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Title Author/Editor Series Publisher Yearsort ascending Issue P Review Author
Illustrated History of the Jewish People: The Epic 4000-year Story of the Jews, from teh Ancient Patriarchs and Kings through Centuries-Long Persecution to the Growth of a Worldwide Culture, An Joffe, Lawrence Lorenz Books 2012 FM13 28
Jewish Women Writers in the Soviet Union Lapidus, Rina Routledge History of Russian and Eastern Europe Series Routledge 2012 FM13 30
Sabbath Soul: Mystical Reflections on the Transformative Power of Holy Time, The Fishbane, Eitan P. Jewish Lights Publishing 2012 M/J 12 24-25
Textual Mirrors: Reflexivity, Midrash, and the Rabbinic Self Stein, Dina University of Pennsylvania 2012 M/J13 36
Pat, Roll, Pull: A Challah Braiding Story Heald, Robin, Taylor, Erin Hachai 2012 M/J 12 15-16
Forgotten Zionist: the Life of Solomon (Sioma) Yankelevitch Jacobi, The Benjamin, Rodney, Cebon, David Gefen 2012 N/D12 17
Jew Car, The Fuhmann, Franz Seagull Books 2012 FM13 40
State of the Jews: A Critical Appraisal, The Alexander, Edward Jewish and Israeli Studies, Political Ideology, Cultural STudies Transaction Publishers 2012 N/D12 13
Be Like God: Gods To-Do List for Kids Wolfson, Ron Jewish Lights Publishing 2012 FM13 8
Dayenu! A Favorite Passover Song Latimer, Miriam Scholastic 2012 S/O12 15
My Torah Numbers Judaica Press 2012 M/J13 4
Apple Trees Discovery, The Schram, Peninnah, Davis, Rachayl Eckstein, Lee, Wendy W. Kar-Ben 2012 M/J 12 9
Future of the Jewish People in Five Photographs, The Temes, Peter S. University of Nebraska Press 2012 S/O12 48, 50
Walk Through Jubilees: Studies in the Book Jubilees and the World of its Creation, A Kugel, James L. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism, 156 Brill 2012 S/O12 40
Third Base for Life: A Memoir of Fathers, Sons, and Baseball Berkowitz, Joshua Vantage Point Books 2012 S/O12 25
Every day I bless you: Reflection on the healing power of Shiva Fried, Norman J. Urim 2012 N/D12 21-22
Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame Foer, Franklin, Tracy, Marc Hachette Book Group 2012 S/O13 24
My Life in Jewish Renewal: A Memoir Hoffman, Edward Rowman & Littlefield 2012 S/O13 38
First Modern Jew: Spinoza and the History of an Image, The Schwartz, Daniel B. Princeton University Press 2012 FM13 35-36
Messianism, Secredy and Mysticism: A New Interpretation of Early American Jewish Life Leibman, Laura Arnold Vallentine Mitchell 2012 FM13 30-31
Jews of the Wild West: A Multicultural True Story Miller, Kay Paint Horse 2012 S/O12 14
Oslo Idea: The Euphoria of Failure, The Israeli, Raphael Transaction Publishers 2012 N/D12 25
Century of Wisdom: Lessons from the Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, the Worlds Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor, A Stoessinger, Caroline Spiegel & Grau 2012 FM13 32
Rachels Secret Sanders, Shelly Second Story Press 2012 S/O12 1
Understanding Jewish Law Resnicoff, Steven H. LexisNexis 2012 M/J13 33
Happy Hanukkah, Curious George Meyer, Emily Flaschner Houghton Mifflin 2012 N/D12 7
Becoming Holmes: The Boy Sherlock Holmes: His Final Case Peacock, Shane Tundra 2012 FM13 9
Israel Yomtov, Neil Enchantment of the World Children's Press 2012 S/O12 12-13
Rav Hisdas Daughter: Book I: Apprentice Anton, Maggie Plume Books 2012 N/D12 41
New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right, The Goldwag, Arthur Pantheon Books 2012 S/O12 32
Judaism: History, Belief, and Practice Stepon, Matt Britannica Guide to Religion Britannica Educational Publishing 2012 S/O12 48
Israel: an Introduction Rubin, Barry Yale University Press 2012 N/D12 35
Gracia (AUDIO) Aroeste, Sarah Aroeste Music LLC 2012 N/D12 45
Archaeology and the Biblical Record Alpert, Bernard, Alpert, Fran Hamilton Books 2012 M/J13 16
Daf Yomi: A Pictorial History, The Mandelmbaum, David Avraham Feldheim 2012 M/J13 30
People of Forever Are Not Afraid, The Boianjiu, Shani Hogarth 2012 FM13 40
Burskfield Bike Club Operation Snowman, The Finkelstein, Chaim Burksfield Bike Club Judaica Press 2012 N/D13 4
Jews under Moroccan Skies: Two Thousand Years of Jewish Life Elmaleh, Raphael David, Ricketts, George Gaon Books 2012 M/J13 23
Mahzor from Worms: Art and Religion in a Medieval Jewish Community, A Kogman-Appel, Katrin Harvard University Press 2012 S/O12 38-39
ha-Migdal Nifrak: Hidushe Milim shel Yeladim ve-Nituham (The Tower Falled [sic!]: Words Innovations Created by Children, and Their Analysis) Segal, Michael Mekhon Mofet 2012 M/J 12 40-41
Gilboa Iris, The Englard, Zahava D. Gefen 2012 S/O13 48
Destroyed Synagogues of Vienna: Virtual City Walks, The Martens, Bob Lit Verlag Fresnostr 2012 N/D12 29
Pledges of Jewish Allegiance: Conversion, Law and Policymaking in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Orthodox Responsa Ellenson, David, Gordis, Daniel Stanford University Press 2012 S/O12 29
Modern Orthodox Judaism: Studies and Perspectives Gordon, Menachem-Martin Urim 2012 N/D12 22
Shoshannat Yaakov: Jewish and Iranian Studies in Honor of Yaakov Elman Secunda, Shai, Fine, Steven Brill 2012 S/O13 40
Sown in Tears Magid, Beverly CreateSpace 2012 N/D12 43-44
Jewish Migration Bliss, John, Edwards, Jeff Chidlrens True Stories: Migration Series Raintree 2012 M/J13 9
Intentions Heiligman, Deborah Knopf 2012 FM13 2
Wooden Sword, The Stampler, Ann Redisch, Liddiment, Carol Albert Whitman 2012 M/J 12 3
Story of a Life: Memoirs of a Young Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire Vygodskaia, Anna Pavlovna, Avrutin, Eugene M., Greene, Robert H. NIU Press 2012 N/D12 38
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Andrews, Jesse Amulet Books 2012 M/J 12 5
Good Morning, Boker Tov! Exploring the Morning Berachos with Boruch and Bracha Mintzberg, Devora, Sternberg, Margalit Feldheim 2012 FM13 7
Dybbuk: Text, Subtext, and Context, The Penalosa, Fernando Tsiterboym Books 2012 N/D13 34
Cursing the Christians? A History of the Birkat HaMinim Langer, Ruth Oxford University Press 2012 M/J 12 34
Lotsa Matzah Balsley, Tilda, Gutierrez, Akemi Kar-Ben 2012 M/J13 4
Promise of Israel: Why its Seemingly Greatest Weakness is Actually its Greatest Strength, The Gordis, Daniel Wiley 2012 FM13 25
Beyond Alliances: The Jewish Role in Reshaping the Racial Landscape of Southern California Sanchez, George J. The Jewish Role in Ameriacn Life, vol. 9 Purdue University Press 2012 S/O12 46
This Is the Challah Hepker, Sue, Wummer, Amy Behrman House 2012 FM13 14-15
Miras Diary: Lost in Paris Moss, Marissa Sourcebooks 2012 N/D12 4-5
Shema in the Mezuzah: Listening to Each Other, The Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg, Rothenberg, Joani Keller Jewish Lights Publishing 2012 N/D12 6
Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders Ladin, Joy University of Wisconsin Press 2012 S/O12 40
Demonizing the Jews: Luther and Protestant Church in Nazi Germany Probst, Christopher J. Indiana University Press 2012 S/O13 35-36
Siddur Shevet Asher: The Tribe Siddur for Children and Families Vallentine Mitchell 2012 FM13 8
Lawgiver, The Wouk, Herman Simon & Schuster 2012 N/D13 44
Story of Moses; Babys First Bible, The Priddy, Roger St. Martin's Press 2012 S/O12 4
Medical Prescriptions in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Practical Medicine and Pharmacology in Medieval Egypt Lev, Efraim, Chipman, Leigh Brill 2012 M/J13 29
Choice to Be: A Jewish Path to Self and Spirituality, The Kagan, Jeremy Feldheim 2012 M/J13 26
Legacy: a Genetic History of the Jewish People Ostrer, Harry Oxford University Press 2012 N/D12 32
Tefilat HaDerech: The Travelers Prayer Buchin, Joshua, Mer, Woody EKS 2012 FM13 7
En Yaaqov: Jacob ibn Habibs Search for Faith in the Talmudic Corpus, The Lehman, Marjorie Wayne State University Press 2012 M/J 12 34
Never Look Back: The Jewish Refugee Children in Great Britain, 1938-1945 Baumel-Schwartz, Judith Tydor Purdue University Press 2012 FM13 18
Megillah: Majesty & Mystery, a Commentary on Megillat Esther and the Maariv Evening Service for Purim, The Lamm, Norman, Wolowelsky, Joel B. OU Press 2012 S/O12 40
City of Slaughter Drew, Cynthia Fithian Press 2012 S/O12 53
Kaytek the Wizard Korczak, Janusz, Katz, Avi, Lloyd-Jones, Antonia Penlight 2012 FM13 5
Song for My Sister, A Simpson, Lesley, Mai-Wyss, Tatjana Simon & Schuster 2012 N/D12 2
Her Glory Within: Rejecting and Transforming Orthodoxy in Israeli and American Jewish Womens Fiction Landress, Barbara Ann Studies in Orthodox Judaism Academic Studies Press 2012 S/O13 33
Wine of Solitude, The Nemirovsky, Irene Vintage 2012 FM13 41-42
Numbered (VIDEO) Zwebner-Zaibert, Neta s.n. 2012 N/D12 46
Hebrew Union College and the Dead Sea Scrolls Kalman, Jason HUC 2012 S/O13 31
Jerusalem Talmud = Talmud Yerushalmi (Shabat and Eruvin), The Guggenheimer, Heinrich W. Studia Judaica 68 De Gruyter 2012 FM13 27
Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me Pekar, Harvey Hill and Wang 2012 N/D12 32-33
Baby Experiment, The Dublin, Anne Dundurn 2012 M/J 12 1
Rabbi Jusah Moscato and the Jewish Intellectual World of Mantua in the 16th-17th Centuries Moscato, Judah, Veitri, Giuseppe, Miletto, Gianfranco Studies in Jewish History and Culture; vol. 35 Brill 2012 N/D12 31
Kosher Christmas: Tis the Season to Be Jewish, A Plaut, Joshua Eli Rutgers University Press 2012 FM13 34
Jewhooing the Sixties: America Celebrity and Jewish Identity Kaufman, David E. Brandeis University Press 2012 S/O13 31-32
Freing Out: Why people go off the derech and what we can do about it Thanny, Binyamin Penina Press 2012 N/D12 37-38
Whatever Is Contained Must Be Released: My Jewish Orthodox Girlhood, My Life as a Feminist Artist Aylon, Helene The Rueben/Rifkin Jewish Women Writers Series The Feminist Press at the City University of New York 2012 M/J13 17
Book of Mischief: New and Selected Stories, The Stern, Steve Graywolf Press 2012 N/D12 44
Israel Matters: Understand the Past-Look to the Future Bard, Mitchell Behrman House 2012 N/D12 9-10
Genesis, Part I Carlebach, Shlomo, Katz, Shlomo Urim 2012 N/D12 19
Hope: a Tragedy Auslander, Shalom Riverhead Books 2012 N/D12 41
Legacy: Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis, The Wein, Berel, Goldstein, Warren Koren 2012 S/O13 45
New Jew in Film: Exploring Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Cinema, The Abrams, Nathan Rutgers University Press 2012 FM13 17
Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben Eli the Karaite on the Abraham Narratives (Genesis 11:10-25:18), The Zawanowska, Marzena Brill 2012 FM13 39-40
Victory: Resistance Book 3 Jablonski, Carla, Purvis, Leland Roaring Brook Press 2012 M/J13 1
Cushing, Spellman, OConnor: the Surprising Story of How Three American Cardinals Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations Rudin, James William B. Eerdmans 2012 N/D12 35-36
Menachem Begin: A Life Shilon, Avi, Zilberberg, Danielle, Sharett, Yoram Yale University Press 2012 S/O13 40
One Last Thing Before I Go Tropper, Jonathan Dutton 2012 FM13 42-43
Theology of the Chinese JEws, 1000-1850, The Paper, Jordan Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2012 FM13 33
Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism Cooper, Alanna E. Indiana University Press 2012 S/O13 23