Jewish Values: Judah Touro didn't want to be famous

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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32 p.
Judah Touro made his fortune, and now he wants to spread his wealth by doing good works. There's just one catch: He doesn't want anyone to know he's doing them. This true story of an early American philanthropist may inspire other secret do-gooders!
"Jewish philanthropist Judah Touro sets out from Boston to New Orleans in 1801, dreaming of becoming a successful shopkeeper. With his skill in business, he earns a great fortune. But after he is injured on the battlefield in the War of 1812, Judah begins to see the world through new eyes. He recognizes that his true calling may be to help others. Grateful and humble, Judah begins to perform philanthropic deeds, large and small—all in secret." - publisher's description
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