Jewish Values: Genevieve's War

Place of Publication: 
New York
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Number of Pages: 
240 p.
American thirteen-year-old orphan Genevieve, who has been living with a beloved aunt, has been sent for the summer of 1939 to her grandmother’s farm in Alsace, France to get to know her grandmother and the area in which her father grew up. She barely understands this taciturn, cold- seeming grandmother and this unfamiliar culture but she makes some good friends and has an interesting experience. She is just about ready to return the U.S. as the summer comes to a close, but some of the social and political events she sees around her in this increasingly Nazi-dominated area are not easy for this bright, sensitive, analytical young girl to ignore, including deportation of Jews and the threat of a Nazi takeover of the region which the Germans have always claimed as their own. There is minimal Jewish content, although shades of the Holocaust are not far in the background.
Sydney Taylor Winner: