Jewish Values: All the World Praises You!: An Illuminated Aleph-Bet Book

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Potomac, MD
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34 p.
This sparkling full color illuminated Jewish children’s picture-book is inspired by the charming medieval Jewish work, Perek Shira (Chapter of Song). From the moment you open the gate-like covers of All the World Praises You, you’ll be enchanted as wonders of the natural world exclaim biblical praises of God, many from beloved psalms offering hours of warm delight for young children and parents, and inspiration for older students, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and adults seeking fresh spirituality—a book to which adults and children will return throughout their lives. Loving spirituality, Jewish environmental ethics and the aleph-bet enchant the eye and refresh the soul. New translations and transliterations make the book delightfully accessible to all English readers, regardless of Hebrew skills. Take a look inside! Open the covers and experience Beloved praises of God in Nature Compelling introductions to environmental science Witty and loving paintings in brilliant color and gold Hunting for hidden dahlias and honeybees in every painting The book’s website (shown in the book) offers free enrichment materials developed for readers of all ages, including in-depth insights into the biblical verses and links to exciting citizen science programs.
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