Jewish Values: We Can Find a Way: A Hachnosas Orchim Inclusion Story

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Brooklyn, NY
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36 p.
We Can Find a Way a Hachnosas Orchim inclusion story Hachnosas Orchim means inviting guests... but it also means making sure that those guests feel comfortable and included! In We Can Find a Way, Eli, Zev and Leah look forward to hosting a celebration for their Bubby's birthday. However, meeting the needs of every guest requires sensitivity and lots of creative thinking. Two of the toddlers have food allergies. What kind of treats work for them? Their uncle is using a wheelchair. He can't even get up the front steps! One of their cousins can't tolerate crowded, noisy events. Will the party have to be cancelled, or will Eli Zev and Leah find a way to include everyone? Children ages 3-6 will love the suspense and the positive attitude of the main characters. Hopefully, when planning an activity or event of their own, young readers will understand the value of inclusion, and make sure to find a way!
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