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Titlesort descending Author/Editor Series Publisher Year Issue P Review Author
Black Judaism: Story of an American Movement Landing, James E. Carolina Academic Press 2002 S/O 04 19
Black Seasons, The Glowinski, Michal, Shore, Marci Northwestern University Press 2005 N/D 05 27
Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self Walker, Rebecca Riverhead Books 2001 N/D 02 16
Black-Jewish Relations: The View from the State Capitols Cohen, Kitty O. Cornwall Books 1988 F/M 89 6
Blacklisted: Hollywood, the Cold War, and the First Amendment Brimner, Larry Dane Calkins Creek 2018 M/J 2019 17 Quay, Alex
Blackwell Companion to Jewish Culture: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Abramson, Glenda Blackwell 1989 F/M 90 14
Bless Your Heart Bea, Holly, Howard, Kim Starseed Press 2001 F/M 02 39
Blessed Are You: A Comprehensive Guide to Jewish Prayer Cohen, Jeffrey H. Aronson 1993 S/O 93 17-18
Blessed Are You: Traditional Everyday Hebrew Prayers Edwards, Michelle Lothrop, Lee and Shepard 1993 M/J 93 16
Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh (VIDEO) Grossman, Roberta Katadin Productions and Balcony 2009 S/O 09 49
Blessing and the Curse, The Bayer, Linda JPS 1988 N/D 88 8
Blessing Cup, The Polacco, Patricia Simon & Schuster 2013 S/O13 2
Blessing of a Broken Heart, The Mandell, Sherri Toby Press 2003 N/D 03 14
Blessing of the Animals, The Rosen, Michael Farrar 2000 F/M 01 16
Blessing of the Animals, The Rosen, Michael Fararr, Straus and Giroux 2000 M/J 01 16
Blessings Plain, Belva Delacorte Press 1989 F/M 90 18
Blindmans Bluff Kellerman, Faye Morrow 2009 N/D 09 27
Blood and Iron: From Bismarck to Hitler The Von Moltke Familys Impact on German History Otto, Friedrich Harper Perennial 1996 F/M 97 16
Blood Cries Weisman, John Viking 1987 N/D 87 15
Blood Diamond Tide, A Elon, Amos Columbia University Press 1997 M/J 99 7
Blood for Thought: The Reinvention of Sacrifice in Early Rabbinic Literature Balberg, Mira University of California Press 2017 M/J 2018 21 Belinfante, Randall C.
Blood Libel and its Derivatives: The Scourge of Anti-Semitism Israeli, Raphael Transaction Publishers 2012 N/D12 34-35
Blood Libels Sinclair, Clive Farrar 1986 S/O 86 10
Blood Money Krich, Rochelle Twilight 1999 F/M 99 15
Blood Relations Konigsberg, Eric HarperCollins 2005 M/J 06 28
Blood Relations Silman, Roberta Atlantic-Little Brown 1977 Sp77 26
Blood Secret Lasky, Kathryn HarperCollins 2004 N/D 04 15-16
Bloody September Haddad, C. A. Harper & Row 1976 Sp77 25
Blooms Modern Critical Views: David Mamet Bloom, Harold Chelsea House Publishers 2004 F/M 04 14-15
Blooms of Darkness Appelfeld, Aharon, Green, Jeffrey M. Schocken Books 2010 M/J 10 25
Blue Nude: A Novel Rosner, Elizabeth Ballantine Books 2006 S/O 06 33
Blue Thread Feldman, Ruth Tenzer Ooligan Press 2012 M/J 12 6
Blues Clues Chanukah (#14), A Lissy, Jessica, Kanemoto, Dan, Oxley, Jennifer Simon Spotlight 2003 F/M 04 36
Blues in the Night Krich, Rochelle Ballantine Books 2002 N/D 02 18
Boardwalk, The Kotlowitz, Robert Knopf 1976 Sp77 25
Boat of Many Rooms: The Story of Noah in Verse, The Lewis, J. Patrick Atheneum 1997 F/M 98 16
Boat of Stone Earl, Maureen Permanent Press 1993 M/J 93 15
Boats of Cherbourg: The Secret Israeli Operation that Revolutionized Naval Warfare, The Rabinovich, Abraham Seaver 1988 S/O 88 8
Bob Alper: Rabbi / Stand-up Comic (Really) (AUDIO) Alper, Bob Isaac Productions 1992 N/D 93 15-16
Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet Rogovoy, Seth Scribner 2009 N/D 10 22
Bob Dylan: Voice ofa Generation Roberts, Jeremy Lerner 2005 S/O 05 10
Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do Everything Dublin, Anne Second Story Press 2004 S/O 04 44
Bobby Wonderful: an Imperfect Son Buries his Parents Morris, Bob Twelve 2015 F/M 2016 28 Stahl, Sheryl F.
Bobe Mayse: A Tale of Washington Square Bogen, Nancy Twickenham Press 1993 M/J 9? 13
Bodies and Souls: The Tragic Plight of Three Jewish Women Forced into Prostitution in the Americas Vincent, Isabel Morrow 2005 M/J 06 31
Body of Brooklyn, The Lazar, David University of Iowa Press 2003 M/J 04 18
Body of Faith: God and the People of Israel, The Wyschogrod, Michael Aronson 1996 M/J 97 9
Body Wave Cohen, Nancy J. Bad Hair Day Mysteries Kensington Publishing 2002 N/D 02 17
Body Wave Cohen, Nancy J. Kensington Books 2002 F/M 03 21
Boker Tov! Good Morning! Black, Joe, Brown, Rick Kar-Ben 2009 N/D 09 17
Bold as a Leopard ( The Chronicles of Meir ben Yaakov) Walfish, Miriam Judaica Press 2018 M/J 2019 10 Levine, Joyce
Boldness of an Halakhist: an Analysis of the Writings of Rabbi Yechiel Mechel Halevi Epstein the Arukh Hashulhan: A Collection of Social-Anthropological Essays, The Fishbane, Simcha Academic Studies Press 2008 F/M 09 9
Bomb in the Basement: How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World, The Karpin, Michael Simon & Schuster 2006 F/M 06 34
Bombing, The (VIDEO) Bitton, Simone, dir. First Run/Icarus Films 1999 N/D 01 18
Bomerang: When Lifes Comes Back to Bite Your Fine, Marcia Xlibris Corporation 2003 N/D 03 8
Bondis Brother Roth, Irving, Roth, Edward Shoah Educational Enterprise 2004 F/M 07 14-15
Bone Button Borscht Davis, Aubrey Kids Can Press 1995 F/M 97 13
Bone to the Bone Shaman, Nathan Grove Press 1993 S/O 94 7
Bonhoeffer (VIDEO) Doblmeier, Martin First Run/Icarus Films 2003 F/M 04 13-14
Bonjour Lonnie Ringgold, Faith Hyperion Books for Children 1996 N/D 97 18
Boogaloo on 2nd Avenue: A Novel of Pastry, Guilt and Music Kurlansky, Mark Ballantine Books 2005 S/O 05 39
Book and the Sword: A Life of Learning in the Shadow of Destruction, The Halivni, David Weiss Westview Press 1996 F/M 99 13
Book in the Jewish World 1700-1900, The Gries, Zeev Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2007 F/M 08 39
Book of Abraham, The Halter, Marek, Bair, Lowell Holt 1986 S/O 86 9
Book of Challenges (AUDIO) Hajdu, Andre Israel Music Insittute 2006 F/M 08 47
Book of Great Worth, A Margoshes, Dave Coteau Books 2012 M/J13 40
Book of Haftarot for Shabbat, Festivals and Fast Days: An Easy-To-Read Translation with Commentary, The Scharfstein, Sol Ktav 2006 N/D 07 37
Book of Isaiah, The Ginsberg, H. L., Gross, Chaim JPS 1974 D 74 28
Book of Jewish Books: A Readers Guide to Judaism, The Frank, Ruth, Sollheim, William Harper & Row 1986 N/D 86 5
Book of Jewish Customs, The Lutske, Harvey Aronson 1986 N/D 86 6
Book of Jewish Ethical Concetps: Biblical and Postbiblical, A Bioch, Abraham P. Ktav 1985 N/D 85 41702
Book of Jewish Knowledge: 613 Basic Facts About Judaism, The Cahn-Lipman, David E. Aronson 1991 F/M 92 18
Book of Jewish Sacred Practices: CLALs Guide to Everyday & Holiday Rituals & Blessings, The Kula, Irwin, Ochs, Vanessa L. Jewish Lights Publishing 2001 F/M 02 22
Book of Jewish Values: A Day by Day Guide to Ethical Living, The Telushkin, Joseph Crown 2000 M/J 00 16
Book of Jewish Women’s Prayers, A Tarnor, Norman Aronson 1995 N/D 95 5
Book of Job: Annotated & Explained, The Kraus, Donald Jewish Lights Publishing 2012 M/J13 27-28
Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person, The Kushner, Harold S. Schocken 2012 M/J13 28
Book of Lamentations: A Meditation and Translation, The Slavitt, David R. Johns Hopkins University Press 2001 F/M 02 27-28
Book of Lights, The Potok, Chaim s.n. N/D 81 14
Book of Miracles: A Young Peoples Guide to Jewish Spirituality, The Kushner, Lawrence URJ Press 1987 F/M 88 6
Book of Mischief: New and Selected Stories, The Stern, Steve Graywolf Press 2012 N/D12 44
Book of Modern Jewish Etiquette, The Latner, Helen s.n. M/J 82 2
Book of Names: A Novel, The Gregory, Jill, Tintori, Karen St. Martin's 2007 M/J 07 31
Book of New Israeli Food, The: A Culinary Journey Gur, Janna Schocken Books 2007 N/D 08 13
Book of Praise, The: Dialogues on the Psalms Van Doren, Mark, Samuel, Maurice John Day 1974 D 74 30
Book of Psalms in Plain English: A Contemporary Reading of Tehillim, The Lichtenstein, Aaron Urim 2006 M/J 07 27-28
Book of Psalms: A Translation with Commentary, The Alter, Robert W. W. Norton & Company 2007 M/J 08 32
Book of Ruth, A Leahy, Syrell Rogovin Simon & Shuster 1975 Sp75 25
Book of Stone, The Papernick, Jonathan Fig Tree Books 2015 S/O 2015 25 Gremillion, Yossi
Book of the Jewish Life, The David, Jo, Syme, Daniel B. UAHC Press 1997 M/J 98 19-20
Book of the Unknown, The: Tales of the Thirty-Six Keats, Jonathan Random House 2009 N/D 08 7
Book of the World: A Prallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Two Versions of the Text, The Ibn Ezra, Abraham, Sela, Shlomo Etudes sur le Judaisme Medieval, t. 39 Brill 2010 N/D 10 20-21
Book of Trees, The Lieberman, Leanne Orca 2010 N/D 10 41955
Book of Tziril Wadlman, Bess s.n. S/O 81 3
Book of Words, The Kushner, Lawrence Jewish Lights Publishing 1993 M/J 94 9
Book That Was Lost: Thirty-Five Stories, A Agnon, S. Y. Toby Press 2008 F/M 09 20
Book Thief, The Zusak, Markus Knopf 2006 S/O 06 10
Books are Treasures Bogot, Howard I. s.n. N/D 82 7
Books for Children of the World: The Story of Jella Lepman Pearl, Sydelle, Iantorno, Danlyn Pelican Publishing Company 2007 S/O 07 11, 14
Books of Rachel, The Gross, Joel Seaview Books 1979 W79 23