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Titlesort ascending Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Author
War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948, The Rogan, Eugene L., Shlaim, Avi Cambridge University Press 2001 F/M 02 25
War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition Orthodox Forum Series Yeshiva University 2007 S/O 07 53-54
War Against the Jews, The Dawidowicz, Lucy S. Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1975 W75 27
War Against God and his People: a Guide to the Holocaust for Young People, The Burstein, Shmuel Targum Press 2000 F/M 02 36-37
War Klein, Leah The B. Y. Times, no. 4 Feldheim 1991 M/J 92 23
Wanting of Levine, The Halberstam, Michael Lippincott 1978 W78 23
Wanted!: The Search for Nazis in America Blum, Howard Harper & Row 1976 Sp77 27
Wandering Stars Dann, Jack Harper & Row 1974 Ap 74 25
Wanderers Reflections, A Namztlas, Judith F/M 83 3
Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East Dicker, Herman Twayne 1962 Ap 74 24
Waltz of the Shadows, The Herzberger, Magda S/O 84 7
Walter’s Welcome: The Intimate Story of a German-Jewish Family Flight from the Nazis to Peru Echenberg, Eva Neisser, Rasminsky, Judy Sklar Skyhorse Publishing 2018 M/J 2018 23 Share, Ellen
Walls of Jerusalem, The Lesberg, Sandy, Canetti, Nicolai Bobbs Merrill 1976 W77 27
Walls of Cartagena, The Durango, Julia, Pohrt, Tom Simon & Schuster 2008 N/D 08 30
Wallenberg: The Man in the Iron Web Lester, Elenore M/J 83 3
Wall: A Modern Fable, The Sutcliffe, William Walker Books 2013 M/J13 7
Wall of Two: Poems of Resistance and Suffering from Krakow to Buchenwald and Beyond, A Karmel, Henia, Karmel, Ilona University of California Press 2007 M/J 08 20
Walking through Israel Gavron, Daniel S/O 81 13
Walking the Bible: An Illustrated Journey for Kids Through the Greatest Stories Ever Told Feiler, Bruce HarperCollins 2004 F/M 05 26
Walk Together, Children: A Collection of Black and Jewish Music (SOUND) Williams, Denise 2006 S/O 08 37
Walk Through Jubilees: Studies in the Book Jubilees and the World of its Creation, A Kugel, James L. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, 156 Brill 2012 S/O12 40
Walk the Dark Streets Baer, Edith Farrar 1998 F/M 99 16
Wake Up, Wake Up, to Do the Work of the Creator Helmreich, William B. Harper & Row 1976 Sp77 28
Wake Up Mish and Mush - A Story About Negel Vasser Diamond, Shani, Teleshevsky, Sarah Baila, Niasoff, Nissa Mish and Mush, book 1 Feldheim 2002 N/D 02 29
Waiting Wall, The Braunstein, Leah Levy, Katz, Avi Hachai 2009 N/D 09 15
Waiting for the Messiah: Stories to Inspire Jews with Hope Staiman, Mordechai Aronson 1997 F/M 98 41986
Waiting for Mama Moskin, Marietta Coward 1974 W75 29
Waiting for Eugene Lowenstein, Sallie Lion Stone Books 2006 N/D 05 13
Wait! It's Friday Barash, Chris, Grove, Christine Apples and Honey Press 2019 M/J 2019 21 Cole, Ellen
Wailing Wall Liberman, Judith Weinshall, Davis, Gail Dog Ear Publishers 2017 M/J 2018 18 Eskin, Marcie
Voyage Unplanned Yerby, Frank Dial Press 1974 D 74 27
Voyage of the Damned Thomas, Gordon, Witts, Max Morgan Stein & Day 1974 D 74 30
Voyage Geras, Adele M/J 83 9
Volcano Sequence, The Ostriker, Alicia Suskin University of Pittsburgh Press 2002 S/O 02 32
Volac (AUDIO) Zorn, John, Friedlander, Erik Tzadik 2007 M/J 08 46
Voicing the Void: Muteness and Memory in Holocaust Fiction Horowitz, Sara R. SUNY Press 1997 M/J 97 17
Voices Within the Ark: The Modern Jewish Poets Schwartz, Howard, Rudoff, Anthony Avon 1980 F 81 6
Voices within the Ark Schwartz, Howard Sp 81 6
Voices of Wisdom Klagsbrun, Francine Pantheon 1980 Sp80 13
Voices of the Shoah: Remembrances of the Holocaust: An Audio Documentary (AUDIO) Notowitz, David Rhino Records 2000 S/O 00 39
Voices of the Shoah: Remembrances of the Holocaust: An Audio Documentary Notowitz, David Jewish Federation of Los Angeles; Rhino Records 2000 S/O 00 39
Voices of the Matriarchs: Listening to the Prayers of Early Modern Jewish Women Weissler, Chava Beacon Press 1998 S/O 00 31-32
Voices from the Paterson Silk Mills Wallerstein, Jane Arcadia Publishing 2000 S/O 01 21-22
Voices from the Holocaust Roth, Sylvia N/D 81 12
Voices from Israel: Understanding the Israeli Mind Levine, Etan Cornwall Books 1986 S/O 86 8
Voices from Genesis, Guiding Us Through the Stages of Life Cohen, Norman J. Jewish Lights Publishing 1998 N/D 99 41828
Voices from a Time: A Novel Bonucci, Silvia, King, Martha Steerforth Italia 2006 S/O 07 42
Voices & Views: A History of the Holocaust Dwork, Deborah Rowman & Littlefield 2002 M/J 03 14
Voice Shall Sing Forth: Commentary of the Dubner Maggid on the Song of Songs, A Kranz, Jacob ben Wolf, Zucker, David M. Feldheim 2008 M/J 10 35
Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages, The: An Anthology of Documents from the Ciaro Geniza Cohen, Mark R. Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World Series Princeton University Press 2005 F/M 06 29, 31
Voice of Nobles: Commentary of the Dubner Maggid on the Book of Ecclesiastes, The Kranz, Jacob ben Wolf, Zucker, David Feldheim 2009 M/J 10 35
Vladimir Jabotinsky’s Story of My Life Jabotinsky, Vladimir, Horowitz, Brian, Katsis, Leonid Wayne State University Press 2016 M/J 2016 31 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Vive la Paris Codell, Esme Raji Hyperion 2006 S/O 06 13
Visiting a Synagogue Nason, Ruth Start-up Religion Series Cherrytree Books 2005 N/D 05 20-21
Visit with Ktonton in Story and Song Weilerstein, Sadie Rose S/O 85 7
Visions, Images, and Dreams Goldman, Eric N/D 84 4
Visions of the Psalms: Through the Gate of Colors Berger, Moshe Tzvi Halevi Feldheim 2005 F/M 06 28-29
Visions of the Night: A Study of Jewish Dream Interpretation Covitz, Joel Shambhala 1990 F/M 92 17-18
Vision of Eden, The: Animal Welfare and Vegetarianism in Jewish Law and Mysticism Sears, David Orot 2004 M/J 04 21-22
Vision Confonts Reality: Historical Perspectives on the Contemporary Jewish Agenda Kozodoy, Ruth, Sidorsky, David, Sultanik, Kalman The Herzl Yearbook, no. 9 Associated University Presses 1989 F/M 90 18
Vision and Leadership: Reflections on Joseph and Moses Soloveitchik, Joseph B., Shatz, David, Wolowelsky, Joel B., Ziegler, Reuven Ktav 2013 S/O13 42
Virtually Jewish: Reinventing Jewish Culture in Europe Gruber, Ruth Ellen University of California Press 2002 N/D 02 12
Virtual Kibbutz: Stories from a Changing Society, The Shuman, Ellis iUniverse 2003 S/O 03 13, 15
Violin Players, The Sherman, Eileen Bluestone JPS 1998 M/J 99 18
Vinnese Types Mayer, Emil Blinkd River Press 1999 S/O 00 15
Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook: Garden-Fresh Recipes Rediscovered and Adapted for Today’s Kitchen Lewando, Fania Schocken 2015 S/O 2016 10 Feder, Debbie
Vilna on the Seine: Jewish Intellectuals in France since 1968 Friedlander, Judith Yale University Press 1990 M/J 91 11
Vilna Cohen, Israel JPS 1992 S/O 92 17-18
Village of a Million Spirits: A Novel of the Treblinka Uprising MacMillan, Ian Penguin 1999 S/O 00 33
Villa on the Seine: Jewish Intellectuals in France Since 1968 Friedlander, Judith Yale Univ. Pr. 1990 M/J 91 11
Viktor Frankl: A Life Worth Living Redsand, Anna S. Clarion 2006 N/D 06 8
View from Jacobs Ladder, The: One Hundred Midrashim Curzon, David JPS 1996 F/M 97 8
Viennese Types Mayer, Emil Blind River Press 1999 S/O 00 15-16
Vienna Revisited Freda, Ulman Fithian Press 1995 M/J 96 12
Vidal and His Family: From Salonica to Paris, The Story of a Sephardic Family in the Twenieth Century Morin, Edgar, Montuori, Alfonso Sussex Academic Press 2008 S/O 10 35
Victory: Resistance Book 3 Jablonski, Carla, Purvis, Leland Roaring Brook Press 2012 M/J13 1
Victory Gardens of Brooklyn, The: A Novel Gerber, Merrill Joan Library of Modern Jewish Literature Syracuse University Press 2007 N/D 08 7
Victory for Us is to See You Suffer: In the West Bank with the Palestinians and the Israelis Winsow, Philip C. Beacon Press 2007 M/J 08 29-30
Victor Frankl: A Life Worth Living Redsand, Anna S. Clarion 2006 N/D 06 8
Victim, The Bellow, Saul Vanguard 1947 Sp77 30
Vichy France and the Jews 2nd ed. Marrus, Michael R., Paxton, Robert O. Stanford University Press 2019 F/M 2020 28 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Veterans of History: A Young Perosn's History of the Jewish, The Silver, MItchell Boston Workmen's Circle S/O 14 47 Isaac, Fred
Very Special Yarmulke, A Dolinger, Leah S 80 10
Very Near to You: Human Readings of the Torah Burg, Avraham Gefen 2012 M/J 12 22-23
Very First Rainbow: Noach and the Mabul, The Blaivas, C., Blaivas, Z. Israel Book Shop Publications 2007 S/O 07 9
Very Best Place for a Penny, The Rosenfeld, Dina H. N/D 84 6
Verseful of Jewish Holidays, A Gordon, Ellen, Katz, Avi Mazo Publishers 2008 F/M 09 46
Vernacular Voices: Language and Identity in Medieval French Jewish Communities Fudeman, Kristen A. University of Pennsylvania Press 2010 N/D 10 18-19
Venetian Policeman, The Rabb, M. E. Missing Persons Series Penguin 2004 N/D 04 17
Venetian Ghetto, The Cooperman, Bernard, Curiel, Roberta Rizzoli 1990 M/J 91 9
Vegetarian Judaism: A Guide for Everyone Kalechofsky, Roberta Micah Publications 1998 S/O 00 14
Vegetarian Judaism: A Guide for Everyone Kalechofsky, Roberta Micah Publications 1998 S/O 00 14
Vayetse Yaakov, Jacobs Travels: Excerpted from the Book of Genesis Greengard, Alison, Racklin-Siegel, Carol EKS 2006 M/J 06 9
Vayaged Yehonatan: The Eybeshitz Haggadah Hammer, Shalom Devorah 2008 N/D 08 13, 15
Vatican-Israel Accords, The: Political, Legal, and Theological Contexts Berger, Marshall J. University of Notre Dame Press 2004 M/J 05 32
Varian Fry: Hero of the Holocaust Price, Sean Raintree Fusion Series Raintree 2008 S/O 08 57
Vanishing Gourds: A Sukkot Mystery, The Axe-Bronk, Susan, Monelli, Marta Kar-Ben 2012 N/D12 8
Vanishing Girl: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 3rd Case Peacock, Shane Tundra Books 2009 N/D 09 11
Vanished History: The Holocaust in Czech and Slovak Historical Culture Sniegon, Tomas Making Sense of History: Studies in Historical Cultures; 18 Berghahn Books 2014 N/D 14 34 Silverburg, Sanford R.
Van Goghs Last Painting and Other Stories from the Edge Gordon, Paul Samson Publishing 2001 N/D 01 17