Jewish Values: What Could You Say to Make a Great Day? An Interactive Book About Positive Thinking

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45 p.
Two young identical twin brothers see the world in very different ways. Simchy (whose name means happiness) experiences the positive and happy aspects of life while Shlily (whose name means negative) cannot help but see all situations as challenging, difficult and often bad. In this fourth interactive book by Ahuva Genish, the lively rhyming story tries to help children see the world in a positive light. Each situation is viewed in two ways until Shlily’s mother helps him to “reframe” and think in a whole different way to find something good at every level of interaction. When one boy changes his attitude, the benefits become quite clear. He becomes a happy, involved, and productive individual. The colorful illustrations and large format of the book add to the reader’s feeling of involvement and inclusion. The questions in each section provide an opportunity for the reader to consider the situation, make a judgment, and decide on the best course of action. The characters are cute and appealing, and parents and educators will identify with their personalities. While the illustrations portray the characters as Orthodox, the book and its message are universal. The guide for parents at the beginning of the book sets the tone for how to approach these issues and suggests coping strategies. The text is simple enough for young children and yet fun and worthwhile for those up to age eight to benefit. It is a valuable tool for teaching positive thinking with practical real life situations.
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