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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Authorsort descending
Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism, The Dennis, Geoffrey W. Llewellyn Publications 2007 F/M 08 38
Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Trible Klug, Lisa Alcalay Andrew Mmeel Publishing 2008 F/M 09 13
In the Dark Guttentag, Deborah Targum Press 2008 F/M 09 41
Keeping Israel Safe: Serving in the Israel Defense Forces Sofer, Barbara Kar-Ben 2008 M/J 08 14
My Fathers House Allon, Yigal, Yosef, Reuven Ben Norton 1976 W76 18
Songs of the Sephardi Raphael, David Kolinor Studios 1978 M/J 91 16
Gender and Jewish Difference from Paul to Shakespeare Lampert, Lisa University of Pennsylvania 2004 S/O 04 19
Psychic and the Rabbi: A Remarkable Correspondence, The Geller, Uri, Boteach, Shmuley Sourcebooks 2001 F/M 02 20-21
Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East Dicker, Herman Twayne 1962 Ap 74 24
Bar Mitzvah/ Bat Mitzvah: Planning the Perfect Day Nebens, Amy, Sternfeld, David Lewis Stewart, Tabori and Chang 2005 N/D 05 10
Economy in Yiddish Vocalism: A Study in the Interplay of Hebrew and non-Hebrew Components Jacobs, Neil G. Tel Aviv University. Faculty of Humanities. Language and Culture Monograph Series, vol. 7 Otto Harrassowitz 1990 F/M 92 18-19
Coat of Many Colors, A: Jewish Subcommunities in the United States Lavender, Abraham D. Contributions in Family Studies, number 1 Greenwood 1977 W78 26
Jewish Chronicle and Anglo-Jewry, 1841-1991, The Cambridge University Press 1994 F/M 95 7
Living for Tomorrow: Untold Stories by the Pioneering Women of Israel (VIDEO) Dekel, Lilach Filmakers Library N/D 01 18
On Foreign Soil Zolf, Falk, Green, Martin Benchmark Publishing 2003 F/M 05 11
Ten Good Rules Topek, Susan Remick, Cohen, Tod Kar-Ben 2007 M/J 07 7
Happy Hanukah, Biscuit! Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, Schories, Pat HarperFestival 2002 N/D 02 25
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Sweet Beginnings Drucker, Malka S/O 81 9
World Without You, The Henkin, Joshua Pantheon Books 2012 M/J13 39
Broken Mirror, The Douglas, Kirk Simon & Schuster 1997 N/D 97 11
I Met a Traveller Hoban, Lillian Harper & Row 1977 Sp 78 25
Judaism Keene, Michael Religions of the World Series World Almanac Library 2006 N/D 06 15-16
Mordechai Anielewicz: Hero of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Callahan, Kerry P. Holocaust Biographies Series Rosen 2001 F/M 02 37
Sign in the Window, The Phillips, Mildred F/M 86 7
Freud and Moses: the Long Journey Home Rice, Emanuel SUNY Press 1990 M/J 91 15
Political Theology of Paul, The Taubes, Jacob, Assmann, Aleida, Hollander, Dana Stanford University Press 2004 M/J 04 23-24
Unillustrious Alliance: The African American and Jewish American Communities, An Phillips, William M. Greenwood 1992 N/D 93 41923
Art from the Ashes Langer, Lawrence L. Oxford University Press 1995 M/J 95 17
Dinosaur On Passover Rauchwerger, Diane Levin, Wolff, Jason Kar-Ben 2006 F/M 06 16
Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit Canfield, Jack, Hansena, Mark Victor , Elkins, Dov Peretz Health Communications 2001 M/J 02 10
Jacobs Cane: A Jewish Familys Journey from the Four Lands of Lithuania to the Ports of London and Baltimore New, Elisa Basic Books 2009 F/M 10 29-30
Libas Palace Walfish, Miriam Jewish Girls Around the World Judaica Press 2012 S/O13 4
Noahs Ark Greengard, Alison, Racklin-Siegel, Carol EKS 2004 M/J 04 28-29
Symbols of the Kabbalah: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives Drob, Sanford L. Aronson 2000 S/O 01 12
Gurs Haggadah: Passover in Perdition, The Gutterman, Bella, Morgenstern, Naomi Devora 2003 N/D 03 12
Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust Drucker, Malka, Block, Gay Holmes & Meier M/J 93 11
Wild Faith, A: Jewish Ways into the Wilderness, Wilderness Ways into Judaism Comins, Mike Jewish Lights Publishing 2007 N/D 07 28
Body Wave Cohen, Nancy J. Bad Hair Day Mysteries Kensington Publishing 2002 N/D 02 17
Hoods and Shirts: The Extreme Right in Pennsylvania, 1925-1950 Jenkins, Philip University of North Carolina Press 1997 M/J 97 18
Jews of Oakland and Berkeley Isaac, Frederick Images of America Arcadia Press 2009 N/D 09 22
Midrash Reader, A Neusner, Jacob Augsburg 1990 N/D 90 41923
Shadows of the Holocaust Steinhort, Harriet N/D 83 10
Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary, The Alter, Robert Norton 2004 S/O 05 40
Permed to Death Hair Cohen, Nancy J. Bad Hair Day Mysteries Kensington Publishing 1999 N/D 02 17
Treetops are Whispering, The Mackall, Dandi Daley, Nguyen, Vincent Simon & Schuster 2007 M/J 07 13
Animals in Jewish Thought and Tradition Isaacs, Ronald H. Aronson 2000 N/D 00 9
Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell, A (VIDEO) Kuper, Jack Filmaker Library N/D 93 15
Can You Imagine? Creative Drawing Adventures for the Jewish Holiadys Gold-Vukson, Marji E., Gold-Vukson, Michael Kar-Ben 1992 S/O 92 22
Israel Yomtov, Neil Enchantment of the World Children's Press 2012 S/O12 12-13
Laws in These Parts, The (VIDEO) Cinema Guild 2012 FM13 43
Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher and Bible Scholar Unterman, Yael Modern Jewish Lives, no. 3 Urim 2009 S/O 09 45-46
Story of the Jews: A 4,000-Year Adventure, The Mack, Stan Villard 1998 S/O 98 13
Golem Wisniewski, David Clarion 1996 M/J 97 13
Readings on Conversion to Judaism Epstein, Lawrence J. Aronson 1995 N/D 96 5
When Mindy Saved Hanukkah Kimmel, Eric A., McClintock, Barbara Scholastic 1998 F/M 99 18
Beyond Pearls and Merchant Ships: Finding the Woman of Valor Zakutinsky, Rivka, Drus-Goetz, Bracha Aura Publications 1996 S/O 96 12
History of Jewish Life from Eastern Europe to America, A Meltzer, Milton Aronson 1996 N/D 96 11
Jewish Teachers Handbook Marcus, Audrey F. O 80 15
Matzah Meals: A Passover Cookbook for Kids (rev. ed.) Tabs, Barbara, Steinberg, Judy, Hauser, B. Kar-Ben 2004 M/J 04 31-32
Secrets of the Blood Jackson, Felix F/M 81 5
Family Secret, A Heuvel, Eric, Miller, Lorraine T. Anne Frank House 2009 N/D 09 41986
Papas Latkes Edwards, Michelle, Schuett, Stacey Candlewick Press 2004 N/D 04 18-19
To Vanguish the Dragon Benisch, Pearl Feldheim 1991 M/J 92 14
Album of the Jews in America, An Suhl, Yuri Franklin Watts 1972 Sp 75 15
Entering the Temple of Dreams: Jewish Prayers, Movements, and Meditations for the End of the Day Frankiel, Tamar, Greenfeld, Judy Jewish Lights Publishing 2000 F/M 01 7
Creativity, Holocaust, Reconstruction: Jewish Life in Wuerttemberg Past and Present Dicker, Herman Sepher-Hermon Press 1984 F/M 86 3
In the Storm Aleichem, Sholem S/O 84 4
King David Slavicek, Louise Chipley Ancient World Leaders Series Chelsea House 2008 M/J 09 9
My Life in Pink & Green Greenwald, Lisa Amulet Books 2009 S/O 09 18
Sparrow in the Snow Darel, Sylva Stein & Day 1973 Ap 74 24-25
Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue Celenza, Anna Harwell, Kitchel, JoAnn Charlesbridge 2006 N/D 06 17
Queen of Persia, The Moscowitz, Moshe, Sokoloff, David, Carter, Jon Shazak Productions 2004 M/J 04 36
Wats an Israel? Burstein, Chaya M. N/D 83 10
Because Nothing Looks Like God Kushner, Lawrence, Kushner, Karen, Majewski, Dawn W. Jewish Lights Publishing 2000 F/M 01 16
Yom Kippur War, The Rosenberg, Aaron War and Conflict in the Middle East Series Rosen 2003 S/O 04 52
Hebrew Manuscripts: The Power of Script and Image Tahan, Ilana British Library 2007 N/D 08 21
Jewish Intellectual History in the Middle Ages Binah: Sutdies in Jewish History, Thought and Culture, vol. 3 Praeger 1995 N/D 95 5
Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen McCann, Michelle R., Tryszynska-Frederick, Luba, Marshall, Ann Tricycle Press 2003 N/D 03 31
Sammy Spider's New Friend Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Kar-Ben 2012 N/D12 10-11
Even Higher Ungar, Richard Tundra Books 2007 S/O 07 19
Open Secret: Postmessianic Messianism and the Mystical Revision of Menahem Mendel Schneerson Wolfson, Elliot R. Columbia University Press 2009 S/O 10 40
This is America! Meyer, Henye Israel Bookshop Publications 2012 S/O13 49
13: A Novel Brown, Jason Robert, Elish, Dan Laura Geringer Books 2008 F/M 09 38, 40
Eleven Bullets for Mohammed Arvay, Harry Bantam 1975 Sp76 22
Committed Life: Principles for Good Living from Our Timeless Past, The Jungreis, Esther Cliff Street Books 1998 M/J 99 7
Jewish Ethicist: Everyday Ethics for Business and Life, The Meir, Asher Ktav 2005 S/O 05 48
Lord is My Shepherd, The Ricci, Regolo Tundra Books 2007 N/D 07 8
On Whom I Have Mercy Frame, Veronica Foldes Riverview Publishing 1993 S/O 93 15
Thank God Im a Jewish Boy (AUDIO) Lieberman, Allan Hatikvah Music International N/D 92 26
Hasidism in Israel: A History of the Hasidic Movement and Its Masters in the Holy Land Rabinowicz, Tzvi M. Aronson 2000 N/D 00 12
Sabbath Garden, The Lodstar 1993 M/J 94 11
Year of the Bomb, The Kidd, Ronald Simon & Schuster 2009 N/D 09 11
Burlgar and Other Stories, The Lazewnik, Libby Targum Press 2004 N/D 05 13
Ike and Mama and Trouble at School Snyder, Carol S/O 84 9
Judaism Online: Confronting Spirituality on the Internet Zakar, Susan M. Aronson 1998 F/M 99 14
Mother of the Pound: Memoirs on the Life and History of the Iraqi Jews Kazzaz, David Sepher-Hermon Press for Sephardic House 1999 F/M 01 10
Six Day War, The Broyles, Matthew War and Conflict in the Middle East Series Rosen 2004 S/O 04 50-51
From Hitler to Helmat: The Return of History as Film Kaes, Anton Harvard University Press 1989 M/J 92 16
Power & Powerlessness in Jewish History Biale, David F/M 82 5
Vanishing Gourds: A Sukkot Mystery, The Axe-Bronk, Susan, Monelli, Marta Kar-Ben 2012 N/D12 8