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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Dash, Joan Summoned to Jerusalem Ma 80 5
Cohn, Michael Jewish Bridges: East to West N/D 96 4
Finkielkraut, Alain, Suchoff, David Imaginary Jew, The S/O 94 9
Bogot, Howard I. My Body Is Something Special N/D 81 15
Cohen, Barbara I Am Joseph S 80 9
Dann, Jack More Wandering Stars N/D 81 14
Philo of Alexandria F/M 82 9
Chaikin, Miriam Light Another Candle N/D 82 4
Zusman, Evelyn Passover Parrot, The M/J 84 6
Shevrin, Aliza Holiday Tales of Sholom Aleichem O 79 7
Fruchter, Yaacov Best of Olomeinu Book I, The F/M 82 3
Taylor, Sydney Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family S 78 6
Brinn, Ruth Esrig Lets Have a Party N/D 82 4
Winkler, Gershon Dybbuk N/D 82 4
Gabor, Georgia M. My Destiny F/M 82 6
Chaikin, Miriam Seventh Day, The: The Story of the Jewish Sabbath S 80 10
Fine, Leon Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up? M/J 84 4
Sisters, Barry Their Greatest Hits (AUDIO) N/D 92 26-27
Ausubel, Nathan Picture Book of Israel F/M 85 7
Laufer, Nahum, Laufer, Erez Darien Dilemma (VIDEO) S/O 08 38
Schwartz, Richard H. Judaism and Vegetarianism M/J 84 2
Oz, Amos Hill of Evil Counsel, The S 78 4
Hest, Amy Maybe Next Year F/M 83 4
Czerniakow, Adam Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow, The Ma 80 5
McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein N/D 95 15
Brin, Ruth Shabbat Catalogue, The 28915 8
Its All Fish! F/M 95 7
Appelman, Harlene Winnick Seder to Tu BShevat, A F/M 85 7
Nir, Yehuda Lost Childhood, The: A Memoir F/M 90 16
Marcus, Audrey F. Jewish Teachers Handbook, V. II N/D 81 12
Hubner, Carol Korb Whispering Mezuzah, The Ma 80 7
Oberski, Jona Childhood S/O 83 5
Berkowitz, Ira T. Wolf in the Soul, A S/O14 36-37 Bloomfield, Kathy
Hier, Marvin Liberation (VIDEO) M/J 95 14
Zwerin, Raymond A. Medical Ethics M/J 83 8
Drucker, Malka, Block, Gay Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust N/D 93 7
Bulka, Reuven P. Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud S/O 83 2
Helmreich, William B. Things They Say Behind Your Back, The F/M 83 3
Miklowitz, Gloria D. Close to the Edge S/O 84 8
Rochman, Leyb Pit and the Trap, The F/M 85 6
Meyer, Lawrence Israel Now: Portrait of a Troubled Land S/O 82 4
Riemer, Jack Ethical Wills M/J 86 4
Goldstein, Robert M. Next Year in Jerusalem: A Short History of Zionism S 78 7
Raum, Elizabeth World War II Timeline, A Smithsonian War Time Lines S/O14 45
Schoenheimer, Idee, Madoff, Ruth Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher, The N/D 96 12
Stiffel, Frank Tale of the Ring: A Kaddish, The S/O 84 6
Ariel, Ari Jewish-Muslim Relations and Migration from Yemen to Palestine in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries S/O14 3 Belinfante, Randall C.
McNeish, James Belonging F/M 81 6
Clarke, Thurston By Blood and Fire S/O 81 13
Appelfeld, Aharon Retreat, The S/O 84 4
Gilletz, Norene Pleasures of Your Processor, The M/J 83 4
Rubinowicz, David Diary of David Rubinowicz, The N/D 82 6
Garfield, Leon King Nimrods Tower N/D 82 7
Greenberg, Joanne Season of Delight, A S/O 82 6
Rockliff, Mara Chick Chak Shabbat S/O14 51 Marks, Allison
Levine, Faye Solomon and Sheba F/M 81 5
Santa Maria, Jack Greek Vegetarian Cookery N/D 85 4
Haber, Eitan Menachem Begin S 78 2
Mack, Grace My Special Book of Jewish Celebrations N/D 84 8
Rosenberg, Meir Jewish Cat Book, A F/M 83 2
Yehoshua, A. B. Late Divorce N/D 84 2
Ross, Dan Acts of Faith F/M 82 6
Herman, Victor Coming Out of the Ice Ma 80 6
Reich, Bernard, Gershon R. Kieval, eds. Israeli Politicsin the 1990s: Key Domestic and Foreign Policy Factors Contributions in Political Science no. 285 M/J 92 19
Metzker, Isaac Bintel Brief, A S/O 90 10
Biblical Productions Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The (VIDEO) N/D 93 15
Fruchter, Yaacov Best of Olomeinu Book II, The F/M 83 5
Rubinstein, Erna F. Survivor in Us All, The M/J 84 5
Saypol, Judyth R. My Very Own Shavuout Book F/M 83 6
Dolan, Edward F. Matters of Life and Death W83 13
Lambert, Derek Yermakov Transfer, The Sp 75 25
Greenspan, Jay Seth Hebrew Calligraphy N/D 81 12
Leahy, Syrell R. Family Ties F/M 83 2
Chaikin, Miriam Seventh Day, The: The Story of the Jewish Sabbath M/J 83 9
Wolbram, Ricky Complete Guide to Yarmulka Design, The S/O 84 7
Hellman, Peter Avenue of the Righteous S/O 81 13
Krefetz, Gerald Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality F/M 83 3
Issues in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Jewish Perspectives on Covenant, Mission, and Witness F/M 82 6
Leahy, Syrell R. Circle of Love F/M 81 5
Freedman, Robert Songs for a Family Seder: A Companion Cassette Tape (AUDIO) M/J 87 4
Real Complete Jewish Party, The (AUDIO) M/J 93 19
Dudinski, Natasha Gisi S/O14 28 Pinchuck, Kathe
Goldstein, Robert M. Sinister Touches: The Secret War against Hitler N/D 84 6
Laufer, Nahum, Laufer, Erez Darien Dilemma, The (VIDEO) S/O 08 38
Zakutinsky, Ruth Case of the Missing Baseball Cards, The N/D 82 6
Tillem, Ivan L. Jewish Directory and Almanac, 1986 S/O 86 6
Dwyer, Karen K Easy Livin Microwave Cooking for the Holidays N/D 89 12
Comins, Mike Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer is Difficult and What to Do About It S/O 10 30
Bogot, Howard I. Books are Treasures N/D 82 7
Gordon, Mark Kunner Aliyah, The F/M 82 5
Suhl, Yuri On the Other Side of the Gate W75 30
Beiner, Stan J. Sedra Scenes S/O 82 4
Eisenberg, Azriel Lost Generation, The: Children in the Holocaust N/D 82 2
Marcus, Audrey F. Jewish Teachers Handbook, V. III S/O 82 4
Uris, Leon Haj, The N/D 84 2
Taylor, L. B. New Right, The F/M 83 4
Oberski, Jona Childhood M/J 83 9
Hewes, Agnes Danforth Spice and the Devil's Cave S/O14 37 Silverman, Lisa
Fine, Irene Midlife and Its Rite of Passage Ceremony S/O 83 2
Narkiss, Uzi Liberation of Jerusalem: The Battle of 1967 M/J 84 3


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