Jewish Values: The Hanukkah Fable of Little Dreidel and Silver Menorah

Place of Publication: 
El Dorado Hills, CA
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Number of Pages: 
32 p.
During a family Hanukkah celebration, two children notice the sparkling menorah and its bright, colorful candles and comment on its beauty. When the parents and children go into the kitchen to bring out a festive meal, the simple wooden dreidel on the table begins to lament his plainness. He tells the menorah that he is dull and unadorned and won’t be noticed on the holiday. The menorah, wanting to help, magically transforms the dreidel into brighter colors, first blue, then yellow, then red but the colorful foods and dishes on the table continue to camouflage the dreidel and he still doesn’t stand out. He reverts sadly to his original brown color. Then Daddy hands out shiny foil-wrapped Hanukkah gelt and tells the children that it can be used for playing the dreidel game. Daddy reminisces and informs the children that the dreidel was his when he was a child and that their grandfather made it especially for him. The dreidel, realizing that even simple items can be meaningful and well-loved, is happy to spin around the table and entertain them all. Simply told and illustrated in color, this story reminds children that they don’t have to stand out in a flashy way to be appreciated. The author includes lyrics to a traditional Hanukkah song as well as the translated and transliterated words to the blessings recited while lighting the menorah. An “Author’s Note” to parents telling more about the holiday is appended.
Sydney Taylor Winner: