Jewish Values: Yossi & Nussi’s Trip to the Zoo: Learning Good Middos from Animals through Pirkei Avos

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36 p.
Based on chapter 5, verse 20 in Pirkei Avos, the Stein family discovers lessons from four zoo animals which they can apply to their own lives. Told in lively rhymes with simple, colorful illustrations, the reader learns basic facts about the animals’ lives and habits, eventually focusing on one special trait for each animal. A leopard is bold, an eagle acts gently, a deer is swift, and a lion is strong. All that we are taught by the animals is meant to help us do the will of God and be good people. The quote from Pirkei Avos is in Hebrew and translated into English, but terms such as brachah, tefillah, middos and other Hebrew words used are not translated or explained. The bright fun illustrations, substantial content, and creative presentation provide a fun experience for children along with their parents. The interaction between parents and children is positive and warm. Although the illustrations and lifestyle described portray an Orthodox family, with some explanation this book can be enjoyed by all. The lessons are universal and the story is engaging.
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