Jewish Values: Clarence's Topsy-Turvy Shabbat

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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24 p.
"Clarence’s special Shabbat challah recipe calls of flour, oil, honey, yeast and water, and his neighbors eagerly await their fresh loaves. But instead, Clarence gathers a silly assortment of items that can’t be used for challah-baking including a flower, soil, and a beast. The ladybug narrator of the story, in the role of a puzzled adult, wants to know what Clarence is planning to do. The answer: he’s using these items to set the perfect Shabbat table. As for the challah, he ends up borrowing the ingredients from his friends!" - publisher
Clarence spends all week preparing for Shabbat and the making of his challah, then invites his new friends to share with him.
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