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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Snyder, Carol Ike and Mama and Trouble at School S/O 84 9
Skye, Ione My Yiddish Vacation S/O 14 48 Dublin, Anne
Smith, Wilbur Eagle in the Sky Sp75 25-26
Marcus, Joseph Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland S/O 83 3
Mindel, Nissan Complete Story of Purim F/M 83 5
Sochuk & Eisenberg Momentous Century S/O 84 6
Goldsmith, John Exodus 43 N/D 82 11
Levine, Gemma We Live in Israel S/O 84 10
Miner, Viviane From My Grandmothers Kitchen N/D 84 5
Geras, Adele Voyage M/J 83 9
Livingston, Myra Cohn Poems for Jewish Holidays F/M 90 19
Adler, David A. Number on My Grandfathers Arm, The N/D 89 8
Muchnik, Michael Tuvias Train that Had No End Ma 79 7
Naylor, Phyllis R. Solomon System, The S/O 84 9
Jacobs, Sidney J. Jewish Word Book, The N/D 82 2
Rosenfeld, Alvin Confronting the Holocaust O 79 6
Appelfeld, Aharon Badenheim 1939 S/O 81 7
Lopman, MK Dov To Unify a Nation: My Vision for the Future of Israel S/O14 16 Pinchuck, Kathe
Lester, Elenore Wallenberg: The Man in the Iron Web M/J 83 3
Unsdorfer, S. B. Yellow Star, The, 3rd ed. M/J 84 6
Leitner, Isabella Fragments of Isabella Ma 79 7
Adelson, Dorothy Opeartion Susannah N/D 83 7
Saypol, Judyth R. My Very Own Haggadah N/D 83 9
Tamir, Nachman Polish Jewry, 1914-1939 Before the Holocaust F/M 83 5
Schram, Peninnah Eight Tales for Eight Nights N/D 81 12
Hubner, Carol Korb Tattered Tallis, The Ma 80 7
Zimmerman, Andrea G. Yetta the Trickster Ma 79 7
Wdowinski, David And We Are Not Saved M/J 86 4
Hutton, Warwick Jonah and the Great Fish S/O 84 8
Karlinsky, Isaiah My First Book of Mitzvos M/J 86 6
Bar-On, Dan Elgacy of Silence F/M 90 14
Lederman, Diana Make Me A Match Series F/M 90 19
Savta Simcha and the Seven Splendid Gifts F/M 88 7
Greene, Meg Elena Kagan: A Biography S/O14 33 Pastcan, Ben
Gottlieb, Yaffa Leba Gift of Challahs, The N/D 82 7
Bermant, Chaim Patriarch, The S/O 81 7
Dream of a Thousand Years N/D 90 12
Jewish Stories from the Old World to the New (AUDIO) F/M 00 12
Klenicki, Leon Dictionary of the Jewish-Christian Dialogue M/J 84 3
Levinson, Riki Watch the Stars Come Out M/J 86 5
Derman, Martha Friendstone, The M/J 82 7
Gevirtz, Eliezer Mystery of the Missing Pushke, The N/D 84 7
Katz, Jacob Shabbes Goy, The F/M 90 16
Goldman, Mitzi Ports of Destiny (VIDEO) N/D 01 18
Stone, Susan Angels Wings and Other Stories from the Diamond Tree (AUDIO) S/O 92 23
Dintenfass, Mark Old World, New World F/M 83 2
Blankman, Anne Prisoner of Night and Fog = S/O14 41-42 Krasner, Barbara
Hersh, Gizelle Gizelle, Save the Children S/O 81 5
Ucko, Henry Zvi Triumph and Other Stories, The S/O 93 16
Showalter, Dennis Little Man. What Now?: Der Sturmer in the Weimar Republic N/D 82 3
Bogot, Howard I. Yoni F/M 83 5
Halpern, Chaiky Dangerous Dreidle Ride, The S/O 82 9
Gevirtz, Eliezer Lehovin Ulehaskil N/D 82 2
Baer, Jean Self-Chosen: Our Crowd is Dead S/O 82 5
Epstein, Seymour Special Destiny, A S/O 86 9
Adler, David A. Story of Passover, The S/O14 48-49 Blooomfield, Katy
Mindel, Nissan Complete Story of Tishrei N/D 82 6
Elkins, Dov Moments of Transcendence F/M 91 17
Leviant, Curt Passion in the Desert F/M 81 6
Hirsh, Marilyn Tower of Babel, The A/M 81 8
Segal, Yocheved Our Sages Showed the Way (vol. 1) S 80 10
Story of Mimmy, Simmy F/M 86 6
Goldreich, Gloria Four Days F/M 81 5
Schneerson, Menachem M. Thought for the Week, A S/O 83 4
Kabakoff, Jacob Jewish Book Annual, 1987-1988 S/O 88 7
Rembrandt, Elaine Heroes, Heroines and Holidays N/D 81 11
Melek, Jacques Lyrics of Love M/J 82 2
Greene, Laura I Am An Orthodox Jew O 79 8
Van Rjndt, Philippe Trail of Adolf Hitler Ma 79 5
Cutter, Charles Jewish Reference Sources N/D 84 2
Melvin, Shelley Quick and Easy Chosen Cookbook Series N/D 84 5
Frankel, William Survey of Jewish Affairs 1982 S/O 84 7
Langley, Lee From the Broken Tree Ma 79 5
Askenasy, Hans Hitlers Secret S/O 84 5
Epstein, Helen Children of the Holocaust O 79 5
Dayan, Yael Three Weeks in October O 79 5
Tamir, Nachman Polish Jewry, 1914-1939 Before the Holocaust F/M 88 8
Borssuck, B. Star of David Needlepoint Book, The Ma 80 5
Sevela, Efraim Why There is No Heaven on Earth N/D 82 8
Falk, Marcia Lee Song of Songs: Love Poems from the Bible, The O 80 15
Greenfeld, Howard Bar Mitzvah N/D 81 15
Yeshiva Me'on Hatorah Taste of Pesach: Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results S/O14 26 Feder, Debbie
Freeman, Cynthia No Time for Tears F/M 82 5
Schwartz, Howard, Bush, Barbara Diamond Tree, The: Jewish Tales from Around the World F/M 92 22
Kohner, Hann & Walter Hanna and Walter: A Love Story M/J 84 2
Irving, Clive Promise the Earth M/J 83 4
Hoefnagel, Marian Anne Frank: Her Life S/O14 33-34 Siskind, Leda
Dream of a Thousand Years (VIDEO) N/D 90 12
Hanover, Nathan Abyss of Despair S/O 83 3
Strom, Yale Tree Still Stands: Jewish Youth in Eastern Europe Today, A F/M 91 23
Hirshaut, Julien Jewish Martyrs of Pawiak M/J 83 3
Yidishe Gauchos, The (VIDEO) S/O 92 22
Flender, Harold Rescue in Denmark S/O 81 6
Fine, Ellen S. Legacy of Night S/O 82 7
Ladder of Angels O 80 13
Keneally, Thomas Schindler’s List F/M 94 7
Farrant, Natasha What We Did for Love: Resistance, Heartbreak, Betrayal S/O14 41 Dublin, Anne
Romberg, Henry C. Bris Milah F/M 83 4
Haramati, Shlomo Havanat Bassidur UVamikra = Didactic Principles and Frequency List S/O 86 41797
Hurwitz, Johanna Rabbis Girls, The M/J 82 7


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