Jewish Values: The Conspiracy. The Plot to Kill Hitler, Book One

Place of Publication: 
New York
Publication Year: 
Number of Pages: 
192 p.
Twelve-year-old Max Hoffmann and his older sister, Greta, live a surprisingly carefree childhood in 1943 Berlin amid nightly air raids and explosions as the city goes about its business. One day their neighborhood is hit, and the siblings discover that their parents are part of a resistance cell fighting against the Nazis. Their father, Karl, is a doctor trying to save the lives of their neighbors as well as other resistance members, and their mother secretly delivers food to people. The children desperately want to help and eventually become couriers who sneak forged identification papers to Jews in hiding. This first book in a trilogy, The Plot to Kill Hitler is based on real events in which these two children become part of the fight for the soul of Germany and the greater world. They exhibit courage, initiative, and determination while evading capture, tricking Nazi officers, and repeatedly putting themselves in danger. Not knowing who they can trust while showing unending loyalty to their comrades, they continue to go on dangerous missions to assist in a plot whose goal is to ultimately kill Hitler and end Nazi control. The short chapters are enticing and encouraging to readers, and the language is simple and direct. The plot moves quickly and with excitement appropriate to the story and the times. Conspiracy is an excellent World War II novel for middle grades which shows commitment, bravery, and maturity in the face of great adversity.
Sydney Taylor Winner: