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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Kaufman, Stephen Does Anyone Here Know the Way to 13? M/J 86 5
Finkel, Sara Classic Kosher Cooking F/M 90 14
Rome, David Recent Canadian Jewish Authors and La Langue Francaise 26085 13-14
Chaikin, Miriam Esther F/M 81 7
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) S/O 96 16
Winkler, Gershon Hostage Torah, The S/O 81 10
Kerr, Judith Small Person Far Away, The S 80 7
Grade, Chaim Rabbis and Wives M/J 83 3
Greenfeld, Howard Purim F/M 83 5
Greenstein, Howard R. Judaism - An Eternal Covenant M/J 83 3
Klein, Ilona M. Feelin Jewish M/J 86 6
Baer, Edith Frost in the Night, A S/O 81 10
Eisenberg, Dennis Mossad, The Ma 79 6
Patterson, Charles Anti-Semitism N/D 82 6
Haiblum, Isidore Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders, The S/O 82 6
Bloch, Abraham Day by Day in Jewish History S/O 83 2
Adler, David A. Bible Fun Book: Puzzles, Riddles, Magic & More O 79 7
Fink, Greta Great Jewish Women, Profiles of Courageous Women S 78 4
Katz, Mordechai Lilmod Ulelamade N/D 82 2
David, Avrohom, Kleinkaufman, Avrohom Metsudah Chumash / Rashi Genesis: A New Linear Translation F/M 92 19
Adler, David A. Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir S/O 84 9
Muhlstein, Anka Baron James: the Rise of the French Rothschilds S/O 84 6
Rapoport, Nessa Preparing for the Sabbath S/O 81 10
Hautzig, Esther Gift for Momma, A A/M 81 5
Rice, Tim Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat M/J 82 7
Goldreich, Gloria This Promised Land N/D 82 1
Mirel, Barbara Relationships: A Jewish View M/J 83 8
Krasilovsky, Phyllis L.C. is the Greatest W75 30
Eisen, Arnold H. Chosen People in America, The M/J 84 4
Yacowitz, Caryn I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel S/O14 53-54 Katz, Lisa
Schiffman, Ruth Turning the Corner F/M 82 9
Katsis, L. F. and Helen Tolstoy, eds., Rochlin, Elen, trans. Jewishness in Russian Culture: WIthin and Wihtout Studia Judaeoslavica, 7 S/O14 15
Phillips, Mildred Sign in the Window, The F/M 86 7
Said, Edward W. Question of Palestine, The S 80 8
Singer, Isaac Bashevis Golem, The F/M 83 5
Norman, Stern Ellen Elie Wiesel: Witness for Life S/O 82 8
Kugel, James L. The Great Shift: Encountering God in Biblical Times M/J 2019 32 Gordon, Ilka Book Adult
Gavron, Daniel Walking through Israel S/O 81 13
Yehudis Goes to Gan F/M 82 2
Miller, Deborah University Only Nine Chairs F/M 82 9
Weinbach, Shaindel Three Merchants and Other Stories, The S/O 84 9
Snyder, Carol Ike and Mama and the Once-a-year Suit Ma 79 7
Lieberman, Allan Thank God Im a Jewish Boy (AUDIO) N/D 92 26
Kalechofsky, Roberta Philosophy of Judaism, The F/M 83 2
Moskovitz, Sarah Love Despite Hate M/J 83 4
Cohen, Barbara Mollys Pilgrim N/D 83 9
Leipzig, Arthur Sarahs Daughters S/O 88 7
Hartheimer, Eva Jacobson Bestenai (adapted from Marcus Lehman) N/D 84 8
Cohen, Barbara Yussels Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story N/D 82 4
Ophir, Natan Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: Life, Mission, and Legacy Modern Jewish Lives M/J 15 34 Gordon, Ilka
Zar, Rose In the Mouth of the Wolf S/O 84 10
AvRutick, Frances R. Complete Passover Cookbook, The S/O 81 13
Lustig, Arnost Dita Saxova Ma 80 4
Clifford, Eth Remembering Box, The F/M 86 6
Levoy, Myron Hanukkah of Great Uncle Otto N/D 84 6
Mazer, Harry Last Mission, The Ma 89 9
Jackson, Felix Secrets of the Blood F/M 81 5
McGinty, Alice B Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons S/O14 32 Marks, Allison
Lehmann, Marcus Between Two Worlds F/M 83 5
Pomerantz, Barbara Bubby, Me and Memories S/O 84 9
Freedman, Russel Immigrant Kids O 80 12
Tammuz, Benjamin Requiem for Naaman S/O 82
Bernbaum, Israel My Brothers Keeper S/O 85 6
Drucker, Malka Hanukkah: Eight Nights, Eight Lights O 80 12
Blatter, Janet Art of the Holocaust M/J 82 2
Rochlin, Harriet & Fred Pioneer Jews S/O 89 9
Levitan, Sonia Sound to Remember, A O 79 7
Zadoff, Allen I Am the Mission The Unknown Assassin: Book Two S/O14 39 Pinchuck, Kathe
Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond (AUDIO) M/J 96 14
Bermant, Chaim Hosue of Women, The N/D 89 8
Malamud, Bernard Gods Grace F/M 83 2
Steinhort, Harriet Shadows of the Holocaust N/D 83 10
Kraft, Betsy H. Coal (rev. ed.) W83 13
Lasky, Jesse L. Offer, The M/J 82 2
Who Knows One? S/O 82 9
Silver, MItchell Veterans of History: A Young Perosn's History of the Jewish, The S/O 14 47 Isaac, Fred
Day Grandpa Died, The (VIDEO) Sp75 29
Demetz, Hana House on Prague Street, The O 80 12
Tarr, Herbert So Help Me God O 79 6
Slater, Robert Great Jews in Sports S/O 84 10
Brook, Vincent and Marat Grinberg, eds. Woody on Rye: Jewishness in the Films and Plays of Woody Allen S/O14 6 Ben-Gad, Shmuel
Leviton, Roberta Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook, The Ma 79 6
Rosenzweig, Efraim M. We Jews O 79 6
Ginsburgh, Judy Caplan Jewish Entertainment Resource Directory, The M/J 95 14
Burstein, Chaya M. Joseph and Annas Time Capsule N/D 84 7
Kitman, Carol One Mezuzah S/O 84 8
Gross, Joel This Year in Jerusalem S/O 83 2
Kantor, Mathis Jewish Time-Line Encyclopedia N/D 89 13
Darrid, William Solomon Moon S/O 84 4
Kogel, Judith Joseph Seniri: Commentary on the Former Prophets - A Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text wtih Introductory Essays on Grammatical Exegesis in Thirteenth-Century Provence S/O14 15 Roth, Pinchas
Strauss, Walter Signs of Life: Jews from Wuerttemberg N/D 84 11
Townsend, John T. Midrash Tanhuma (S. Buber Recension) F/M 90 17
Wiesel, Elie Golem, The S/O 84 9
Goitein, S. D. Mediterranean Society, 5: The Individual N/D 88 6
Yehudis Goes to Gan S/O 82 9
Hubner, Carol Korb Haunted Shul, The Ma 80 7
Cohen, Barbara Here Come the Purim Players M/J 84 6
Tamir, Nachman Polish Jewry 1914-1939 Before the Holocaust M/J 87 4
Kossoff, Philip Valiant Heart: A Biography of Heinrich Heine S/O 84 6
Multi-Lingual Scholar (v. 2.9) (SOFTWARE) M/J 87 5


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