Jewish Values: Good Night, Wind

Place of Publication: 
New York
Publication Year: 
Number of Pages: 
32 p.
Winter Wind has worked hard all season long. He has blown away leaves and prepared the trees for their coats of snow and ice. He has even blasted snow across fields and roads, sculpting drifts for children to play in. But now Wind is tired and needs to rest. He tries various places: cozy homes in a town, within a chimney, against a tree, beside a rock, and even inside a country inn. All fail. There is no place that Wind can rest. He becomes angry and blasts “out across the fields, crying like a child, howling like a dog, wailing like a cat.” Finally, a brave and kind girl and boy find the perfect place for Wind to rest—inside a snug cave—while the seasons pass until it’s time to wake up and resume his work. While not explicitly a Jewish book, the importance of caring for the environment is clear in this tale inspired by the Yiddish story, Der Vint, Vos Iz Geven in Kas, written by Moyshe Kulbak and first published in 1921 in Vilna, Lithuania.
Sydney Taylor Winner: