Jewish Values: Sadie's Sukkah Breakfast

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Minneapolis, MN
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24 p.
A resourceful big sister and helpful little brother set up breakfast in the family's newly decorated Sukkah and figure out a way to quietly enjoy it with some good friends while parents sleep.</div><div></div><div>Early risers on this Sukkot morning, Sadie and Ori are very excited, but they know they must not wake their parents. Admiring their decorative handiwork on the Sukkah they built last night, the siblings decide to bring breakfast out to the festive hut. Working together, they prepare a tray--"Sadie got the cereal. / Ori got the spoons. / Ori got the bowls. / Sadie got the milk." And when juice, challah rolls, cups and napkins make the tray too heavy, then--"Sadie got the juice. / Ori got the cups. / Ori got the napkins. / Sadie got the challah rolls," each bringing an item out to the Sukkah table, setting up "an elegant breakfast." Seeking to complete the experience with the required invited guests for this holiday meal, Sadie and Ori fill seats at their Sukkah table with a menagerie of favorite stuffed animal friends. Lively, colorful illustrations depict these independently capable preschoolers performing tasks with active joy, care and assurance, deftly matching the unadorned, sprightly text.</div><div></div><div>Blessings abound for the autumnal holiday, with these happy kids and (behind the scenes) grateful parents. - Kirkus Reviews
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