Jewish Values: Bold and Brave : A Fun-to-Read Book

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127 p.
Bruriah and Alexander live at the time of the Maccabean War. Both of them hope to become heroes in their perilous era. While some of his friends are tempted by the Greek lifestyle, Alexander and his classmates continue to learn. When the Greeks forbid Jewish learning, their school is moved to the caves outside their town. Their hidden schoolroom is discovered, but Alexander tricks the soldiers with a home-made spinning top (the forerunner of the dreidel). Later, he convinces his friend Yaakov, who has joined the Greek army, to return to Judaism. For her part, Bruriah performs a mitzvah by saving several parchments (possibly Torahs) in a basket of laundry. Bold and Brave recounts a scenario that could have been placed in many periods of Jewish history; Spain during the Inquisition, or Poland before the Nazis. The intended audience is observant, and adults should be prepared for follow-up questions.
Sydney Taylor Winner: