American Jewish Womens Fiction 2012 Studies in Orthodox Judaism S/O13 33
Yoffie, Alan S., Podwal, Mark Sharing the Journey: The Haggadah for the Contemporary Family 2012 FM13 39
Stein, Dina Textual Mirrors: Reflexivity, Midrash, and the Rabbinic Self 2012 M/J13 36
Mokhtari, Fariborz In the Lions Shadow: the Iranian Schindler and His Homeland in the Second World War 2012 N/D12 30-31
Alexander, Edward State of the Jews: A Critical Appraisal, The 2012 Jewish and Israeli Studies, Political Ideology, Cultural STudies N/D12 13
Bernhardt, Jeff On Sacred Ground: Jewish and Christian Clergy Reflect on Transformative Passages from the Five Books of Moses 2012 S/O13 21
Oberman, Sheldon, Waldman, Neil Wind that Wanted to Rest, The 2012 N/D12 41765
Greenberg, Molly Secrets in the Suitcase: Stories My Mother Never Told Me 2012 M/J13 25
Baer, Elizabeth R. Golem Redux: From Prague to Post-Holocaust Fiction, The 2012 S/O12 24
Rosen, Ruth Called to controversy: The unlikely story of Mishe Rosen and the founding of Jews for Jesus 2012 N/D12 35
Wolfson, Ron Be Like God: Gods To-Do List for Kids 2012 FM13 8
Weber, Ilse, Fisher, Hans, Burden, P. John Mendel Rosenbusch: Tales for Jewish Children 2012 S/O13 10
My Torah Colors 2012 M/J13 4
Arnold, Elana K. Sacred 2012 S/O13 5
Segal, Nechamy, Lumer, Marc Torah Book of Opposites, The 2012 FM13 4
Penalosa, Fernando Dybbuk: Text, Subtext, and Context, The 2012 N/D13 34
Picard, Ariel Halacha in a New World: Rabbinic Discourse in Modern Society 2012 N/D12 33-34
Rosett, Racelle Moving Waters: Stories 2012 FM13 42
Finkelstein, Chaim Burskfield Bike Club Operation Snowman, The 2012 Burksfield Bike Club N/D13 4
Hoffman, Edward My Life in Jewish Renewal: A Memoir 2012 S/O13 38
Brod, Harry Superman Is Jewish?: How Comic Book Superheroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice, and the Jewish-American Way 2012 M/J13 20
Polikoff, Barbara Garland Her Mothers Secret 2012 S/O13 6
Rodrigue, Aron, Jerusalmi, Isaac Jewish Voice from Ottoman Salonica: The Ladino Memoir of Saadi Besalel a-Levi, A 2012 Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture M/J 12 29-30
Helfgot, Nathaniel Mikra and Meaning: Studies in Bible and its Interpretation 2012 S/O13 30
Budnitskii, Oleg, Portice, Timothy Russian Jews Between the Reds and the Whites, 1917-1920 2012 FM13 21-22
Schachter, Allison Diasporic Modernism: Hebrew and Yiddish Literature in the Twentieth Century 2012 S/O12 46-47
Rosenbaum, Thane Stranger Within Sarah Stein, The 2012 S/O12 9
Olswanger, Anna, Nerlove, Miriam Greenhorn 2012 FM13 6
Halbertal, Moshe On Sacrifice 2012 Fm13 26-27
My Torah Numbers 2012 M/J13 4
Alpert, Bernard, Alpert, Fran Archaeology and the Biblical Record 2012 M/J13 16
Hartman, David From Defender to Critic: The Search for a New Jewish Self 2012 N/D12 24
Stern, Ariella, Argoff, Patti Chanukah: Guess Who? A Lift-the-Flap Book 2012 M/J13 15
Newman, Leslea, Blackmore, Katherine Kiss on the Keppie, A 2012 FM13 12-13
Aylon, Helene Whatever Is Contained Must Be Released: My Jewish Orthodox Girlhood, My Life as a Feminist Artist 2012 The Rueben/Rifkin Jewish Women Writers Series M/J13 17
Matt, Daniel C. Zohar, The (Pritzker Edition) 2012 S/O13 47
Secunda, Shai, Fine, Steven Shoshannat Yaakov: Jewish and Iranian Studies in Honor of Yaakov Elman 2012 S/O13 40
Engel, David, Schiffman, Lawrence H., Wolfson, Elliot R. Studies in Medieval Jewish Intellectual and Social History: Festschrift in Honor of Robert Chazan 2012 Supplements to the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy S/O12 29
Goodman, Nancy, Meyers, Marilyn Power of Witnessing: Reflections, Reverberations, and Traces of the Holocaust, The 2012 FM13 25
Kolsky, Rachel, Rawson, Roslyn Jewish London: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Visitors and Londoners 2012 S/O12 39
Fishman, Cathy Goldberg, Elliot, Mark When Jackie and Hank Met 2012 M/J 12 13
Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman N. Davening: A Guide to Meaningful Prayer 2012 M/J13 33
Bowers, Rick Superman Versus the Ku Klux Klan: The True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate 2012 M/J13 9
Hakak, Yohai Young Men in Israeli Haredi Yeshiva Education: The Scholars Enclave in Unrest 2012 Jewish Identiites in a Changing World; 19 S/O13 26
Simpson, Lesley, Mai-Wyss, Tatjana Song for My Sister, A 2012 N/D12 2
Sand, Shlomo Invention of the Land of Israel: from Holy Land to Homeland, The 2012 FM13 35
Anton, Maggie Rav Hisdas Daughter: Book I: Apprentice 2012 N/D12 41
Vinick, Barbara, Reinharz, Shulamit Today I am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah Around the World 2012 M/J 12 45
Lapidus, Rina Jewish Women Writers in the Soviet Union 2012 Routledge History of Russian and Eastern Europe Series FM13 30
Stampler, Ann Redisch, Liddiment, Carol Wooden Sword, The 2012 M/J 12 3
Woolf, Alex Living Through teh Arab-Israeli War Since 1948 2012 M/J13 12
Lewis, Jeffrey Berlin Cantata 2012 N/D12 43
Stongwater, Andrea Where We Once Gathered: Lost Synagogues of Europe 2012 M/J 12 14
Buchin, Joshua, Mer, Woody Tefilat HaDerech: The Travelers Prayer 2012 FM13 7
Hitlers Children (VIDEO) 2012 N/D13 46
Price, Dena G. Everything Kosher Slow Cooker Cookbook, The 2012 Everything series M/J13 31
Ascher, Abraham Was Hitler a Riddle? Western Democracies and National Socialism 2012 M/J13 16
Wyshogrod, Diane Hiding Places, A Mother, A Daughter, an Uncovered Life 2012 S/O13 46
Levine, Anna, Topaz, Ksenia Jodies Passover Adventure 2012 M/J 12 16-17
Katz, Dovid, Zumoff, Barnett City in the Moonlight: Stories of the Old-Time Lithuanian Jews, The 2012 M/J 12 50
Israeli, Raphael Oslo Idea: The Euphoria of Failure, The 2012 N/D12 25
Langer, Irving Kosher Grapevine: Exploring the World of Fine Wine, The 2012 N/D12 28
Sanders, Shelly Rachels Secret 2012 S/O12 1
Andrews, Jesse Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2012 M/J 12 5
Lamm, Norman Derashot Ledorot Genesis: A Commentary for the Ages 2012 S/O13 32
Shindler, Colin Israel and the European Left: Between Solidarity and Delegitimization 2012 S/O13 41
Maitland, Leslie Crossing the Borders of Time: a True Story of War, Exile, and Love Reclaimed 2012 FM13 31
Perl, Lila Holocaust, The 2012 Great Escapes M/J 12 10-11
Stepon, Matt Judaism: History, Belief, and Practice 2012 Britannica Guide to Religion S/O12 48
Prudovsky, Leon, Yacov-Mecklberg, Estee, Mecklberg, Haim Welcome and ... Our Condolences (VIDEO) 2012 S/O13 50-51
Zakovitch, Yair Jacob: Unexpected Patriarch 2012 N/D12 40
Pekar, Harvey Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me 2012 N/D12 32-33
Brian, Denis Elected and the Chosen: Why American Presidents Have Supported Jews and Israel: From George Washington to Barack Obama; The 2012 S/O13 22
Pelham, Abigail Contested Creations in the Book of Job: the World-as-It-Ought-and-Ought-Not-to-Be 2012 FM13 33-34
Bullard, Lisa, Basaluzzo, Constanza Sarahs Passover 2012 S/O12 15
Steckel, Richard, Steckel, Michele Faith: Five Religions and What They Share 2012 S/O12 6-7
Temes, Peter S. Future of the Jewish People in Five Photographs, The 2012 S/O12 48, 50
Gordis, Daniel Promise of Israel: Why its Seemingly Greatest Weakness is Actually its Greatest Strength, The 2012 FM13 25
Fried, Norman J. Every day I bless you: Reflection on the healing power of Shiva 2012 N/D12 21-22
Golinkin, David Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa, The 2012 S/O13 25-26
Alko, Selina Daddy Christmas & Hanukkah Mama 2012 FM13 13


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