Conference Proceeding: Anne Frank at 90: Why Is the Diary Not Enough Today?

In June 2019, Anne Frank would have been 90 years old. Anne and her family’s hiding place, now a museum, is still one of the top attractions in Amsterdam today. At the same time, studies show that fifty percent of millennials in the United States don’t know what Auschwitz was, and twenty percent can’t tell you what the Holocaust was. As a result, Anne Frank House is producing literature and educational support materials to help young people make connections between the past and the present, to make what seems like distant history feel relevant to their lives and their current experiences. Speaking from his long-standing role as Project Manager at the Anne Frank House museum, Menno Metselaar will talk about using the familiar Anne Frank as the original source for new books, teaching materials, websites and exhibits that are being developed to help both adults and young people better understand the experience of anti-Semitism, as well as all forms of racism and injustice that they may experience in their lives or see playing out in the news and the world around them. This session will encourage discussion around collection development relevant to these topics, and the resources available to librarians who want to work with Anne Frank House. Menno will answer librarians’ questions and exchange ideas in regards to exhibits, special projects and programming, and support materials for educators, libraries and schools.

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