Conference Proceeding: Zamlung: Acquisition, Outreach and Community Engagement in the Post-Survivor Era

In recent years, the responsibility for maintaining Holocaust collections has shifted from survivors themselves to the librarians and archivists who preserve their stories. As the post-survivor era draws near, how do we continue to maintain user interest in Holocaust collections? This session proposes that wider communities must have a stake in the collections that until now have been supported and donated by Holocaust survivors. Drawing from the most recent literature on community archives, this session explores the meaning of ‘community’ and the extent to which the concept has shifted over time. It argues that strategic ‘zamlung’ (what we might term ‘acquisition’) allows archivists to create invested communities that will sustain institutions and the collections within them. The JFCS Holocaust Center has focused its outreach on Jewish communities (eg. the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, religious school students) as well as diverse, non-Jewish communities within the Bay Area. This session will end with hands-on examples of how the JFCS Holocaust Center has engaged its growing community via social media, web exhibits, and blog posts.

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