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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Safran, Eliyahu Crisis and Hope N/D 87 6
Von Lang, Jochem Eichmann Interrogated S/O 84 5
Saypol, Judyth R. My Very Own Shavuout Book F/M 83 6
Dolan, Edward F. Matters of Life and Death W83 13
Temchin, Michael Witch Doctor S/O 83 4
Greenspan, Jay Seth Hebrew Calligraphy N/D 81 12
Krefetz, Gerald Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality F/M 83 3
Issues in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Jewish Perspectives on Covenant, Mission, and Witness F/M 82 6
Zail, Suzy Playing for the Commandant S/O14 45 Lenson, Heather
Richler, Mordecai Smon Gursky was Here S/O 90 17
Becker, Joyce Bible Crafts N/D 82 11
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, Lieblich, Irene Tale of Three Wishes, A F/M 92 21
Ballen, Gloria Abella Power of the Hebrew Alphabet, The S/O14 4
Shukis Upside Down Dream M/J 86 5
Tillem, Ivan L. Jewish Directory and Almanac, 1986 S/O 86 6
Branover, Herman Return N/D 82 2
Houminer, Shemuel, Gross, Kalmen Faith and Trust M/J 94 41860
Rosenthal, Sally Mazo Frogs S/O14 51 Katz, Lisa
Levine, Faye Solomon and Sheba A/M 81 5
Greenblatt, Rachel L. To Tell Their Children: Jewish Communal Memory in Early Modern Prague Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture S/O14 13 Sukenic, Harvey
Katz, Mordechai Lishmor VLaasos N/D 82 2
Vorspan, Albert You Packed the Cat in the Suitcase?! Ma 79 7
Richler, Mordecai Joshua Then and Now F/M 81 6
Fiedler, Jean Year the World Was Out of Step with Jancy Fried, The M/J 82 8
Gold, Herbert Family F/M 82 5
On Common Ground: The Boston Jewish Experience 1649-1980 W82 11
Barak, Michael Enigma, The Ma 79 5
Sugarman, Martin Under the Heel of Bushido: Last Voices of the Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War SO/14 21-22
Fruchter, Yaacov Best of Olomeinu Book III, The F/M 83 5
Oz, Amos In the Land of Israel M/J 84 5
Latner, Helen Book of Modern Jewish Etiquette, The M/J 82 2
Adler, David A. Picture Book of Jewish Holidays, A S/O 84 10
Abrams, Judith Z. Songs for High Holidays N/D 90 12
Real Complete Jewish Party, vol. II, The (AUDIO) M/J 93 19
Fichter, George Iraq W83 13
Berkowitz, Allan L., Moskovitz, Patti Embracing the Covenant: Converts to Judaism Talk about Why & How M/J 97 3
Syme, Deborah S. Jewish Home Detective, The N/D 82 7
Esler, Anthony Babylon F/M 81 5
Sussman, Susan Theres No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein N/D 83 9
Deacon, Richard Israeli Secret Service, The Ma 80 6
Levin, Menucha Chana Family For Frayda, A S/O14 37-38
Wolf, Jacqueline Take Care of Josette S/O 82 8
Charap, David Jewish Journey, A (VIDEO) N/D 00 19
Secunda, Victoria Bei Mir Bist Du Schon S/O 82 5
Kramer, Aaron Burning Bush, The S/O 84 6
Allen, Peter Yom Kippur War, The S/O 82 4
Stone, Susan Feathers in the Wind (AUDIO) S/O 02 47-48
Moss, Maurice In America S/O 94 12
Hirsh, Marilyn I Love Hanukah M/J 86 5
Lehman-Wilzig, Tami Stork's Landing S/O14 46 Pinchuck, Kathe
Goldman, Alex J. Judaism Confronts Contemporary Issues O 79 6
Innocenti, Roberto Rose Blanche M/J 86 5
Kaniuk, Yoram Story of Aunt Shlomzion the Great, The Ma 79 5
Singer, Isaac Bashevis Old Love Ma 80 4
Lampton, Christopher Fusion: the Eternal Flame W83 13
Singer, Isaac Bashevis Lost in America F/M 82 6
Stone, Susan Angel’s Wings and Other Stories From the Diamond Tree, The S/O 92 23
Follow the Moon M/J 84 7
Mindel, Nissan Call of the Shofar, The N/D 85 5
Schachter, Sara All About Israel N/D 84 8
Alexander, Sue Nadia the Willful S/O 89 5
Sonsino, Rifat Finding God N/D 87 5
Jacoby, Max Land of Israel, The Ma 79 6
Guttman, Julius Philosophy and Law F/M 89 6
Herzog, Chaim Arab-Israeli Wars M/J 83 3
Berkovits, Eliezer Not in Heaven: The Nature and Function of Halakha N/D 83 8
Miller, Deborah University Modin Motel. An Idol Tale for Chanukah S/O 87 10
Zim, Paul Chanukah Party (AUDIO) N/D 93 16
Tabachnick, Stephen E. Quest for Jewish Belief and Identity in the Graphic Novel S/O14 22 Berenson, Steven M.
Cohen, Barbara R My Name is Rosie S 78 5
Halabi, Rafik West Bank Story, The S/O 82 7
Junior Judaica: Encyclopedia Judaica for Youth F/M 83 4
Provost, Gary Good if It Goes M/J 86 5
Fisher, Leonard Everett Russian Farewell, A S/O 81 6
Purdy, Susan Gold Jewish Holiday Cookbook Ma 80 9
Bergman, Denise Through the Year in Israel S/O 84 10
Friedman, Thomas L. Hero Azriel A/M 81 4
Goodman, Martin State & Society in Roman Galilee S/O 84 5
Adler, David A. Picture Book of Jewish Holidays, A N/D 82 4
Cohen, Barbara King of the Seventh Grade N/D 82 7
Leitner, Isabella Saving the Fragments M/J 86 4
Arrick, Fran Chernowitz! M/J 82 7
Schools of HOpe: How Julius Rosenwald Helped Change African American Education S/O14 31
Szambelan-Strevinsky, C. Dark Hour of Noon F/M 83 4
Cohen, Maurice Creation and the Destiny of Man Sp78 22
Glatzer, Nahum N. Judaic Tradition N/D 87 15
Stroop Report: The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is No More M/J 86 4
Wallach, Eli Echoes of Masada Sp75 29
Tax, Meredith Rivington Street S/O 82
Documents on the Holcaust: Selected Sources N/D 82 11
Manushkin, Fran, Spowart, Robin Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story F/M 91 23
Sussman, Susan Theres No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein S/O 84 9
Oz, Amos Soumchi S/O 81 10
Raziel, Sara and Ilana Pollack Learning Curve S/O14 38 Bloch, Marci Mavine
Firer, Benzion Long Journey Home, The M/J 84 6
Kresh, Paul Isaac Bashevis Singer; The Story of a Storyteller N/D 84 7
Banks, Lynne Reid Torn Country: An Oral History of the israeli War of Independence N/D 82 11
Burstein, Chaya M. Jewish Kids Catalog, The N/D 83 10
Gilbert, Martin Holocaust S/O 86 7
Stimulus Foundation Studies in Judaism and Christianity F/M 82 6


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