Conference Proceeding: Private Collections in Vilnius Jewish Public Library

Vilnius Jewish Public Library is in the process of structuring and presenting private libraries of distinguished book donators. In this way, not only VJP library’s collection is being expanded, but the memory and character of some prominent personalities is saved and reflected.
This presentation will focus on three personalities who contributed to the collection.
Izrealis Lempertas (1925-2013) was a professor in Vilnius Pedagogical University and with the restoration of the Lithuanian Independence dedicated his scientific endeavors to the investigation of the Jewish and in particular Litvak culture and history.
Esfir Bramson-Alpernienė (1924 -2016) was a great cultural, social and literary activist, librarian, book collector, and the author of the famous “At the Treasury of Judaica” (2009).
Irena Veisaitė,(1918- ) is a Holocaust survivor and great humanist, specialist in theater, art, literature and humanities.

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