Conference Proceeding: Early Tanach Printings in the Yeshiva University Library

In August 2018, Dr. Parviz Lalazari donated two volumes of early Tanach (Hebrew Bible) printings to the library of Yeshiva University. One was a volume from a Tanach printed in Venice in 1524 by Daniel Bomberg (1483-1553) and the other was a volume from an Amsterdam publication by Moses Frankfurter (1672-1762). Beginning with just these two volumes, YU proceeded to locate other uncatalogued volumes so complete sets could be made. YU now has three Bomberg printings: 1524, 1546, and 1547. These Bible printings contain many early commentaries, as well as additional material on the Masorah, the traditional text of the Bible. Also completed was a set of the 1724 Amsterdam printing. This one also contained a large compilation of early and later commentaries. There were multiple copies, each one from a different owner. One owner appended to the volume handwritten information and newspaper clippings about his family. Other owners were in Poland and England, each bearing their stamps and inscriptions.

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