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Author/Editor Title Place of Publication Yearsort ascending Series ISBN Issue P Review Author Review format Review type
Marshall, Linda Elovitz, Engel, Christianne Mitzvah Magician, The 2012 FM13 11-12
Zawanowska, Marzena Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben Eli the Karaite on the Abraham Narratives (Genesis 11:10-25:18), The 2012 FM13 39-40
Soldat-Jaffe, Tatjana Twenty-first Century Yiddishism: Language, Identity, and the New Jewish Studies 2012 N/D12 37
Nobleman, Marc Tyler, Templeton, Ty Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman 2012 FM13 2
Jany, Janos Judging in the Islamic, Jewish and Zoroastrian Legal Traditions: A Comparison of Theory and Practice 2012 M/J13 26
Lamm, Norman, Wolowelsky, Joel B. Megillah: Majesty & Mystery, a Commentary on Megillat Esther and the Maariv Evening Service for Purim, The 2012 S/O12 40
Henze, Matthias Companion to Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism 2012 S/O12 34
Kraus, Donald Book of Job: Annotated & Explained, The 2012 M/J13 27-28
Sorin, Gerlad Howard Fast: Life and Literature in the Left Lane 2012 M/J13 34
Shapira, Anita, Berris, Anthony Israel: A History 2012 Schusterman Series in Israel Studies, xiii FM13 36
Benjamin, Rodney, Cebon, David Forgotten Zionist: the Life of Solomon (Sioma) Yankelevitch Jacobi, The 2012 N/D12 17
Howland, Naomi Better-Than-Best Purim, The 2012 FM13 15
Miller, Kay Jews of the Wild West: A Multicultural True Story 2012 S/O12 14
Rudetsky, Seth My Awesome Awful Popularity Plan 2012 M/J 12 8
Wiseman, Eva Last Song, The 2012 M/J 12 8-9
Rubin, Susan Goldman, Himmelman, Jeff Jean Laffite: The Pirate Who Saved America 2012 M/J 12 4
Paper, Jordan Theology of the Chinese JEws, 1000-1850, The 2012 FM13 33
Zwebner-Zaibert, Neta Numbered (VIDEO) 2012 N/D12 46
Baumel-Schwartz, Judith Tydor Never Look Back: The Jewish Refugee Children in Great Britain, 1938-1945 2012 FM13 18
Stromberg, Fredrick Jewish Images in the Comics: A Visual History 2012 S/O12 57
Berger, Pamela Crescent on the Temple: The Dome of the Rock as Image of the Ancient Jewish Sanctuary, The 2012 Studies in Religion and the Arts, 5 FM13 20
Cooper, Alanna E. Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism 2012 S/O13 23
Grossman, Paul Children of Wrath: A Novel 2012 FM13 40-41
Cassedy, Ellen We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust 2012 M/J13 21
Mayer, Pamela, Seviles, Martha Dont Sneeze at the Wedding 2012 S/O13 10
Raz, Rachel ABC Israel 2012 S/O13 9
Stahl, Neta Jesus Among the Jews: Representation and Thought 2012 Routledge Jewish Studies Series S/O12 31
Suneby, Liz, Heiman, Diane, Molk, Laurel Its a ... Its a ... Its a Mitzvah 2012 N/D12 12-13
Yolen, Jane, Teague, Mark How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? 2012 N/D12 8
Blidstein, Gerlad J. Society and Self: On the Writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik 2012 S/O12 27
Harris, Michael J., Rynhold, Daniel, Wright, Tamra Radical Responsiiblity: Celebrating the Thought of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 2012 M/J13 25
Leonard, Miriam Socrates and the Jews: Hellenism and Hebraism from Moses Mendelssohn to Sigmund Freud 2012 N/D12 28
Carlebach, Elisheva, Schacter, Jacob J. New Perspectives on Jewish-Christian Relations: In Honor of David Berger 2012 Brill Reference Library of Judaism, v. 33 S/O12 27
Englard, Zahava D. Gilboa Iris, The 2012 S/O13 48
Ostrer, Harry Legacy: a Genetic History of the Jewish People 2012 N/D12 32
Vero-Ban, Linda, Paller, Eszter, Berkin, Ralph Hello, God: Interactive Jewish Prayer Book for Children 2012 M/J13 8-9
Glick, Shmuel Seride Teshuvot: A Descriptive Catalogue of Responsa Fragments from teh Jacques Mosseri Collection Cambridge University Library 2012 FM13 24-25
Balsley, Tilda, Gutierrez, Akemi Lotsa Matzah 2012 M/J13 4
Hain, Shmuel Next Generation of Modern Orthodoxy, The 2012 The Orthodox Forum, vol. 21 N/D12 22, 24
Fischman, Stanley H. Seven Steps to "Mentschhood": How to Help Your Child Become a Mentsch: An Interactive Guide for Parents 2012 S/O12 30
Axe-Bronk, Susan, Monelli, Marta Vanishing Gourds: A Sukkot Mystery, The 2012 N/D12 8
Kushner, Harold S. Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person, The 2012 M/J13 28
Spektor, Zev Churva Plot, The 2012 Adventures of a Lifetime S/O13 4
Moscato, Judah, Veitri, Giuseppe, Miletto, Gianfranco Rabbi Jusah Moscato and the Jewish Intellectual World of Mantua in the 16th-17th Centuries 2012 Studies in Jewish History and Culture; vol. 35 N/D12 31
Sinykin, Sheri Cooper, Swarner, Kristina Zayde Comes to Live 2012 N/D12 11
Aronson, Josh Orchestra of Exiles (VIDEO) 2012 S/O13 50
Aroeste, Sarah Gracia (AUDIO) 2012 N/D12 45
Wouk, Herman Lawgiver, The 2012 N/D13 44
Rosenberg, Madelyn, Christy, Jana Happy Birthday, Tree!: A Tu BShevat Story 2012 N/D12 9
Glick, Dvorah, Ackerman, Dena Red Is My Rimon: A Jewish Childs Book of Colors 2012 FM13 11
Segal, Michael ha-Migdal Nifrak: Hidushe Milim shel Yeladim ve-Nituham (The Tower Falled [sic!]: Words Innovations Created by Children, and Their Analysis) 2012 M/J 12 40-41
Rosenberg, Madelyn, Meisel, Paul Schmutzy Family, The 2012 FM13 16
Zoldan, Yael, Allen, Shira When I Daven 2012 N/D12 7
Birnbaum, Pierre, Goldhammer, Arthur Tale of Ritual Murder in teh Age of Louis Xiv: The Trial of Raphael L vy, 1669, A 2012 Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture FM13 20
Meyer, Henye This is America! 2012 S/O13 49
Horowitz, Irving Louis Hannah Arendt: Radical Conservative 2012 FM13 27
Felton, Anton Jewish Symbols and Secrets: A fifteenth-century Spansh Jewish Carpet 2012 N/D12 20
Marcus, Hanna Perlstein Sidonias Thread: The Secret of a Mother and Daughter Sewing a New Life in America 2012 M/J 12 52
Heiligman, Deborah Intentions 2012 FM13 2
Bornstein, Ruth Lercher Summer Everything Changed, The 2012 S/O12 7
Muller, Melissa, Piechocki, Reinhard Alices Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer 2012 FM13 32
Walfish, Miriam Libas Letters 2012 Jewish Girls Around the World S/O13 4
Wein, Berel, Goldstein, Warren Legacy: Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis, The 2012 S/O13 45
Davis, Aubrey, Lafrance, Marie Hen for Izzy Pippik, A 2012 S/O12 11
Beil, Dolly Growing Up Jewish in China 2012 FM13 18
Damsma, Alinda Targumic Toseftot to Ezekiel, The 2012 Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture, no. 13 M/J13 22
Lowenstein, Steven M. For the Love of Israel: The Holy Land from Past to Present - A Primer for Tayarim, Tallmidim, Vatikim, Noodnikim, and Dreamers 2012 M/J13 11
Rothstein, Gidon Were Missing the Point: Whats Wrong with the Orthodox Jewish Community and How to Fix it 2012 S/O12 46
Bolsta, Hyla Shifra Illuminated Kaddish: Interpretations of the Mourners Prayer, The 2012 N/D12 18
Stavans, Ilan Singers Typewriter and Mine: Reflections on Jewish Culture 2012 M/J13 36
Israel-Cohen, Yael Between Feminism and Orthodox Judaism: Resistance, Identity and Religious Change in Israel 2012 FM13 27
Newman, Leslea, Slonim, David Sweet Passover, A 2012 M/J 12 1
Volf, Miroslav Do We Worship the Same God? Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue 2012 S/O13 43
Mendelevich, Yosef Unbroken Spirit: A Heroic Story of Faith, Courage and Survival 2012 S/O13 33
Smiles, Shira Torah Tapestries: Words of Wisdom Woven from the Weekly Parashah - Shemos 2012 FM13 37
Cohen, Yoel God, Jews and the Media: Religion and Israels Media 2012 Routledge Jewish Studies N/D13 22
Bernfeld, Tirtsah Levie Poverty and Welfare among the Portuguese Jews in Early Modern Amsterdam 2012 N/D12 18
Oz, Amos, Oz-Salzberger, Fania Jewsandwords 2012 M/J13 31
Decter, Jonathan, Arturo, Pratts Hebrew Bible in Fifteenth-Century Spain: Exegesis, Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, The 2012 FM13 22
Resnicoff, Steven H. Understanding Jewish Law 2012 M/J13 33
Harris, Maurice D. Moses: A Stranger Among Us 2012 S/O13 28
Rosenthal, Betsy R. Looking for Me 2012 M/J 12 7
Diamond, James A., Hughes, Aaron W. Encountering the Medieval in Modern Jewish Thought 2012 S/O13 23-24
Stoessinger, Caroline Century of Wisdom: Lessons from the Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, the Worlds Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor, A 2012 FM13 32
Rubin, Joshua Jonah the Woodchopper: Encouraging Stories for Finding Your Way through the Forest of Life 2012 M/J13 41
Wein, Elizabeth Code Name Verity 2012 M/J13 10-11
Cohen, J. Simcha Jewish Prayer: The Right Way, Resolving Halachic Dilemmas 2012 M/J13 21
Bedzow, Ira Things Overheard in the Synagogue 2012 N/D12 16-17
Debow, Yocheved Talking About Intimacy & Sexuality: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents 2012 F/M14 29-30 Pinchuck, Kathe
Maier, Aren M., Magness, Jodi, Schiffman, Jarence H. "Go Out and Study the Land" (Judges 18:2): Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel 2012 Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, no. 148 M/J13 29-30 Rosenbloom, Jim
Sacks, Jonathan Koren Yom Kippur Mahzor, The 2012 Fm13 28-29
Zadoff, Mirjam, Templer, William Next Year in Marienbad: The Lost Worlds of Jewish Spa Culture 2012 Jewish Cultures and Contexts M/J13 39
Angel, Marc D. Maimonides: Essential Teachings on Jewish Faith and Ethics - The book of Knowledge & the Thirteen Principles of Faith Annoted & Explained 2012 N/D12 13-14
Bridgeton, Sarah Next Year in Israel 2012 F/M14 7 Malen, Michal Hoschander
Etshalom, Yitzchak Between the Lines of the Bible: Exodus: A Study from the New School of Orthodox Torah Commentary 2012 N/D13 24-25
Diamand, Jack When Memory Comes: A Film about Saul Friedländer 2012 N/D 2015 45 Pinchuck, Chava
Hattin, Michael Passages: Text and Transformation in the Parasha 2012 S/O13 28
Rouss, Sylvia A., Kahn, Katherine Janus Sammy Spider's New Friend 2012 N/D12 10-11
Cohen, Norman J. Masking and Unmasking Ourselves: Interpreting Biblical Texts on Clothing and Identity 2012 N/D13 22
Marcus, Ben Flame Alphabet, The 2012 S/O12 54-55


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